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Comment by CLS on August 23, 2018 at 1:26am

No a satellite cannot read your thoughts with out "IMPLANTS"! This is a lie to cause confusion to TIs.  IT IS A LIE!!!!!!. YOU NEED TO BE IMPLANTED TO BROADCAST YOUR FREQUENCIES!!!!. BUT a satellite can assault your brainwaves without implants.

To be more clear:

1) For a satellite to read your thoughts you need to be implanted .

2) For a satellite to assault your thoughts, you do not need to be implanted.

3) EEG Cloning and EEG Hetrodyning requires implants!

Comment by deca on August 23, 2018 at 1:56am

er Dr robertduncan does not say that ...he cliams it can be done with out implants 

"3) EEG Cloning and EEG Hetrodyning requires implants!"

Comment by deca on August 23, 2018 at 2:07am

maybe CLS instead of telling what others have or have not can post YOUR medical images of YOUR implants ...thanks.

Comment by Wayne Morin Jr on August 23, 2018 at 6:39am

Its just a website I found on the internet- I never said anything - I just found the website and wanted to post the information for other to look over read- use-pray for = and only for Helpful reasons. I hope this Helps answer Deca-CLS ok.
In Jesus Christ Services
Wayne Morin Jr

Comment by CLS on August 24, 2018 at 11:45pm

Hello Deca,

Robert Duncan is not telling the total truth on how exactly it works in my opinion because some people want to hide the technology because they think they can make it a benefit to USA. Right now it is been used to torture and assault Americans and others. There is no benefit to this. 

I bought his books two of them and I will flat out tell you that if you are sitting at the bottom floor of a concrete parkade how can a Satelite read your brainwaves through layers of concrete. When you are implanted, it is like WI-FI, you broadcast your thoughts in many directions. Those frequencies can be picked up by a prep and sent into the ionosphere which will then travel to it's destination at the speed of light. If the brain transmitter has a strong power source, it can transmit a far distance and may not require a prep close by. You might ask why a faradays cage doesn't work? It does work to a point but Its because they have a very powerful transmitter that can beam you but you can probably use a faraday's cage to block your brainwaves from going out.

People need to understand something else. The US military has extremely advance technology that they suppressed from the public since end of WW2. TIs are getting attacked by some of these "Robotic" systems. For example Wernher von Braun warned people before his death that the US is planning a "FAKE" alien invasion. He was one of the head nazi scientists. So what does he mean by "FAKE". Its because the US military has UFOs and aliens are "Robotic" systems according to some people who are trying to expose this. If you google "Nazi UFO" you will see that and the end of WW2 they had these, not aliens. After WW2 that tech came to USA and Russia. They are using this advance technology against TIs. That is why it is difficult to solve this problem for TIs. The preps have access to extremely advance technology. Also on my website I mentioned they have access to USA Cyber warfare technology. If you read Peter Moornings website, he also claims what they can do hacking wise.

There are people who know everything even how to stop this but they are trying to keep things a secret for the USA in my honest opinion. The Americans made a huge mistake in my opinion and used sub contracting with this technology now its a total nightmare. There are criminals who have access to this technology who should even know about it.  These stupid criminals are responsible for all our problems and EVEN LOTS OF PROBLEMS FOR THE USA AND WORLD. The Americans should have detailed auditing of expenses but they allow empty bottomless projects to go unaudited and this is what happens. CRIMINAL ACTIVITY. The poor American tax payers hard earned money are going to rapist, pedophiles, murderers, crooks. These people who have access to this technology are FLITH!

Comment by deca on August 25, 2018 at 5:39am

er i don`t think you get that the survailence "comunication" grid ...things like mobile phone networks and satilites are all liked/connetced these day .. also beamforuming "constrated beam" acts differently to a tradtional radio wave 

Comment by deca on August 25, 2018 at 5:40am

for GPS on your phone you need a signal from atleast 4 differnt satilites 

Comment by CLS on August 25, 2018 at 2:05pm

Hello Deca,

Yes there is a grid, but why don't you go to wilderness where there is no cell phone signals. This tech will still work there. They can assault you with a satellite. But for them to EEG clone you need to be implanted. I am sure these people want to over complicate this to keep secret their implant technology.  Saying that a satellite can read your brainwaves without implants is not true.

I want to point out that if you went to a deep cave you might still be assaulted by these things. Its not because their satellite, but because they followed you and you don't know it. I AM TELLING TIs the US military has extremely advance technology. For example read a typical comic book and just assume they already have that technology. They are using "robotic, semi-intelligent" life forms to follow you. The Philadelphia experiment was to investigate how to make an object invisible. In my opinion they have had this tech since end of WW2. They got this from ex-nazi scientists. If you want to know even more technology the US has, read "Ramayana war" and "Mahabharata wars" from ancient East India texts. The nazi's knew all about this stuff. If you read these books, take what they say as "Literal" because they use different words. If you take the technology described in these books as "Literal" then you will know all the technology that the US is hiding.

What is important, is that all this technology is being brutally abused. The US government is criminal. Why are morons using this technology and cyber warfare technology against the general public? It's because the stupid idiots after WW2 created black holes where money goes into and who knows the people getting it and doing what with it. This is the problem, now this is total criminal and technology that should be hidden is total ruined and exposed. There are criminal morons abusing technology that should be audited extremely carefully and controlled!

Comment by deca on August 25, 2018 at 8:40pm

i have been to remote locations and yes they still can target you ....but also in remote location there less to interfere in the signals ...

what I am saying is there many ways they can do this and a lot of times the technology is networked

i am not falling for a false dichotomie of implants vs non (remote) as they have both and other technology

"They are using "robotic, semi-intelligent" life forms to follow you." WTF? ...dude they have low orbit satilites and other persitent survilance technology ..think you watch too many scifi movies 


Comment by deca on August 25, 2018 at 8:42pm


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