Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

A psychic surveillance save us from being abused by people.Maybe mind control is the best-

The woman is the world's largest danger because it passes desapercibida.Y has tremendous hate not being able to have the pleasure of man. A woman who lives a constantly neuroestimula cabin fever where rivals are everywhere ... Do not get sexual pleasure and hombre..y hates every human to be happy.

I am fully understanding why Iraq (for example) have condemned a woman to be like a modern animal.Irak was the cradle of our culture and a GRA mundo..fue now seen in a pure poverty and macho socieda abusive toward the feminine ... This did happen to Europe because of the use of mind control ...

The woman who loses her sanity bioestimula cognitively and enters a state of delusion, greed is the result.

Man becomes like a woman, lost his manhood.

Man becomes like a woman, lost his manhood. And a group of androgynous is created with the desire to punish externo..Es the power of the vagina ... The man just wants to fuck what causes it constantly. And they do nothing.

Americans have luck, you can organize yourselves for denuncia.Los Latinos, Hispanics and Gypsies ... we are different we need to impose force on we are civilized to cooperar.Norteamerica is a culture that worships justice above all, podreis you get. I'm from Barcelona, I am Catalan and insulted me calling me JEWISH shit.

In Barcelona there is much material to make a good complaint but people need to show that it is strong and more important than you because you have not gotten estudios.Yo to call me that no attention.Evil and wicked women must come to light, but that is a taboo, because by the woman's vagina man's will is controlled.

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I have been a victim of Electronic Harassment for close to 4 years and I am really interested in finding out if others out there have extreme symptoms of physical pain that cannot be diagnosed by doctors or specialists, that have evolved over time to become immobilizing for as long as 10 hours straight. I suffer these attacks frequently and I live in constant fear of being hit at any moment by the next one.  The emergency room staff treated me like I was drug seeking and basically made it known…See More
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