Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

   I have some solid evidence of my previous Psychotronic Beam Drawings, search Larry Whitsitt Drawings Psychotronic Beams 2003.

   I am now 65 years of age, and still battling to be free of psychotronic electro-neuro mind control, despite 

the national radio coverage lyrics, and Americans Show pre 1st episode airing my name about 4 times "Whitsitt", and my full name in the first song of the episode.  

  Here is solid Bible Evidence that I am dependable of the drawings of truth.

            "How God Originated the ... Systems of things, Discovery " by Larry Lee Whitsitt

     The Bible in Hebrew 11:3 NWT states, "By Faith we perceive that the systems of things were put in order

by Gods word, so that what is seen has come into existence from things that are not visible".

      The " of things" of my origin or discovery would be the Alphabet, Roman Numerals. Numbers

System, Dominos, Saviours, EUCLID, IXOYE, JESUS, GOD, Hectaerir wife of Hectar God, HECTAR,

EXODUS, X()P, ET, ETERNAL, MILLION, PPM, PPMb, 12 Trillion, 12, 8, OCEONIC, EUROPA, Africa,

BC, BCe, and the 3 pyramids of Health of Giza in the same positioning as the phytonutrient pattern of light, 

are all part.  Light patterns were first, naming things were after.

     My origination of the above is that all are phytonutrient (plant nutrient) patterns of light of the 

Spirit or God and Light.  My method of discovery, of seeing things too small to be seen by a human or invisible "is that the phytonutrient light pattern is relayed to the human body" enabling the human to see ...things that are not visible. Phytonutrient patterns of light, after consuming an herb or food mix, shows in vision in moments of being relayed to the human body of light pattern sequences of different variations as time passes.

     Generally, all people would not be aware to see or be visible unless the person knew it was there

or someone taught the person how to see it, and in that circumstance a very rare instance in time of those fortunate enough to see while alive "of which time could pass possibly thousands 

of years before seeing again."

     I was able to follow through healing with herbs, food, and supplements, of an unknown health problem,

with Applied Kinsiology of the Ancient Chinese over 5,000 years ago of a woman Chinese God leading

me back to a book, enabling me to continue in the future down the "OLD PATH".

     I am using this for evidence for legal purposes and is solid evidence to the Bible Hebrew 11:3 NWT.



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Comment by theyseethrumyeyeshelpme on March 15, 2017 at 9:31am
Thank you for giving information and any evidence, to help support and expose the truth. It's important for us not to dissociate or let them distract us from the reality of crimes they are doing to us. We need help getting the wraps banned, and need help supporting us. A phone hotline to call, not pacts intl. They are gov informants perps who hurt us more.
Comment by theyseethrumyeyeshelpme on March 15, 2017 at 9:31am
Weapons banned
Comment by Larry Lee Whitsitt on March 19, 2017 at 11:29pm

Part II "Human Body Voltage Discovery ... Systems of things, of God of Hebrew 11:3 of the Bible"

   Light patterns of Voltage were first, of God, naming was after of the human body electrical symbols,

and of higher light patterns of voltage symbols, as things progressed, were adopted for the multi-meter.

   On the inside of the elbows, big toes, forehead, and inside side of wrist, are human body voltage symbols with the numbers for voltage believe in micro-volts (not instrument light patterns on body) or 

satellite cybernetic cyborg patterns of instruments on the body.  

   I discovered when I couldn't find the micro- volts symbol on the computer, so I checked to see 

with the of things, of God method described, as like with a phytonutrient pattern of light.

   The toe was -=V250 in micro volts, inside elbow =V200,  side of wrist =V150.  The blue 2" pscyhotronic beam would be =V250 in the head entering at cortex of hair (swirl in hair area).  There was an instrument pattern of light at =V200 in the head with an ohms symbol as part.  Readings can be =V200 on toe, inside elbow, fluctuate different day =V200 to =V250 micro volts.  This would be the area to prove, I believe,

measuring at the cortex of hair just off the head in a suspended blue light beam with an instrument in 

=V believe micro volts.

Comment by Larry Lee Whitsitt on March 20, 2017 at 1:17am

Use human body subconscious "nodding test" to prove of things writings of God.   Ask your human body subconscious if it is true (keeping in mind to nod yes or no while asking).  Phytonutrient patterns of light and voltage patterns of light separate test.

Comment by Larry Lee Whitsitt on March 31, 2017 at 5:47am of things, of God of the Bible Hebrew 11:3 NWT

Reason for ... so that what is seen has come into existence from things that are not visible.

Too small for the human to see directly, having to be relayed by the body.

Comment by Larry Lee Whitsitt on March 31, 2017 at 6:07am

Of things you are not aware of, having no way to know something is there in the invisible to begin with, 

and would never be a way to think to look, except through space and time a rare instance.  

Comment by Larry Lee Whitsitt on March 31, 2017 at 2:47pm

...the systems of things of God of the Bible Hebrew 11:3 NWT were Gods way for everyone to be educated,  and literate, using the alphabet, numbers system, and Roman Numerals, which are of things of God.

Comment by Larry Lee Whitsitt on April 10, 2017 at 1:35am of things of God of the Bible Hebrew 11:3 NWT of a new discovery of pi (math) of the invisible having to be relayed by the body to the living human of phytonutrient patterns of light.  A rectangle phytonutrient pattern of light, with a circle light pattern  within, and  slightly over the top line of a  rectangle is part of pi. This is where the symbol pi came from to compute the radius, diameter, circumferance, and area, of a circle.  There are pi associated letters and numbers in chains the same back to the ancients,  and to support as evidence of truth of psychotronic (electro-neuro mind control) beams.

Comment by Larry Lee Whitsitt on April 17, 2017 at 7:06am

In an herb and food mix I have the phytonutrient pattern of a Globe with a pi symbol almost as big.

The next sequence of phytonutrient pattern of things, of God of the Bible Hebrew 11:3

was 1000 piEternal

Comment by Larry Lee Whitsitt on April 23, 2017 at 5:22am

 The phytonutrient pattern of light "giddiup" additional to previous of things, of God of the Bible Hebrew 11:3 NWT

  giddiup is a healthful mix of food and drink coming up in ...what is not visible like Euclid, IXOYE, Jesus,

Osmium, etc. 


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