Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Came home and noticed that a studio portrait of my son when he was small was missing... one of the best photo's I have of him and stalkers came into my place and walked out
with it.

I have written letters to Vermont State Senator Patrick Leahy about gang stalking here in Burlington, and he wasn't interested in hearing about it. If the shoe were on the
other foot, he would be concerned if an expensive pair of sun glasses
were stolen from his home and studio portraits of his family targeted
with weapons of war that leave tiny pin head marks (PEP weapon) all
over them. Were he or other local elected officials being gang stalked and
targeted with directed energy weapons, you bet your boots they'd do
something about it. Legislative bodies were also given a copy of my
letter and no response from any of them either. Many other victims of
this government- sponsored domestic terrorism have also written to
Senator Leahy and had no response. He knows about the technology and
is allowed to not give two hoots that it is destroying innocent
lives. Where are the MEN – the
WHEN will they stop shaking in their shoes,
afraid they will be the next one targeted by the technology.. Many
Vermonter's refer to Senator Leahy as having a Socialist/ Communist
agenda who works hand-in-hand with the New World Order or Illuminati
– possibly the money machine that keeps him in office and the
puppeteers who pull his strings. It is reported that he has received
$3 million in out-of-state special interest dollars. Senator Leahy
is fully aware of Vermont State Laws regarding stalking as well as
Federal laws; yet these laws are not enforced. If they are not
intended to be enforced, then why are they on the books?

Before leaving my apt., I gulped down (3) TBS of liquid amino acids which comes in the form of a thick syrup. I had an immediate adverse reaction and remember another
targeted victim told me I should take castor oil because implanted
'systems' don't respond well to thick oils. Ten minutes after
swallowing it, the implants and augments which they have built for me
to cause me to be BIONIC - implanted enhancements on this u n w i
t t i n g human subject 'e x p e r i m e n t i o n'
performed on me via remote access as though they were playing with a
child's remote toy. What I noticed was flushing and reddening of my
face and upper torso. Where implanted nano fibers and structures are located
in my face is where the reddening was most noticeable. My (L) ARM
was a bright red with serious itching where I am implanted with all
their horrific nano technology - all over the elbow and arm where
they have implanted a robotic (control) implant inserted at the tip
of the elbow where I can also see a small lump and throughout the
elbow with nano wire running down the lateral portion of arm bone
(tibia or fibula?- no dictionary handy to identify at this time which
one it is and don't remember) and into position at wrist bone and
then further down in the hand and forefinger, et al. Same with the
other arm... implants and augments. What I was looking at in the mirror was the BIO system
they have put in place in my body. .. as though it was outlined in red.
What exactly did they mean when I was told I wouldn't have to worry
about dying????????? ...Stanford Research Institute/ Lockheed
Martin/ UC Berkeley/ Blackwater USA and the rest of the gang – the
graduate student at Berkeley who told me I was very brave and
proceeded to take my picture with his cell phone. I should not have
dismissed him but at the time I just didn't know any better and was
too spooked to ask what he meant.

8 p.m. Legs hooked up for pain as well as entire body- got up during the night and wasn’t able to walk on my feet they were so hideously hooked up for pain and
disability; I'm going to post a photo of my foot which is misshapen
from swelling and the abuse. Thermal heating continues w/quick
reversal to cold applied over and over and loud high pitched
acoustics with a tick, tick, ticking or the sound of crickets
overlaying the high pitched acoustics... two in one tonight.

9 p.m. Torture to LEGS continued... they have changed their pattern of behavior and now targeting entire legs above knees for neuromuscular
pain .. kind of like a sparkler going off in my legs whereas before
this is something they did to feet from time to time.

12 midnight Hung up from conference call where I was subjected to drowsiness and forced sleep; and, as soon as the call was over; they induced a wide awake state to
keep me up; continued application of thermal heat bringing on a wet
sweat throughout upper torso and my face which will end up nearly a
dripping wet sweat for further promotion of depletion of collagen; reverse 'cold' effect left on for the
count of 30 minutes at one point; sharp pain introduced to (R) knee and
carried out until 7 a.m in the morning. Nerve pain applied to (R) Hip Joint was
also kept tweaked and continued until 7:00 a.m. in the
morning. I've made note in other diary entries that there is no
explanation really as to why I am still on my feet with such an
extended period of no sleep. Night after night; month after month I
am kept awake with occasional intermittent sleep. Last night they
literally woke me up fifteen minutes after putting me to sleep – I
checked the time.

