Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

The torture is barbaric. The planes are hyperactive lately. They have the engines roar in a terroristic fashion when I leave any building (store, library etc). And when I enter any building (same). Or leave one room in my house to go to another. All day, they vibrate the nanodevices with super amplified energy to cause maximum pain. The top of the scalp is covered in bandages. They drive the devices into the ears. Eyes. Nose. Armpits. Anus. Neck. All with  more amplified energy, and especially brutally so at night. I constantly feel a terrible sensation of suffocation from particulate matter, the way one would feel if sand particles were forcibly driven up their nose, day in and day out.

All night long, I clear my throat and spit in a bucket nearby which I sanitize every morning because the particles feel like grit in the mouth and throat. All night long, I snort out particles that are driven into the nose constantly to suffocate me. A stream of cold air blown directly into the nostrils often is laden with the particles. I can do nothing to avoid them. Nothing I try works. All night long, I brush off devices from my face, eyes, ears, nose, forehead and shake them off the bed covers. The torture devices get replaced immediately. At the height of my pain, the torture contractor gets off, talking thrash interrogation-style and in muted sounds that bear a distinct human speech pattern nevertheless. The sounds have a distinct electronic signature as well. The planes are flying overhead as I type this in the public library...

I began my documentation in 2009. At the time, initially bizarre events were happening in my home. Disappearance of correspondence; college essays; bank statements; library cards; bank cards; credit cards; house keys; mail box keys; jump drives; CD ROMS and other electronic storage media. Books; professional and technical documents; clothing items. A very unusual sleeping pattern that had me falling asleep at 8:00pm every evening, and never waking up even to urinate during the night until the alarm at about 5:30am. Unusual salivation that wetted the pillow on occasion. Strange marks and cuts that appeared overnight. And much more. Most of the documentation would disappear overnight while I sank into a strange deep sleep...

Since then, documentation has continued to disappear. One 30 page document was altered after some lines were deleted. In 2010, I caught a family member yanking a documentation I wrote from a pile of documents, most of which were research printouts of journals and professional papers on DEW and other electromagnetic technologies. Dashing like a thief, he then hid the document under some clothing items lying on a couch while I watched quietly. When I asked him what he was doing, he said he was looking for something. He could not explain however, how 'looking for something' somehow required that he takes my document and hide it under some clothing. Fast forward to 2013. December 22, 2013. I was gathering items I needed to donate to a small place that does true charity work, opening boxes and bags in the process. When I rummaged through one duffel bag that belongs to the same person, looking for something we could donate, deep under some clothing items, at the bottom of the bag, lay a document that was just one of the many missing documents. It was a document from the US Army detailing adverse health effects of directed energy weapons systems on the human body.

Once more, I confronted the person. He denied knowing anything about how the document managed to be at the bottom of his duffel bag. This same person also told me that all TIs are essentially insane. In the course of the 4 yr old extreme torture, I must have spent more than $400.00 in printing fees at the public libraries that I use, printing out documentation of these terror crimes as well as research papers such as the one that detailed human effects of DEW. From this, one would expect a sizable pile of paper in my house, yet I have little to show for it. Most is simply stolen, in commission of yet another crime of obstructing justice by systematic destruction of evidence.

This is how families are destroyed by these criminal activities. Eventually, entire communities will succumb. But you have heard nothing yet... The horrors go beyond the imaginable. But I continue to document as I must. And I continue to turn on my space heater where I beat my hats and other clothing items into the heating element, and watch the devices - along with the cursed data they carry - make an avalanche of spark like flames as they burn on the heating element. Last week, they cut the cord of the heat and it caught on fire. I turned on my stove plate to high and continued to burn the devices that torment me. I make no apologies for this because I do not deserve to be tortured. No one does. I have committed no crimes and am no terrorist, which is more than I can say for them.

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17 years, 6205 days. That is the tip of the iceberg. If you were me...

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