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CAULBEARER- i found it !!! to anyone childhood victims !!!

Hey remember someone said they might be a caulbearer.

I wondered why children would be targetted as i have been a child target and i know many of you have said you are also. I had to find out WHY children as they always pass it off as something you have done in your adulthood but for me its been since very young.

I found it!!!

See if any of you RELATE to this because I really do.




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Comment by suzy on February 3, 2012 at 3:54pm

it can be a spiritual caul not necessarily the actual "veil" some baby caulbearers are born with.

It can also be a birthmark or oddity, for me it was a big read spot on my forehead, which eventually faded

Comment by suzy on February 4, 2012 at 4:57am

Caulbearers are considered as gifted or "special" in some way.... could be exactly why they choose people as babies.  They have always told me Ive upset someone important in my adulthood but I know better they have been with me since I was a baby, I dunno how i upset anyone b4 i could even speak or walk......hahaha

Caulbearers are highly perceptive even psychic, having different spiritual qualities. Seems to me a reason like this could be exactly why they choose particular children.


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