3 a.m. Slept a little and awakened to pressure being applied to bladder to force me out of bed; my face was in a wet sweat and the
continuing noise of fast passed tick, tick, tick or the sound of
crickets with temporary disappearance of the loud high-pitched acoustics.

matter how much H2o and apple cider i consume or fish oil –
whatever the weapon is they are using on me, it overrides a lot of
the good things I am trying to do for myself. Does anyone who might be reading this know what they might be doing?
Could be they are in my adrenals?

2/19 10 a.m. WENT TO CLASS Hooked up to nerve pain during How To Buy/ Sell On Ebay –a place where I needed to pay attention so they assaulted me with
more pain to make that next to impossible. This time tapping into
sexuality at point behind navel which was hooked up by remote in June
’08 in Berkeley, CA via some type aircraft w/remote special ray
weapon and a precision hit directly into navel (possibly PEP or LIPC
weapon)…. I cannot begin to describe what the pain was like because
it reached proportions off the charts one day when I just happened
to touch my navel after it had been targeted. WHAT they did w/this
weapon I don’t exactly know and am left to wonder if it was at
this point they collected DNA from me or the hit was expressly for
the purpose of implementing whatever master plan they intended to
put into action re: my sexuality. It was a well crafted
strategic “pin head” hit. After that I began being targeted by
another type special ray gun which caused black and blue bruising
over my legs and lower torso.

Frequency ‘vibration’ was just activated at sole of (L) foot extending up leg in addition to electrifying nerve impulses throughout thigh region of legs. Hard
to stay seated in class with this tactical warfare being used on me.

10:55 a.m. Continuing to tap into this female's sexuality using ELF – Point (A)
behind NAVEL and Point (B) VAGINA. They’ve switched to


neuromuscular pain.

I’ve been thinking lately about the sexual aspect of these CIA / Military Black Ops programs. Obviously, first and foremost the reason they do
it is because it gives them pleasure - The 'handlers' and their
corporate mob bosses find it sexually stimulating and a form of self
gratification. To be crude – they get off doing what they do!
They become sexually aroused watching men, women and even children
on very large TV screens – watching targeted victims squirm and the pain is
what gives these sexual deviants perverse excitement and pleasure I
would imagine.

When you have a Pentagon and its corporate contractors enthusiastically embracing routine sexual assaults on defenseless American men, women and children whose sexual organs are being manipulated by these
people in high places, it is because they gain pleasure from the pain of others. It is the Pentagon and its corporate contractors, et al regardless if they are not dirtying their own hands.

Could these genteel creatures of the power elite; these gentlemen of a New World Order type who do this type of “research” which is obviously based on the PAIN - PLEASURE PRINCIPLE
. at least in my case it most definitely is- is it maybe their
intention to incorporate S&M and other deviant behaviors into the
helmets that are being prepared for the
of the future
? Could they even also be planning to include pornography? Also, applications for
programing futuristic robots... We already know they lack morals and
ethics and are responsible for the breakdown of society at large –
could they be going even a step further into the decline and fall of
America and these degenerate individuals are planning for the day
sex and pornography join forces on the battlefield? Perhaps the
military is interested in providing our fine young men in uniform
some rest and relaxation in the form of sexual arousal programmed
into their helmets S&M built into a soldier’s helmet for
instant or delayed gratification... a quickie maybe for a Lockheed pilot
or the back seat of a jeep perhaps?. To provide soldiers ‘relief’
on the battlefield. I think the defense contractors and military
intelligence personnel involved in this amoral activity are just
having a whole lot of fun viewing American citizens in their homes
and communities being alternately fondled and ‘sexed’ by
machinery put in place for this very purpose by some very sick men
and it saves them from having to visit a whore house that night.
I've searched my mind and cannot come up with another explanation as
to why a government would give the okay to sexually assault and
abuse American men, women and children who are hooked up to
electronic machinery. Most likely they salivate in anticipation of
the voyeurism. That these Black Budget Classified Programs are
costing the taxpayers
billions of dollars, is something they
don't even know is going on. Is the electronic weaponry
takeover of defenseless American men and women just all in the
interests of militaristic foreplay?

