Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

One of the GS mandates is a 24/7/365 relentless in-your-face tactic(s).  It is necessary to create the illusion of omnipotence.    However, if you refuse to participate and thereby give NO feedback, it can get sort of boring for perps to repeat tactics and not know if they work or flop.   BUT, they still need to have the appearance of "being in your face" all the time.

So, the advent of "set it and forget it" harassment tactics.  These are tactics which are wired in around you in an attempt to make you think someone is always there watching and harassing.  This requires perps to leave devices behind which will harass you automatically w/o their having to actively participate - usually operated remotely via cell phone or remote RF.

ALL DEVICES require POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Whether they are mobile and carried and used by the perp (being powered by battery power), or they are wired into your vehicle (12v battery power and operated remotely via cell phone), or they are hardwired into your home power - they have to be POWERED!!!!!  So, look for the power source being tapped, and cut it off.

This is most easily accomplished in a house with an elec power panel (w/breakers).  Wherever you live, locate the elec power panel and the MAIN power breaker which powers your abode.  EXPERIMENT:  first recharge your mp3 and computer, prepare some food and put it in a thermos - and get set for a couple of hours w/o power.  Without warning, turn off your main power breaker and leave it off for 3-4 hours, or overnight.  IF you have successfully forced your perps to resort to remote controlled harassment (bcz you refuse to participate and they are bored), you will probably be surprised by having some of the electronic harassment immediately STOP when you throw that breaker and cut off all power to your abode.  IF you have a power panel w/breakers, you can shut them off one at a time, and see if you can locate the area of the house where a perp device has been wired into your power.

Stop thinking of yourself as a Victim and FIGHT BACK any way you can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Comment by Bill Perry on December 10, 2015 at 6:02am

     Success is what inspired this blog post.  Yes, it does work.  By shutting off my house breakers one at a time, I was able to zero in and located two speakers and some electronics attached to support joists causing house to vibrate. 

     EVERY electronic device, including energy weapons, require a power source.  If that power source happens to be provided by battery or your neighbor's electricity, you are SOL because shutting off your home electricity will obviously accomplish nothing. 

      BUT, if a device/weapon is wired into your house current, and the weapon stops working when you shut off your main breaker, then I think you will have answered your own question.

     It will not cost you anything to give it a try.

Comment by Bill Perry on December 10, 2015 at 5:30pm

Yes, but personally it was well worth the added attention bcz I knew they were pissed and it made the torment tolerable. 

     Count your mini successes where you can.  Plus, if the time ever comes when I need a piece of solid evidence, I'm hoping they were stupid enough to leave some prints.  I have their toy stored in a nice safe place.

Comment by Bill Perry on December 10, 2015 at 5:42pm

     Yes, livingtarget.SA01, I would definitely suggest you try unplugging the car battery while you are driving. 

     For good measure, don't forget to throw your main house AC breaker just bf you leave. 

Comment by God's Grace on December 10, 2015 at 7:28pm

The power theory is correct Bill, if I take my latest experience into account.  My electricity was switched off by a process called load shedding, whereby the providers of our electricity cut whole areas off for hours.  Anyhow, what happened, was that during a time when I would normally be tortured, I felt practically nothing, but the MINUTE the electricity went back on, I felt a huge jolt of torture methods being used on my body, so I've been thinking about that lately.  Also, take the battery out of your cell phone, and possibly you laptop as well, when you are not using them.



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