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Debate on "International Class Action Lawsuit/ UN tribunal"

International Class Action Lawsuit

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Please send me your statement of claim if you are a t.i.  A statement of claim is your personal account of how, when, where and why you became a  t.i. victim. Who you believe is the defendant responsible for you being a targeted individual and causing you pain and suffering. How your life is being handicapped and impaired from your normal everyday life. The courts are barely familiar with our language of MK-Ultra,V2-K, Medusa Tech, Micro-Wave and Mind Control Technologies. Keep your written testimony to no more than 3 pages and do not drift into speculation. Stick to the facts about what you know and imagine a normal person with no knowledge of t.i.'s is reading your statement of claim. The Lordship's and Her Majesty's Court will for the first time read the written transcripts and watch the videos from the Presidential Committee Hearings. , .
They will hear from expert witnesses.

and watch several important videos on torture using invisible technology. The courtroom will be filled with all the t.i.'s living in the United Kingdom. They will be introduced as local victims, material witnesses and plaintiffs in our class action lawsuit.

We will not be over ruled by 'Ultra Virus' conduct or dismissed using Sec. 19-24, Hard to Prove and Frivolous.

We are building a Strong Solid Case against, the Epidemic of Invisible Technology, no one cares about.

The courts are just becoming aware of invisible technology targeting individuals. Do not have flights of fancy and talk about Perps, God, Aliens, the Bible or Karma. You are a good person who happened to fall prey to a nightmare of technology impairing and tormenting your normal life. The technology used on you is a human rights violation under the laws of civilized countries. I am hoping to start a Royal Commissioners Inquiry, Just like Commissioner Braidwood's Inquiry in British Columbia. The Taser is a Direct Energy Weapon. Look at the other statement of claims at the bottom of the comments in this link.

Do the best you can and if you have any medical wellness reports, please send them. Invite any t.i.'s you know, who need our help. This is not brain surgery, just legal maneuvering to win. You are a targeted individual and our Human Rights Laws protect you against torture in the United Kingdom.

The U K should also examine whether the conduct amounts to a crime of torture subject to the jurisdiction of the international criminal court or universal jurisdiction under the torture convention. Similarly, the U K would be under an obligation to investigate how the information came into the hands of the UK police and/or other UK offcials.

The Arar Inquiry in Canada, established to investigate Canadian complicity in the rendition of a Canadian national to torture in Syria in 2002, has made it clear that when torture is committed abroad it does not occur in a vacuum. Evidence before the Inquiry showed that the Canadian police shared intelligence with the Syrian Government knowing that there was a real risk that Maher Arar was being ill treated. If the British Government obtains information knowing it has been extracted by torture, it is bound under international law to conduct an independent investigation to establish whether UK agents were complicit, and to take appropriate measures to prevent similar acts in the future. If the UK Government were to accept the material without raising questions about the illegal conduct by the sending Government, investigating potential violations of international criminal law, and signaling its profound opposition to the use of torture under any circumstances, then it would be effectively condoning the torture that took place, and arguably be encouraging further torture, in breach of its erga omnes obligations to prevent torture.

If everyone will send me their statement of claim by the end of April 2012 - subject line: International Class Action Lawsuit - I will swear the new affidavit, under oath to include all the t.i. participants in early May and file the class action lawsuit by the end of May. I have most of the Canadians from Galina, several dozen t.i. victims from around the world and am hoping for more. We have strength in greater numbers. Any help is much obliged.



"Injustice never rules forever"

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