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Darrim Daoud court hearing today in London


Subject: Darrim Daoud court hearing today in London
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2011 19:58:02 +0000

The 30-minute hearing at 2 didn't start till 4-ish, and went on till nearly 6.
The judge has reserved judgment.  In other words, I didn't get a decision on the day, in open court.  I'll upload the judgment to when I get it, by post.
That means I must have given the judge some food for thought.  He couldn't reject out of hand my application for permission to apply for judicial review of the coroner's decision that I wasn't a "properly" interested person, in the inquest into the violent death (an apparent suicide, but most likely driven to it by EH) of the leader of the London action in the 2009.  The deceased asked me to take an interest in his inquest, if he got killed violently, which he did, six weeks or so later.
In the court, watching, were seven other TIs, a roll of honour: Mike N, Chris from Brum, Keiron, Monica who used to live in Wales, Alan from Sierra Leone but now in London, Colonel Ross from Canada but now in Kent, and Paul G. That's the same number of TI's that joined Darrim on his "World Day of Protest" action in London, on 14 October 2009, which included his standing with his home-made placard outside the very court hearing the eight of us attended today.
We all retired to the pub opposite the Royal Courts of Justice after the hearing, the same pub to which we retired the last time any of us saw dear comrade Darrim alive.  That's where I am now, writing this.
I tend to be a bit lazy about reading the forums, so please could readers copy any replies to my email address. will do. :-)


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