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I just posted to your blog post, but you have indicated that only selected comments are allowed by you, so I'm starting my own blog to you.  I really doubt that anyone has been mean to you on this site, and those are just mislead thoughts on your part due to the tech that turns everything against us.  I'm glad you are back.  Please make your way to the closest shelter for help and food.  There are many shelters and churches that help out greatly at this time of year, and you should not be out in the cold.  Good luck.

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Comment by SheriGrutz on February 3, 2013 at 9:41am

I don't need to prove anything to you, Sharon, you need help from people that are there to give it, those of us here who are targeted can do very little for you.  I'm just offering my assistance.

Comment by The Rose - Sharon Poet on February 3, 2013 at 9:48am

So often under the mask of "help" but soooooo obvious. Please find your HEART and leave me alone.

Comment by SheriGrutz on February 3, 2013 at 9:50am

You are the one being sneaky and not straight forward.  I understand your frustration, but you need to find the resources where you are and start trusting people that want to help you. 

Comment by Soleilmavis on February 3, 2013 at 9:50am
Comment by The Rose - Sharon Poet on February 3, 2013 at 9:53am

You know nothing about me or my past experiences here, or where I am now. Interesting that you presume you do. But those who matter will see what you are doing here. You people expose yourselves when you pull this kind of crap. It actually does us a favor, after we have it figured out, because it lets us know who you are and where your at.

Comment by The Rose - Sharon Poet on February 3, 2013 at 10:07am

Thank you Soleilmavis. This sort of pubic attack on me or any TI, under the mask of "help", should not be happening at all.

Comment by The Rose - Sharon Poet on February 3, 2013 at 12:58pm

I do not know any of you, although I recognize Shari's picture from a year ago, because she sent a "welcome" and a couple messages when I first joined.  The OBVIOUS here is that these are the sorts of posts that would have been put in a private message if slander or a negative public display were not the intent. Please find your hearts.

If you are genuine TIs, please do not do this to people, because it just makes you look like perps. . .and it causes more discord for everyone. We already have enough to deal with. So again, PLEASE FIND YOUR HEARTS.

P.S. This is the post that inspired this blog. Due to being perped here, I choose to approve comments before they are posted on my blogs. Sheri, you obviously wanted the public to read your statements, (which are not true). . .so started a blog about me as soon as you found out that your comment could not be immediately posted: Please know that I have now blocked you and anyone who stands with such foolishness. Please find your hearts.

Comment by The Rose - Sharon Poet on February 4, 2013 at 4:16am

People, especially the perps publicly say things to make people thing I am not honest or not being genuine with this plea. Many say things like "go to churches or shelters" - (let someone else help so I do not have to.) Yet safe shelters or churches are not available for TIs. In desperation I have tried and found that I am safer living in a vehicle by myself. There have also been shelters that refuse me, as if I am a criminal or pedophile or something of the sort. These places have a black market system that I appear to be flagged in. Please believe me when I say that I have tried every possible avenue and hit dead end after dead end and too many criminal sadistic stalkers who have leaped to "help" me. . . and I have reached a point where I feel more comfortable living in a vehicle until a miracle can happen to return me to the life I used to lead. I have been begging for help for over a year now and have had a lot of negative responses, from perps or people who do not even know me or my situation.

FYI: I do not ask for help lightly. This was a big step for me to take. I had been a proud, independent woman who owned my own home and businesses and had perfect credit before my life was destroyed by these criminals. Preventing me from getting my needs met has been a big perp theme in my life. My businesses, homes...everything gets sabotaged/destroyed. Now, the perps want you to think I am just a con artist or a perp and everyone else thinks I must be mentally ill. In me it feels too hopeless, at times like this. With people in this site posting things like this against me, both last year and now there seems no hope for the levels of help I need. (FYI, I would be surprised if the content in this blog changes after my exposing it.) But again, there is nothing I can do. And I guess I cannot blame any of you for not trusting me. Our trust issues are justified.

Comment by SheriGrutz on February 4, 2013 at 4:16pm

You may think you are special, Sharon, but many T.I.'s are like you in the fact that they think that everyone is out to get them, that everyone is a perp and that they can call all the shots on their lives.  Don't be fooled by such nonsense, it only makes your situation that much more dire and terrible.  People like me and other average citizens in this country are told to let the shelters and churches help the homeless because they are experienced in such matters and can do more good in the long run.  They advise us not to give the homeless money or a place to stay, because it can be an endless and dangerous thing to do.  We do know that the homeless are mostly mentally ill, and this adds to the saga of viewing help as a trap, but especially for a person who feels they are targeted.  This site tends to add to the paranoia, and my advice to you Sharon is to find sane and healthy people in your life you are God fearing, country loving Americans who walk the walk.  Good luck.

Comment by Truth.Now on February 4, 2013 at 4:39pm

Sheri, pardon me for butting in but I happen to know that it's the churches that are mainly being used as a cover-up of where the money being laundered is going. 

The churches are the ones being given building funds by the main puppetmasters in exchange for shackling their own.

Logical because it's in the church where the most trusting (or the most self-righteous converge). They are the ones who will easily roll-out the program of the main perps because the organization's already up and running and the flock will follow whatever the leader says.

It is painful to think that the kindest will be the most influential in helping the perps roll out their plan - they can do this because good pastors or priests would not be that doubting plus they may not be that tech-savvy.

There are those spiritual leaders though who will willingly join the game for the treats that they would win, forgetting that in christ, there are no exceptions: the end does not justify the means (if they really believe something good will come out of what the perps package as but "character-building" of "lost sheeps".

Once you act like God and encroach on a person's free will (God does not even do that. He respects His children's right to choose a path), then you are acting like Lucifer, doing the work of the devil.


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