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9AM The same as a dog marks its territory – I stepped outside to begin
the day and WHAMO brand new clogs brutalized - to keep the
competition down, I'm sure. Is it time for me to go shopping for a
big strong man to take on my troubles! Interesting subliminal
messaging the other morning as I was walking down the street. I found
myself singing along to an old familiar tune from the 60's called
“Lady.” I didn't think I ever knew the lyrics but they were
playing in my head anyway.
Lady, you’re there on the dance floor making me love you somehow,
don’t go thinking I don’t love you cause maybe I do… .la la la
la la!

I’m awe struck at how just about anything can be done with these weapons- anything that is of a destructive nature…. Damage your shoes, your
beautiful leather boots, clothing, family photographs that are of the
utmost importance, et cetera…. believing I suppose that if they do
enough of these evil deeds and long enough that it will impact on
target’s psyche whereby wearing him him/her down and becoming
damaged goods; studied and perfected by the CIA who set up this
unwitting human subject to be remote neural monitored to get feedback
as to the results of their efforts. The CIA and NSA are two agencies
with self-serving criminal agenda's and no thought for humanity.
Handlers are instructed to spend their valuable time doing these
dirty deeds. Brand new wool sweaters covered with pils after a two
wears; a leather hand bag beaten the heck out of to give the
appearance of being old and ragged as targeted with a laser weapon
with scrapes and scratches and white paint-like markings throughout.
They must have a headache by the end of the day having to dwell on
the down side of life.

There are two male perpetrators in my apt. building and at least one female that I know of. One of the men I identified in a convoy of cars
stalking me and left my Flyer on his beat-up car to let him know that
I know. Economically he's poor and looks beaten down psychologically;
I might even feel sorry for him - he's definitely mind controlled and
this is his life's endeavor. He hangs out at a Senior Center here in
Burlington, VT where there are likely more elderly victims he stalks.
In fact, he was 1
to me as a stalker by another target here in town about a year ago,
but I needed my own proof. This target, Kay Barnes, suffered a fatal
“seizure” last July which the coroner documented as a heart
attack. He knew nothing about the heart attack weapon. Anyhow, she
was murdered – her wiring short circuited with her heart targeted
by so-called non-lethal technology after 20 years of criminal
harassment. I ‘m convinced it was orchestrated to further isolate
this target. Just before being taken out she told me there was no
question that she’d eventually come down with cancer from the
long-term exposure to the directed energy and showed me a cook book
she’d just found for cancer victims and was so happy AND HEALTHY
with no physical problems or limitations and no heart disease evident
in this tall slender Scandinavian by descent.

What I notice about these little spy men who often drive big trucks to compensate is that they are like little boys from the wrong side of
the tracks who had poor parenting and were left to play all day with
little soldier men fighting and beating up an unknown enemy. So often
they appear to be seniors and
either ex-police or ex-military types. The way I can tell this is by their body language: Stiff rigid
shoulders they carry up near their ears and a grim expression etched
on their faces and fearful of
making eye contact lest they be found out by this psychic female who is good at spotting a rotten
apple in the bunch. I went to the Post Office here in town because
an express mail package failed to be delivered overnight and the
front counter clerk went in back and brought out a very cranky little
man with the same stiff body language and disposition to go w/it…
he scowled at me saying he would investigate and find out if I had
any money coming back and would call me but that I likely wouldn’t
because of inclement weather conditions. He never called, and I
returned to the Post Office where the young lady who had mailed off
my package wrote me a check for $27.56 without any questions asked
once I presented her with a copy of the delivery receipt. She
apologized for the short, mustached little man saying that he is
“ex-military.” He is the same individual I saw sitting on the
back stoop of the Post Office six month’s ago looking at me as I
walked past and wearing a t-shirt that said: “

THEY are positioned everywhere. Just as a police officer I am filing
criminal charges against for documenting a Falsified Police Report
‘to entrap’ is also EX- MILITARY as opposed to his partner that
afternoon who is not ex-military and is the nicest guy in the world.
In this particular local law enforcement agency not only is a police
officer criminally involved, but his superior Deputy Police Chief
documented in writing the same criminal involvement in falsifying
the report. They went to great lengths and must want me very badly.

There was early AM talk yesterday of reopening Waterbury State Mental Hospital saying it was needed. I couldn't help wonder why and the
convenience it would for people they want to 'house.' It was in the
'70's that the CIA was accused of being in that facility and one of
their MD's criminally experimenting on a young woman. I'll need to go
back and find it because I remember I was interested in contacting
her lawyer. The case never went forward and was settled out of
court. If I should disappear and not be heard from again you will
come to my rescue I hope and round up the usual suspects! That is,
the local police, the FBI and the politicians all of whom have their
noses dirty in this town.

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Comment by Carmen L on February 17, 2010 at 8:05am
Hi.Do you realize that you have a talent for writing? What about collecting your stories into a book.. or e-book if you can't find a publisher... I ADMIRE the way you tell your story and to tell you the truth, stalkers are really strange people, only low life garbage answer to "their" prayers. They are eventually already brainwashed or have the chance to get noticed. Besides, for a beer or some change they would play their parts.
Comment by Lynn Clarise Bahrenburg on February 17, 2010 at 11:45pm
reading the above I look silly because I don't think DOGs mark their territory but CATs DO and I love cats so i'm going to have to go up and change that now so don't have to feel embarrassed. thanks for the compliment and I must correct Carol Baldwin who told me thank you for your BOOK - the only writing i do is here and figured she was referring to the Posts as Books... maybe, if i live long enough, i can collect my diary entries and organize and consolidate things in that way - for my son, i will like to leave a story to tell him that he knows nothing of these events occurring in my lift. Then again, I was told not too long ago that I'd never have to worry about dying. They are trying to transform me into someone who lives forever? I think so, yes.
Comment by Carmen L on February 18, 2010 at 3:43am
Dogs mark their territory, of course they do. All the time.
Comment by Carmen L on February 18, 2010 at 3:46am
In my case, they sent to me a palm reader when I was having a cup of coffee after worrying about dying of what I thought medication at that time. She told me I would live a long life and that I will die of an old age, a natural death. To tell the truth, I dont even care so much anymore. My fear of death is "cured", but yes, I had those thoughts that you are talking about too, but I am not sure if they were true. You know, they play too much with our life view. "Who want to live forever?"


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