Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Into the coven: The woman is a very dangerous animal;  HER NEED of Belonging a group ...the necessity of belonging to a man...and have accepted socially...makes it= Schizophrenic as social individual.

You can not trust...If you belong to a patriarchal culture, sexist and patronizing.Because it is a MONA ELECTRA.

Look for a male referent which follow and obey...And use emotional intelligence to self-deception...

If a psychiatrist or a psychoanalyst tells ....=we will use a person to "excite her psychically" study their behavior...And I need you to do some plunge in its UNCONSCIOUS...

And we will play to make it wake...He forgets the education received by the church and his family....because "DEAR FEELS" by Pope

A coven of Witches: It is a dramatization of women with "cultural sexual repression" a closed place where nobody can recognize...which they are delivered to a sexual which his unresolved erotica part manifests....n a scene "Dantesque and PRIMITIVE"...And where his part thanatic....evolves to create in the march..

A Bolshevik sociopath...I am destroying, my family, neighbors ...And they are manifesting parallel psicopatas...evolve....toward sexual perversion and sadism

Infantalize men ............... weakening us with coercive pressure of BIORESONANCE QUANTIFIED...

The drunk with sex indulgence ... giving space travel TIME / SPACE to fuck women ...They buy them with virtual sex

Cultures that do not put limits to women are a danger ...These people are gestating a future in Barcelona...How many sociopaths Bolsheviks are being used for gentrification?

European ancient culture of worship SATAN

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"What happend is criminals got hands on secret tech. Their heads swelled with pride. Brutal criminals"
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"False flag was and alien invasion. Same people behind your problems"
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Hans Zoff replied to Zezustech , Inc's discussion This Lab have way out from from RNM and V2K
"The navy relies in V2K for national defence precisely because it has never been intercepted, so OBVIOUSLY if OP’s bullshit worked, HE would have been ‘intercepted’ before ever even getting online, in the interests of nation…"
2 hours ago
Stephen O' Neill replied to Harry's discussion They look into our most intimate memories
"My theory is that they have been in our heads and lives for 30 or 40 years so any memory we have had in that time the perps had a live seat. Just my opinion now after putting 2 and 2 together and hearing from other victims that claim they were…"
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"Mapped a deficient mental shit to a man. the shit has non stop rage and jelousy. Attacks a family based on retard pile of shit of thoughts."
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"siis nimi finland2 tuli väärin aikasempaan viestiin"
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"luikuri ei kelpaa"
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