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Cheng-My Story as a Victim of MC and DEW

Cheng-My Story as a Victim of MC and DEW

( MC—mind control, Also known as electronic harassment, Or psychotronic weapons, Or psychophysical weapons; DEW—directed energy weapon)

(Notes: This article was written early 2009 in Kitchener, Ontario by mind control victim Parren Cheng(帕人哥哥).  At that time I did not have much knowledge about mind control. The story after 2009 until 2013 please read my article: My Weird Experiences Hearing V2K. I am still writing the article now. My email: .Jan 2014)

I am a permanent resident in Canada. On my first day in Canada in September 2005, when I was looking for an apartment in Toronto, I experienced internet cut-off. From 2005 to mid 2006, I experienced frequent computer, internet and telephone control. Somebody could control my computer without internet connection and it was not virus. My email passwords were changed several times by somebody and I had to apply for new email accounts. Also my emails of job application were tampered with by somebody and created many mistakes in the resume.

My telephone was abnormal for international calling. Any fax to China needed to be sent twice.(Right now I can only receive fax. Sending fax out would cause connection problem.) The balance of my long distance calling cards could become zero in short term.

My digital camera did not work properly from time to time. I had no full control over my DVD player. Somebody else could control it remotely and his control override my control. My wife’s new credit card was stolen from my mailbox and was activated by somebody else.

From early 2007, my car experienced frequent repairing. Several times my car stopped working and after a period of time it worked again without repairing. Experienced mechanics could not find out the cause of the problem. I had to change my car. The second car had weird problems too although it had never stopped working. In the same period I had no full control of my satellite TV. Somebody else could control it remotely. The power of my batteries could be depleted without using. Light bulbs in my apartment were frequently damaged.

I experienced extreme sleepiness without proper reason sometimes, even after a long and nice sleeping. Normally I was very healthy both mentally and physically.


From late 2006, when my second daughter was just born, I found something strange and regular. My baby started to cry around 11 o’clock every nights. Many nights when I slept early, I woke up all of a sudden, then my heart beat fast and I breathed heavily. At the same second, my baby was crying. Because I had already had previous experience of computer and appliances being controlled, I gradually realized that something was going on at me and my baby. But I did not know what it was. It should be mentioned that I was always active on anti-CCP (ChinaCommunistParty) websites.

The experience of being attacked became intense from mid 2007. I experienced excruciating head pain. My brain almost stopped thinking when the pain came. My appetite for food decreased to zero, and the only thing I wanted to do was sleeping, but I could not fall asleep because the pain was so strong. The pain came without pre-warning or developing. But it was also regular, when I had a lot of free time, it came; when I got chance to meet people, it came. Normally the pain took place in Saturday nights, before I went to church or training course, or the time before a job interview.

Tachycardia and heavy breathing were also experienced in the periods. I clearly remember that in one afternoon when I and two daughters were sleeping, we all woke up at the same second in a sudden and we all breathed heavily. My heart was beating very fast. I did not check my daughters’ heartbeat. In the long term of time, I also had intermittent diarrhea. Usually at very crucial moments I needed to go to washroom and it sabotaged my life.

I observed unusual flashing on computer CRT display and CRT TV screen from time to time. I observed several times I was stalked by Asians.

 I clearly remember that in one afternoon in May 2008, my second daughter (then one and a half years old) cried desperately and running around for more than half an hour for unclear reason. I also remember that in June 2008, my second daughter was very sick, with running nose and vomiting. I observed once that she had SUDDEN fever with no reason. Sometimes she feared very much to stay in room.

From late 2007 to early 2008, my elder daughter(then four years old) woke up crying at around 0:00 midnight on a regular basis without reason. From late 2007 up to now she have intermittent nose bleeding.


From August 2008 things were deteriorated for me. I began to have sensation of being electric stricken, caused vibration or shock in involved different parts of my body. This attacking could wake me up from very deep sleeping. For a period of time, when I sat before my computer, I was attacked by this method. When I left the computer, the sensation disappeared. It stopped me from using my computer. In September 2008, I reported this to the police, and the police recommended psychiatric assessment and counseling services. I was naive then. I thought that an assessment should be good for me and I would be proved to be sane then the police would take what I reported seriously.

On September 15, 2008 in the campus of University of Waterloo (I was in MEng program then), I was heavily attacked and I became very angry at the perpetrators. I happened to go to counselor D. to cancel the appointment because I thought I did not need counseling services. I told him I was going to revenge if they did not stop attacking one month after my notice to them. When I said so, I was angry and I did not mean it. The counselor called the police and I was detained to Grand River Hospital ("GRH") for mental health assessment. In the hospital there was nobody who understood this kind of covert attacking. They all thought I was mentally ill. In order to get out of the hospital and continue my MEng program in UW, and for some other reasons, I was FORCED to lie that I could be wrong.