11 a.m. I am now being tortured in yet another way as they create battery acid from hell by moving ever so SLOWLY AND METHODICALLY
with pen in hand at their Illuminati display screen, the point
of influence being my stomach
where they have taken to moving the pen in a SLOW swirling
circular motion - ever so slowly; then continuing on up the
still in ultra slow motion and then on up into
throat right next to a lump that is in the throat from these sadistic
sick twisted freaks. Then, while not letting go of the pen it is
moved back down through the esophagus and lower into stomach and
repeating the same slow methodical sadistic movements... creating
copious amounts of saliva along the way and back and forth.

This is work and play in a New World Order ladies and gentlemen!

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Comment by Lynn Clarise Bahrenburg on February 23, 2010 at 10:42pm
Thank you, Lou Ritter - you are sweet in your comments. and I appreciate your prayers...yeah, we must pray for each other.
And, scott, thanks very much - I'm going out now to purchase the Castor Oil and will begin my regiment of dosing w/this stuff. I have been under the impression for a long time that they are transforming me into a full cyborg. I will try to get rid of this stuff tht is inside me ... thank you again
Comment by Carmen L on February 24, 2010 at 8:30am
Sometimes you hope they have some reason or they do it for a "good" purpose, but they are just crazy weird stupid coward idiotic crazy pathetic psychotic shit heads
Comment by Lynn Clarise Bahrenburg on February 25, 2010 at 6:15am
goscot - A few things. Yesterday my health food store strongly advised against taking Castor Oil internally telling me it really messes up the system and causes violent cramping. . .because they work over my stomach most of the time, I'm already in a delicate condition. I should mention that my bowels very often resemble the photo you attached although haven't noticed green or anything unusual. Every day (clock work) they apply pressure to force me to the bathroom in a.m. and my colon is always wiped clean by what they do - there is never anything left in me, and I wouldn't want anymore dry heaves from the potent Castor Oil. What do you say about this? They are working me over almost around the clock now to cause my entire body to ache and I'm so tired... What do you mean that a bio system forms it's own system of blood vessels feeding the structures. If there is this kind of system set up in my body, I'm at a loss as to what else I can do. My body is electrified... my hair stands on end ALL the time; and if I poke my face gently anywhere there is an electronic or electrical response as though I am something other than human. When I pick up something, there is no longer any sensation of muscle reaction - as if there is NOTHING there in the way of my own muscles and also my (L) Leg and likely the right side of me as well but alot of times it's obvious they are causing debilitation on my (R) side and pain and supernatural on the (L) side. There are other things as well. I do not know what to do. They are also manipulating and tampering with areas in my HEAD.
When they targeted me, I don't believe they anticipated I'd give them a run for their money - they thought it was a slam dunk. It hasn't turned out that way for them so they have turned their engines full throttle on me in hopes that I'll come undone. I wish I knew something about physics so could understand what's going on a little better. I won't be on the computer again til tomorrow at which time I will hope to have heard from you regarding the implants, augments, etc. and how when they slashed my finger, for example, and I felt it before the deep cut appeared on the finger - so many things.
Comment by Lynn Clarise Bahrenburg on February 26, 2010 at 3:47am
Scott, The reason my health food store- vitamin supplier- holistic healer didn't want to sell it to me is because it is counter indicated... on the bottle of Palma Christi it's stated not for internal use
Would it be possible for you to give me a call so I can ask you a few questions?
I'm assuming you are in NYC and not out of the country. Derrick at FFCHS has my cell #, and I've asked him to give it to you should you call. Thank you.
Comment by Lynn Clarise Bahrenburg on March 1, 2010 at 11:35pm
Scott, I just went to your page and left you a very lengthy explanation as to why I didn't return your call and hit "Add Comment" and it went up in smoke - it's neither here at my page or over at yours. I will give you a call instead of a story about my family. My apologies!


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