Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

i call them moniter people aka perps...they are a bunch of busy bodies that add thier two cents into every areas of my life while they torture me..i think they have multiple personality disorder.. they talk through my throat and have conversations with people as if they are living thier lives through me and have to sit at thier moniters 24 hours a day..they tell me what to to including try to sublimially promp me to do things that i hear them tell me what to do...
I dont understand why they want to use me to live thier lives.. are they that ashamed of themselves, they have to hide behind a moniter.. i dont know how anyone could yell and scream for hours promt, stay up all night and electricute me. mine say "come come come" continually for hours at a time.
they have to talk for hours about everything that happens and are very negative..and paraniod. they change thier vioce and pretend that they are different people and are authorities on subjects..medicla law ect
i like one of them.. he calls himself JIM. He is nice and try to help. He has a great sense of humor and makes everyone lauph and is very spiritual. He plays music like me. He doesnt like the other moniter person who is psycotic and is helping me incarcerate her because she is trying to kill me and him...he is upset because she prevents us from listening to our angel meditations. He has manners and is polite and is a compassionate soul. She is cruel and evil and ruins everyone life.
my implants have enabled me to do interesting things like travel all over the world .. i though i was meditating...i also am kept up with world affairs and have all types of information that doesnt concen me..i visited the tombs in egypt.. i can visit people homes .. with my implant that they implanted me with...i feel like google map
they like to move my body parts and fight me for my body movements..i dont know why they spend thier precious time trying to move my body parts and yelling at them.
they keep threatening to murder me so i have to check to see if i have life insurance on my so i can collect for thier damages. i am told how much they hate me so why dont they leave..
they are trying to kidnap my grandaughter and steal her father and my son disappeared after a threat but i raised him and he is not nice..
i have to protect myslef from this crazy person so i have to do things back to her . i think its a her , sometimes she sounds like a man. she sounds like a witch.. spider lady..she retches like an old misarable hag..its worse,,i feel sorry for the other monitor people that they have to be subjected to her and her insane behavior. s\She think that she is in charge and tells everyone that they have to kill me and its only a game.. she is angry because i wont do her prostitution job and give her money.. im only to be paid 10 dollars if i can collect. she tried to sent me a few johns and i took thier license plate number and yell at them. I am punished because i wont do her johns and if she needs money ..she could do her johns.. as she knows all about the buisness of prostitution and how to do it from A to Z. She has a comprehension problem.. she doesnt understand why i wouldnt do this. I am a career person. After a year of exrtreme torture from her she is still angry at me for not doing her job and feels that i deserve to die and be tortured. After everything she doenst understand why i am investigating her and putting her in jail so that its a safer place. i am not sure if she killed anyone else. as she is trying to kill me with her mcequipment and insists that this eqipment worked on someone else and she is an expert at what she does. she also imitated the dying sounds she heard when some died on the moniter equipmet. I almost passed out from the voltages a little to high a few time. If it was a child or ederly or not well and unaware. i belive a person could die from this eqiupment.. I called a electronic co. and they said it could as well.
She has sexual issues and tries to use her monitor for phone sex.. i hope she doenst go public with this.
I get burnt and tortured when i try to socialize and she doesnt shut be contiued......

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Comment by star on November 6, 2010 at 11:08pm
The other moniter people are investigating her as well and trying to get her incarcerated.. i found out that she is living in someone elses house and sold it to a non enity.. the man wants the house back so she has to leave.. she has a lein on the home anc cant apy her bills.. she insists that some nice people gave her a book on the tactics used with her moniter so she can have anything she wants in her life.. the tactics are POW tactics and similar to the austerwich germany concentration canp tortures...she has all my information and others as well.. she like other peoples phone numbers ect.. i found online that there are terrorist from all over the world that are nazi terrorist.. there was an article that this has been going back to 1940's..... In my area the nikolta telsa rearch center was shut down and the voltages are less...he did experiments with scarlar wave.. he was the forefather of what is today.. the center is on long island in suffolk county i live in nassau


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"I never thought of it like that...its a belivable theory. I always got the feeling that my targeting is coming straight from the elite and shadow gov so there would be nobody above them to pay them. Im prob wrong but I think they do it for the love…"
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"Yes, these people are definitely being paid to attack us, my guess is that the funding is coming from many sources to people who are ex police, ex intelligence agents who have set up private security and other companies, that are hiring psychopathic…"
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" Canadians are nice. " This is from Canadian government.

UNUN Human RightsUN Human Rights CouncilInternational Bar AssociationInternational Criminal CourtCanadian GovernmentAlthough one alarm put in my house attic,   Toronto Police, The Scarborough Hospital, Canadian torturers, Ontario Government...who are living with me as my neighbors , gathering around/in my workplace,  can hide in there any time and attack my head with rays guns. I can't sleep and live normally." Canadians are nice. " This is from Canadian government.Fight for my life and fight…See More
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"You could be 99.9% sure that the people that are doing this to us are getting paid, who is paying them IMO the same people that paid the CIA during the whole MK-ULTRA thing and the same people that are paying the CIA and NSA today. I am from Ireland…"
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