After getting out of the hospital, the attacking did not stop and continued all the time till now, including the time I spent in the hospital. From September 2008 to mid February 2009 the intensity was very strong and anywhere I went I was targeted.

From Jan 17, 2009 on, my second daughter was heavily affected by the perpetrators. She cried, vomited, had fevers. And her ideas changed frequently and abnormally without proper cause. All these strange things were observed by me. The reality was so cruel. At the time, I had problems of speaking. When I wanted to call "Dandan" ( My elder daughter's nick name.), I actually voices "Meimei" (My second daughter's nick name.) without thinking, I had to speak again to correct my mistake. It showed that my subconsciousness was programmed. Similarly, when I wanted to say Meimei, I actually voiced Dandan; when I wanted to say "Mama", I actually pronounced "Baba"; when I wanted to speak "Baba", I actually spoke "Mama". I had to speak again to correct my mistake. It happened many times then. My speaking capabilities were harmed . From Jan 17 to Jan 21, my second daughter did not eat well.

In the afternoon of Jan 21, between 2 ~3 PM, my little daughter injured her nose. I did not know it until I went home in the evening. I was concerned about her nose bone. I brought her to GRH at about 9:30PM. At the beginning she was very quiet, lovely, enjoyable and normal. She was so cute and I was actually appreciating her. When we moved to the final waiting area, she started to cry desperately all of a sudden. She started to run about and wanted to escape from the place. Nobody could stop her. She was trying to evade something. She cried and wanted to go home and wanted to be with Mama. (She was just two years old little girl.) She was running and crying and undressed her boots, pants and socks. And after a while, she started to vomit. At that time I knew what was happening to her. She was attacked and mind controlled. I became very angry with the perpetrators. The situation was that my daughter was crying and I was very angry. I thought my face was in a terrible emotion. My anger was not at all at my daughter but at the attackers.

The nose examination was quick and simple because my daughter was crying and fighting to escape. When it was the time that we should leave the hospital, weird things happened. My daughter refused to wear her clothes and refused to be wrapped up by my coat. In this situation we could not go out of the hospital because outside was cold. The attention of people in the lobby was drawn by us. I was angry and I wanted to explain and disclose the truth to people in the hospital. So I wrote a note like this: " 'Microwave Mind Control', Pls forward this note to Dr. Petrovic. My daughter is one of the victims." (Note: Dr. Petrovic is the psychiatrist I saw before.) I gave the note to the security guard. The security guard did not understand microwave mind control at all, and he thought I was mentally ill and detained me for a mental assessment. The physician found that I was detained in the psychiatric department before and he did not understand microwave mind control. At that moment my English speaking was not articulate, after all, it is my second language. When I wanted to say physician, I spoke "patient" and I had to speak again to correct my mistake. The physician who is not a psychiatrist put me on form#42 of Ontario and it meant I was detained. My daughter was still in the hospital. My wife did not drive and my elder daughter was sleeping at home, so my wife could not come to hospital to pick up my little daughter. So the hospital called "Family and Children Services" (FACS) to deliver my child to my home. So FACS was involved in my case in a funny way and I was told by them not to stay with my kids on my own. The whole process was so ridiculous to me.

I was detained in a single cell without washroom. No psychiatrist assessed me until 4:30PM the next day. In the cell, I was still attacked by DEW. I was frustrated. I was still naive and believed in the psychologist T.R. in university of Waterloo. I called him to help me in the afternoon. It was even worse. T.R. did not help me and on the contrary he issued a trespassing order to me and did not want me to return to the campus until getting letter from psychiatrist and passing an observation period. The psychiatrists dismissed my claim as attacked by DEW and MC and I showed no intention of violence. So they could not keep me there and I left the hospital without getting any letter from the psychiatrists because I refused to take the medication. My problems with FACS and the university remain unsolved by now.


Complementary facts:

[1] I built shielding around the head position of my bed with steel plates and about 2000 pieces of magnets of one inch diameter. At several nights I heard clear and crisp noises caused by magnets tapping the steel plates(magnets were released from the plates and then re-attached to the plates alternately.). I did not hear any clear noise recently partly because I fixed magnet positions. (I sleep alone in one room so only I heard the noise.)

[2] Attacking at my daughters, which were felt by me:

[a] Night of Sept. 7, 2008 in Toronto, my heart was precisely attacked, at the moment I was holding my second daughter with her head against my breast. My little daughter’s head was affected as well. I observed the white part of her eyeballs became dark and full of blood.

[b] Sensation of being electric stricken which caused vibration or shock in muscle or brain. When my daughter was crying in bed, I approached her head with my head and my head felt the sensation. It happened several times.

