Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

"Loads of guys in Edinburgh have been put through it.", said angela d

"That shouldn't be getting talked about openly.", said pamela b.

'Decomposition' is the name given to the secret system of covert surveillance and harassment of targeted individuals in Edinburgh, that is designed to punish those targeted and in some cases 'make' the target into their attackers vision of the kind of person they believe they should be.

Although originating in communist East Germany under the name 'Zertsetzung', rather than being confined to history it seems that 'Zersetzung' (German speak for 'Decomposition') has been enhanced over time with developments in modern technology, including electronic surveillance, directed energy weapons and remote monitoring, and is now being used by corporations, private security contractors and governments across the globe.

'Decomposition' is a people and technology based system of harassment and is available to anyone with the right contacts and enough money to procure the use of it. There are people/organisations concurrently procuring the use of these services to stalk and harass people in Edinburgh, and the rest of the UK.

"It depends on what they've done.", said angela d "Instead of getting them back in a quick hit, they get them back slowly, over a long time, sometimes years.", she continued. "They call it a form of 'Capital' Punishment, if you mess around in Edinburgh, and are not being dealt with by the police, then they can target you."

Depending on what the targeted person has done, the objective is to 'decompose' or 'corrode' them over a longer period and make them suffer slowly for what they have supposedly done. The targets, usualy men, are chosen for a range of reasons that are not being dealt with by the law, for example, cheating on your wife/partner is one of the most common reasons for this happening in Edinburgh, and is the basis for the experiences that I outline in detail in the remainder of this blog.

I also believe targets can be chosen for historical instances of rape, domestic abuse, child abuse and child pornography that are not being processed by law. Scenarios which invoke a much more serious programme of harassment, and can result in a far more serious outcome for the individuals involved. I have not heard, but do expect that people put through this kind of process have been institutionalised and made to commit suicide.

"It's a bit different in Edinburgh.", said one guy. He was referring to the fact that, although the same strategy is used to destroy lives all over the world, that in Edinburgh it can also be a process used to 'make' people for the benefit of them and their family. In the process of the target being made they are harassed by certain groups, including a group made up of old friends and previous victims of the same strategy.

He was also referring to the fact that in Edinburgh, unlike in other parts of the world, targets are only given short bursts of 'cooking' and are not given a regular voice to hear inside their head. All over the internet you can find people being put through the same kind of thing but claiming to be hearing voices and getting 'cooked' inside 24 hours a day with their body burning.

In Edinburgh, based on the conversations I've heard, the use of this technology does not appear to make the targets hear regular voices, and they don't complain of being cooked inside on a regular basis. However, as mentioned before, it all depends on what the target has done, and I have heard of people who've been 'cooked' for a short while. One guy I've heard about woke up during the night and his brain was getting fried, feeling like his head had been "put in a microwave oven."

It's also a bit different in Edinburgh in terms of the fact that, for those being 'made' as part of the process, they are subjected to what I can only describe as an attempted 'Ghost Writing' experience, where their attackers try to manipulate them into doing certain pieces of writing or creativity in order to better themselves or to be provided to their company as 'gifts' in return for being made. I've heard of one person from one company being able to do one thing, and by all accounts it wasn't very good, so I'm not too sure how well that works.

"If they haven't done anything bad, then it's not much fun.", said pearl mc. Although not all of them, most of the people who participate 'on the ground' are women. Women who've either been cheated on, abused or raped in some way. Women who, because of what they have been subjected to, "foam at the mouth" given the opportunity to get their own back on someone, anyone, and can hide behind the fact that they have mind rapists on their side.

"Yes, I'm one of those werido's", claimed one woman. One of the women who was following a target was stopped by him and asked if she was, to quote, 'a Gang Stalking Weirdo', to which she was extremely happy to reply "Yes, I'm one of those weirdo's."

In Edinburgh it appears to be something that is participated in by a lot of hopeless cases, pathetic enough to be happy calling themselves a 'weirdo'. Women, and men, who are all too often extremely ugly or hideously fat. Most of them seem to lack a basic intelligence and are often vulnerable in some way, due to alcohol or drug dependency.

The information I provide on this blog is based on conversations heard at one particular company in Edinburgh who appear to have procured the use of this service for the purposes of punishing and then making their own staff, and includes anecdotes from what I've heard happening to victims, discussed by people who work at this company, including two people who were subjected to it.


Over a period of five years I worked for a large financial organisation in Edinburgh, from here on referred to as xxxxxxxx xxxx.

During this time I heard numerous accounts (from people who work at this company) of how people who work at this company had been put through a secretive recruitment/training strategy that attempted to change them and ‘make’ them into what this company believe a man should be.

At the same time they also get punished for anything that they have done in their life that this company believe they should be punished for.

Some of the people subjected to this strategy by xxxxxxxx xxxx were made to leave the company before being ‘made’ to return again, and at the same time were given a substantial amount of money and a job for life when they did.

The problem is in relation to the organised harassment and mind raping that takes place as part of the process of this company ‘making’ them.

