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The main stream media pushes the idea that we are living on a planet of finite resources. However, it is self evident that we live in a planet of infinitely renewable resources. The earth is a vast storehouse of resources we have barely used. I cite the following examples which I found online.



Industrial hemp is the earths number one resource. Industrial hemp is an environmentally friendly plant. Industrial hemp only takes ninety days to grow to full maturity. Industrial hemp has sixty thousand different uses. Industrial hemp can be used for building materials, clothing, fuel, food, paper, vehicle manufacturing, bio-degradable environmentally friendly plastic, animal fodder and medicine, among thousands of other products. Industrial hemp stops deforestation of the soil. The cultivation of industrial hemp would give all of us lives of abundance. Because industrial hemp is so versatile it posed a threat to the profits and monopolies of large corporations such as giant oil, steel, paper and fossil fuels to such an extent that they launched a smear campaign against it and eventually had it banned throughout large parts of the world. They had industrial hemp banned on the grounds that it is a close relative to marijuana. However, no matter how much industrial hemp you smoked it could never drug you or make you high. Industrial hemp is genetically distinct from marijuana. The banning of the cultivation of industrial hemp is an example of deliberately engineered scarcity by members of the self-proclaimed elite. However it is not the only example. Nearly all famines are caused by deliberately engineered scarcity. If the self-proclaimed elite wish to reduce a population they will first make access to certain common food products scarce and then they will delibeerately introduce a virulent strain of virus into that area in order to reduce the population of that area over time. This saves them a lot of money on armies and ammunition. The great Irish famine of the eighteen forties was deliberately engineered by this manner.


There are currently numerous free energy devices in development but which are not allowed on the public market

This is a link to information about a prototype for "Excess Energy Pulse Motor".

This information is freely available at the following website link


The self-proclaimed elite created a false science of water scarcity in order to privatize water for profits and control. They suppressed the existence of primary water. Primary water originates from geological processes, and can be tapped for use at or near the surface of the earth. Primary water sources are independent of rainfall and appear to be virtually unlimited. Primary water is free of bacteria, fluoride and other chemicals. For further information see


  • Back in 1892, at a scientific convention in Geneva, geologists were persuaded to fraudulently call oil a fossil fuel, in order to make the public believe it is scarce. A fossil is residue of formerly living matter. There has never been a real fossil found below 16,000 feet. Yet, we drill for oil at 33,000 feet every day. The self-proclaimed elite wish to create a standard world wide price for oil. The Peak Oil Theory is based on errors. Oil is the second most prevalent liquid on earth.



Plants have been the basis for medical treatments through out much of human history. There is a vast cornocopia of plants available to us which can be used to cure almost every ailment. However, the, by now, extremely corrupt pharmaceutical industry wishes to demote plant medicine to the realms of pseudoscience. The pharmaceutical industry has recently begun to blend many of its so-called medicines with poisonous substances in an effort to facilitate planetary takeover. A healthy and infinitely intelligent human race would never allow themselves to become wirelessly enslaved. However, currently plans are afoot to wirelessly enslave the whole human race via telephone towers and nano-bots and nobody seems to be informed of this fact.

In the past, people conducting spiritual practices used entheogenic substances, also known as mind expanding drugs in order to commune with higher consciousness, so that they could wake up to a higher reality. Mind expanding entheogenic plants are plants such as cannabis and mescaline. They are not in any way associated with hard drugs such as heroin or cocaine.


It is assumed by some that population will increase wildly, but the food supply will remain static. Yet as we've seen the population of the United States double, the number of farmers has decreased, and the food supply has increased dramatically. Many farmlands have returned to timberlands, because they are not needed.

Meanwhile, developments in 'weather control and desalinization promise to make desert areas productive farmlands in the years to come, able to provide food for populations of sizes yet unimagined. Consider the fact that the overwhelming portion of Australia, a continent'" in itself, has a great productive potential. Serious economists and agricultural experts see Australia as destined some day to rival or surpass the United States as a center of food production, natural resources, and population. Others call attention to the African resource potential, and so on.

The static view of history leads to an end-of-the-world mentality. In the days of the Roman Empire, some held that the earth was worn out, and population growth too great. A society that sees no future has no future. We are living in the early stages of the earth's greatest development and therefore ability to care for the needs of men. What is amazing is the willful blindness of many to the possibilities and inevitabilities open to free men. Rushdoony, R.J. "Myths of Over-Population." The Free Market 7, no. 10 (October 1989): 1 and 6.




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Being Severely Abused

I am having someone that is severely abusing me really bad right now by repeatedly breaking my internet connection when I am trying to do my job.They are able to do this because they are hacked into my computer and these people are for sure hacking into everyones computer here because that is how it all starts out, they are all hacking into our computer through the internet.That is not the only thing that this person has been doing, they are attacking me and harassing me with some kind of an…See More
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"Sorry what I am trying to say is that they tell everybody I gossip about them. They lie! I believe that a lot of people believe what they say about me."



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