[c] Sensation of pain of very slim pin penetrating into my body. When my daughter was crying, I approached her head with my head and my head felt the sensation. It happened several times.

[3] Attacking at my daughters and me at the same time and place.

[a] We were attacked and became emotional numb and cold in whole body. The white portion of the eyeballs became dark. (The same attacking could cause tooth aches.) It frequently happened in October and November 2008.

[b] My lungs were attacked and my breathing paused, and then I started to cough heavily. My two daughters who were in front of me started to cough at the same time. For many times, the coughing were irregular. It showed that the coughing were probably malicious attacking at lungs.

[4] For many times, after I praised my kids, my kids would have problems. For example, when I praised my elder daughter when her eating was well, she started to vomit or the appetite became bad and refused to eat. So I stopped praising my kids. Last December, when I bragged my sex capability, my testicles were attacked at the night and the next night my penis was attacked. It showed the perpetrators were totally malicious and perverted. It was not purely experiments, but attacking with great hatred. It also proved my home was eavesdropped.

[5] During my first visit to K-W Alliance Church, when I started to talk with a Chinese there, my rear brain got sudden strong “heating” pain and I had to end the talking promptly.


List of most of my experiences under attacking of directed energy weapons and neurological weapons:

[1] Frequent pains: headaches, abdominal pain, vertebrae pain, waist pain, genitals pain, toothache, instant pain in feet and knees. Some pains could linger for several hours or a couple of days.

[2] Sensation of changing or steady pain which was like heating(two types) in my head, especially in the lower rear part of my brain. Long time “heating” would cause great pain on me.

[3] Induced intermittent diarrhea. (There were evidences that it was induced.)

[4] The sensation of being electric stricken or shock, caused “vibration” in involved different parts of my body. The attacking could wake me up from very deep sleeping.

[5] Hypnotized or distracted when I was reading or listening to lecture. The distracting process could cause changing heat in my brain. (When I changed location the sleepiness or distraction would go completely sometimes.)

[6] Deprived my sleeping at nights. From last September on, in the half year period, every nights I was attacked. Not a single night I was granted peace and freedom.

[7] Vivid but weird dreams.

[8] Memories were severely affected. Interruption of short term memory.

[9] Language capabilities were compromised, including my first and second languages.

[10] Control of emotional status, i.e. feeling of anger, anxiety, emotional numbness, terror (It was easily overcome by me .), lethargy (laziness), exhilaration (Once), etc.

[11] Forced speech (often) and forced motion.

[12] Manipulation of vision, my eyesight could be “made” blurry. ( Frequently in late 2008, not frequently in early 2009.)

[13] Hearing hallucination, subliminal hearing of crying of my little daughter for several times in late 2008 (Not now)

[14] Excruciating noises in my ears when I was sitting without motion. For example,  the noise of car engine. ( Late 2008. Not now.)

[15] Two types of itches on the top skin of my head. (One type of itch was felt by me for about one week in late 2008 and only in the one week.)

[16] Tachycardia and heavy breathing without proper cause.

[17] Nose bleeding.

[18] Cessation of hearing that last for several minutes. (Once)

[19] Lungs were attacked which caused short pause of breathing and then coughing.

[20] The centre of my right foot was burned for about 10 seconds and I had the pain lasting for three days. (Once, early September, 2008)

I also observed sometimes my wife was also affected by mind control but she has never been heavily affected. She does not understand the kind of attacking.


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Comment by Martti Koski on January 12, 2014 at 10:48am

I am Finnish immigrant who was also attacked in Canada as early as 1980.

This is my story , or it is actually a electric version of booklet I had made in Ottawa, and delivered 7000 pieces around Ottawa and Edmonton  to get help. I lived also in Ontario Sault Ste. Marie before I went to Alberta. It is possible that they actually attacked me here, even thought the worst things happened in Edmonton. I feel that very many of TI from Canada and Australia are actually Immigrants, much bigger portion than immigrants who live there. I live now in Finland but perps are still torturing me. This is my torture diary, a kind of log where I tell what is happening me

Comment by Sally on January 14, 2014 at 7:23am

Thankyou for sharing your testimonies Quijia and Martti. You have both been through so much and are true survivors! Quijia especially watching your daughters suffer attacks, that must hurt you immensely. It is too cruel of them to attack children. Im sorry, why the need for this senseless suffering!! God bless

Comment by Brother Parren on January 15, 2014 at 1:41pm

Hi Martti, You booklet is very well written. Thank you.

Comment by Martti Koski on January 24, 2014 at 7:59am

Quijia Cheng perhaps your problem is someway connected to wider attacks for Chinese in the west, as this story reveals.


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