I list below a summary of the things that I’ve heard happen to the people subjected to this harassment strategy. Heard from people who actually work at xxxxxxxx xxxx:-

-They get spied on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
-They get followed wherever they go. Supermarket etc.
-They get ‘street theatre’, where people act out in public the things that the target has said in private in order to make the target aware they are being spied on 24/7. 
-They get brain washed so that thoughts and actions seem to coincide with external noises. E.g. Engines, banging noises, doors closing, the central heating going on/off, coughing etc.
-They get brain washed into having changes in facial expression in response to certain thoughts/actions. E.g. bottom lip dropping in certain scenarios.
-They get made to think that their wife can read their mind.
-They get zapping sensations (electric shocks) in their body in response to certain thoughts/actions.
-The get their brain ‘fried’ using microwave technology.
-They get brainwashed into analysing words/sentences in terms of their mnemonic or reverse mnemonics, in line with an altered alphabet. The altered alphabet = No vowels, B is B or D, C is C or K, D is D or B, F, G is G or J, H, J is J or G,K is K or C, L, M is M or W, N, P, No Q, R, S, T, No V, W is W or M, No X, No Y, No Z.
The resulting mnemonic then somehow being used to deliver a message in the form of a new word or sentence, or a command (possibly covertly).
-They get brainwashed into seeing flashing red or blue lights in front of their eyes to signify good or bad. (Although James C says that not everyone can see the lights.)
-Wherever they go they get emergency services sirens around them. Ambulances, Police Fire Brigade etc.
-They get followed around by parents with babies in buggies.
-They get their internet and phone monitored.
-They get covertly hypnotised and sensitized to the time, making them compelled to do things at certain times.
-They get covertly hypnotised and sensitized to colours, dates, numbers, people coughing, loud bangs etc, making them compelled to do things at certain times.
-They get set up for arrest. To quote Pearl M, “They even got him arrested”.
-Radio stations are used to send them messages. The message being dependant on the lyrics before or after the word ‘baby’ in the lyrics. The ‘baby’ reference is supposed to refer to the fact that the victims of the strategy (those getting made) get referred to as a ‘baby’, as they are supposedly meant to be getting taken in as part of ‘the family’. The music element of the strategy is dependant on sensitizing their target to be known by particular names. In the case of one victim who was being made, he was known by a number of names, such as 'Luke', 'Night', 'Baby', 'Son', 'House', and 'Bourne' among others. According to Pearl M, there are people at xxxxxxxx xxxx who are close with people who run radio stations. Songs are played in return for money that are directed by xxxxxxxx xxxx at their rape victim. xxxxxxxx xxxx supposedly also provide a ‘mum’ and a ‘dad’ to look after the baby. When the ‘baby’ is born they also have a ‘baby shower’ where all the other victims join in on a party for xxxxxxxx xxxx’s latest mind rape victim. To quote Pearl M, “Aye they were all smoking cigars and that, eh.”
-They get made to blink in response to certain thoughts/actions.
-They have their dreams manipulated (Lucid Dreaming).
–They get covertly hypnotised and made to scratch/itch in response to certain thoughts/actions.
-They get forced to smoke tobacco, for the purpose of forcing them to give up again.
-They get zapping/tingling sensations in their genitals and have forced arousals.
-They get brainwashed so that chewing noises coincide with thoughts appearing in the head.
-They get made to cough, once for a 'yes', twice for a 'no'.
-Their head gets made to shake.
-They get made to move the mouse cursor up and down to signify yes and side to side for no.
-They get made to itch in response to certain thoughts.
- They get made to shake objects up and down in time with certain thoughts/actions.
- Their head appears to sway up and down in response to certain thoughts/actions.
-They get made to sniff in line with certain speech/thoughts to signify them as bullshit.
-Their wife can be made sniff in line with their thoughts. E.g. The wife can be made to sniff in line with her husbands thoughts to signify them as bullshit. It's an illusion. The thoughts are forced into the husbands head, the wife is then forced to sniff at the same time. There is no mind reading, the wife does not know what the husband is thinking, and the only thoughts his attackers know are the ones they force into his head.
-They get made to hear noises. Usually alterations/distortion to existing noises.
-They get made to hit enter on the keyboard as another external noise clicks.
-They get itching under the right eye in suggestion that the target is 'crying'.
-They get itching under the left eye in suggestion that the people doing it are 'crying'.
-They get brainwashed into reading a news article to read certain words as an engine roars past outside.
-If they have cats their cats get electronically harassed to make their heads twitch, as if in response to their speech/actions.
-They get made to think of the word 'now' as certain things happen around them. 
-They get made to type 'now' just as an engine roars off outside. (The guy with the engine isn't involved.)
-They get made to forget something they were just thinking about.
-They get made to look at the clock just at it changes.
-They get made to think that their TV is talking to them. 
-They get made to think of things throughout the day, which then coincide with things on TV later that night.
-They get compelled to do things at certain times.
-They get songs 'beamed' into their heads to try and send them messages. The title 'Mind Rape FM' is a phrase given to the use of electronic weapons in order to beam songs into the heads of people. Not sure how this happens but songs appear in their heads supposedly.
-Their emotions are altered. They can be made to feel happy or sad.
-They get made to respond angrily to certain smells, colours and noises.

