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Cover-up of Attempt of Murder in Covina

                 Cover-up of Attempt of Murder in Covina                                       Page, 1


            On 01/13/2003, I went in to a sober living, The Light House in Covina, California. I remember telling the lady that was temporary in charge of the sober living that I only had sixty dollars on me right now and that I do have the rest of the money in the bank to pay the rent. She told me that it's "OK," we will make sure will find someone to take you to the bank. Then she told me that the girl that runs the sober living here will be back next week. I mentioned to the girl's in the house that it's quite odd nobody seems to be talking about their sobriety. Then about fifteen minutes later a few girls asked me to go with them to a meeting. Then the girl that was driving us to the meeting asked me if I would like to go over some guy's house where it's a lot of men hang around there and then I told her "No." So, we went to a meeting at The Club, 442 N, 2nd Ave., Covina, CA. Then one of the girls asked me to sit in the back with them and I told them "No I can't hear the speaker that good from the back row." We were there about a half hour then they told me that we had to leave. Shortly after we made it back to the sober living I set down in the front room on the couch and there were people running through the house, men and women. One of the girl's asked me if I would like something to drink I said, "Yes," and then she handed me a soda in a can and opened it for me. Then one of the girls asked me if I would like a glass I said, "Yes," I handed her the soda and she said, "I will do it for you," then she went to hand me the soda in the glass and then she asked me, "would you like some ice," I turned my head around and looked at her and said, "OK." I remember thinking that these girls seem to be going out of their way to be nice to me, but I didn't say anything, I just shook my head and smiled. The lady that was running the house told the girls to show me where I would be sleeping. The room that they put me in was where the girls were sleeping that gave me the soda. After, I made my bed I started drawing and then the girls started acting strange all a sudden they told me to get into the car with the to go into the hospital. So, I went with them and it was the same girl that drove me to the meeting, but this time she had a guy with her and one of the girls wanted to come with us, but they told her "No" that there would be somebody there waiting for us. They told the girl that they were going to drop me off at the Inter-Community hospital in Covina. I didn't have a clue what was going on, but I knew something wasn't right, but they seemed to be acting quite nervous around me, so I figured to keep my mouth shut. When we arrived at the hospital, I heard them saying there is a man waiting right there and they looked at each other and said, "You’re supposed to go with that man that's standing there, he is waiting for you." As soon as they opened the car door I took off and ran and I tried to hide in some bushes, but I heard someone telling someone else where I was trying to hide than I realize I couldn't hide any where because I was wearing a black sweat shirt with a large print that glowed in the dark, and than I passed out.  One of those girls had to put something in my soda that made me pass out that's the only reason I can figure out why they got me out of that house, so fast after I drunk the soda. It was approximately forty five minutes from when I drank the soda from the time frame, when they dropped me off at the hospital. Then when I woke-up, and I realized I was in a police car. The police officer that was driving the car was a Hispanic male that I have seen before when I lived at 7908 Milton # B, Whittier, California 90602. In the year of 2002, he was with a woman police officer that time. I remember what happened like it was yesterday, at that time I was trying to paint my bathroom and I almost dropped the whole can of paint and then the police officers walked into my residence with out announcing themselves. Plus, I was wearing just a push-up bra and a g/string and the Hispanic male police officer walked into my bathroom where I was and I had white paint on me and he told me to put the paint down and go into my bed room and I told him I have to rinse some of this paint off of me before I get it on the carpet. Then he told me, "No go into the other room now," I said, " No I have to wash this paint off," and turned around and started to wash the paint off instead he grabbed me and put me down on the ground and he got white paint on his clothes. Then he ended up letting me wash some of the paint off while he was wiping off some of the paint off his pants and the other female officer was reading what I was writing down from my Law Dictionary and told me to lie down on my bed. Then the other police officer walked into my bed room and told me that I was using the wrong kind of paint for the bathroom, while he was shaking his head. The female police officer told someone else that I couldn't see from where I was laying that was in my living room that I must know someone while she handed who ever it was the paper that I was writing on and told him or her that I must know someone and said, "let's leave.  While the Hispanic police officer was getting ready to get on top of me then her, the other police officer told him, "Let's get out of here now," and they left.

            This time the Hispanic male police officer that was driving the police car, was with a police officer that was a Mexican man, he was short and he had dark skin. The officer that was driving told me to stay out of Covina and go to West Covina that he is going to drop me off at the border line of West Covina and Covina. Then I told him that I was not doing anything wrong and that I was going to a sober living in Covina and that he couldn’t tell me to stay out of Covina. Then the police officer that was driving he pulled over and let the other officer out of the car in front of Winchell's Doughnut 623 S, Citrus Ave., Covina. Then the officer drove me to West Rowland and Citrus Ave., and then he let me out of his police car. Then I walked across the street because I seen a pay phone there at a gas station. I called Covina Police Department and when the dispatcher answered I told her that two police officers told me to stay out of Covina and that I wasn't doing anything wrong and that I am going back into a sober living, if they like it or not and than I hung up the receiver.    

            I walked to the Winchell's Doughnut House because it was the only place that I knew that was open. Then I walked in and ordered a cup of coffee and the Mexican lady had a bad attitude like she did not want me to be inside the doughnut shop, so I ordered a jelly filled doughnut, and said something about her bad attitude and told her that's why I decided to order a doughnut and sat down. I remember a Mexican man standing in the back, he was wearing one of their green aprons, he was medium built and I guess he was about 5ft 6inches tall, just a little over weight not much. The female that was there her hair was perm, medium length and brown, she was about 5 ft 5 inches tall medium built and she had a bad completion. After I ate my doughnut and tried to stand up, I couldn't and everything went black.

            Then I realized I was on the same street where Stepping Stones is and that is a program for recovering addicts' and it's no way I could of walked from Winchell's after I

passed out from what ever they had put in my coffee.  Someone had to drove me from the doughnut shop and let me out of their car then I remember taking a few steps. I remember barely could step over the curb than I felt real light headed and dizzy where I couldn't take one more step and all I could do is drop to the ground and I grabbed a thermometer out of my purse and my tempura was 106.  Then I remember a lady drove towards me and asked me, if I would like her to call 911 and I said, "Yes." Then I went into coma state.



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