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It is with a large amount of frustrasion that I live in a country where the Media, that is TV & Press along with Politicians contrive to hide the truth from us in terms of science in relation to many things and especially with Coronavirus / Covid 19.

Just to set the record straight as far as this is concerned, please note I am not advocating complacency or to disregard any of the guidlines that have been issued thus far. The virus concerned is already known about, and has been known about from the start.  What it is, is the common cold.  There are two varieties the first we are all familiar with is Rhino-virus, this occurs naturaly in everyones noses and becomes a problem when there is a change & prolonged spell of cold weather as what happens in the Autumn Months.  The second affects animals and has presented itself twice before as SARS. I assume it is that, or a variation, as this reportedly started in a market with animals and that covid 19 / coronavirus is a more virulent strain of that?

If you need to see more details this has been on WIKIPEDIA from the start, just put coronavirus into your WIKIPEDIA search drive!

All the best to all of you,


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