Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

If my hunch is correct, there are a number of other TIs living in my community.  Some types of DEW and weaponry are only used upon me sporadically, like there’s a visiting perp who brought some of his toys along every time he comes to my area on Friday night for his monthly or bi-monthly visit with friends.   There’s no way you’d ever convince me that these fun toys are shelved when they aren’t in use on me.  If my perps had them, I’d experience them every day.

So, now I’ve decided that there ARE other TIs close at hand.  Going on the notion that there is power in numbers - theirs as well as ours - how do I go about finding some of these other TIs that are close by - if for no other reason than to let them know they aren’t alone or crazy?

Should I run an ad in a paper?  Graffitti something public with something like “Gang Stalking alive in Hershey, Pennsylvania” (sub in my community name)?  Post flyers in public places like the library, or tuck them inside library books?  Contact local churches or mental health centers?  Youtube video w/ “Gang Stalking alive in Hershey, Pennsylvania” as the title?

How would you reach out and find another TI in your community?????

------ BTW, anyone read the subject line and think I was going to post on setting up a TI community where we could pool resources and live happily ever after?

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