Each of these elements of torture and harassment are designed to slowly decompose the target and force them into degrading situations. The many degrading situations that I’ve heard the people at xxxxxxx xxxx talk about are:

• the guy from xxxxxxx xxxx who was made to…….Cover his hand in shit and walk about with it in a bag all day.
• the guy from xxxxxxx xxxx who was made to……Shower so much that his skin peeled off in large chunks. It was part of an attempt at suggestion through the song 'The Only Living Boy In New Cross - Carter USM' The lyrics "Take 5 or 6 hot baths and showers and come on home." were supposed to suggest to the guy that he was to take his daily showers at numbers 5 or 6 to make sure he didn't get Body Order from too much heat. As crazy as it sounds, this was part of his attackers vision of what would make him a better man. However, it's also a sick game as he didn't work that out and instead ended up taking 5 or 6 hot baths and showers each day! Which eventually made his skin peel off in large chunks!
• the guy from xxxxxxx xxxx who was made to……go and see a prostitute and ended up having to run home naked.
• the guy from xxxxxxx xxxx who was made to……shave all his hair off.
• the guy from xxxxxxx xxxx who was made to……resist food and ended up in hospital on a drip. If you notice, or know them, a few of the people on the list in this letter are quite thin. There’s a reason for that. They were tricked into resisting food.
• the guy from xxxxxxx xxxx who was made to……believe that he was talking to god.
• the guy from xxxxxxx xxxx who was made to……believe that the people who were raping his mind had a time machine.
• the guy from xxxxxxx xxxx who was made to……believe that he had a ‘bug’ or tracking device implanted into him. Declaring “I’m just glad I don’t have a bug stuck up my arse”, when he found out he was being 'remotely monitored' instead of being electronically implanted. Just a big joke to xxxxxxx xxxx supposedly, but the same mind rape trick is used across the globe to make people self-harm in an attempt to dig out a chip/implant that they’ve been tricked into believing was inside them. This guy was tricked into receiving a procedure on the NHS that he didn’t need.
• the guy from xxxxxxx xxxx who was made to……believe that his cats were talking to him.
• the guy from xxxxxxx xxxx who was made to……believe that his wife could read his mind.
• the guy from xxxxxxx xxxx who was made to……start drinking alcohol really bad.
• the guy from xxxxxxx xxxx who was made to……take drugs.
• the guy from xxxxxxx xxxx who was made to……stop speaking for a month.
• the guy from xxxxxxx xxxx who was made to……stop washing for 3 months.
• the guy from xxxxxxx xxxx who was made to……stick lego up his bum.
• the guy from xxxxxxx xxxx who was made to……stick a banana up his bum.
• the guy from xxxxxxx xxxx who was made to……sit on the toilet for 3 days.
• the guy from xxxxxxx xxxx who was made to……eat used lard.
• the guy from xxxxxxx xxxx who was made to……stay still for 24 hrs and pretend he was dead.
• the guy from xxxxxxx xxxx who was made to……drink his own urine and eat his own poop.

James C also declares an interest in regularly watching children’s TV, and whilst working at xxxxxxx xxxx, I’ve witnessed a colleague be harassed into dancing with a child at someone’s birthday party.

Apparently, there is also a guy at xxxxxxx xxxx called craig s who Pearl M claims is “Really into all that dark arts stuff”. One guy even claimed to have had his own dreams manipulated by craig.

Angela in Finance says, “If you don’t do it, they will force you to do it”. “If you still don’t do it then they make your life a living hell.” She also claims that when people have a baby at xxxxxxx xxxx that they get asked if they would like to use them to participate in the harassment strategy, for some reason.

Stuart and Leanne also participated in the conversation on this subject with Angela. They seemed to have an understanding of what goes on, and seemed to discuss of their being ‘gypsies’ and ‘celebrity mentalists/magicians’ involved.

I’ve worked at other companies in Edinburgh and had people making sly comments about ‘how weird a place it is to work’. I’ve worked for xxxxxxx xxxx myself and heard their own people talk about this strategy, calling it ‘Dodgy’ and ‘Shady’.
According to Pearl, James and Archie, xxxxxxx xxxx systematically ruin the life of the person they target, make sure they lose their home and make them move house a number of times. If the target is married they also force the target to split up from his wife. To quote Pearl M, “They were made to split up, but they are back together now, it’s alright now after they were given a few quid and that, eh”

It’s almost as though the people in search of the chicken soup for their soul at xxxxxxxx xxxx like to break their target until they have nothing. Meaning a much greater margin for feeling good about themself when they’re finally brave enough to ‘make’ them, and much tastier chicken soup for their rich and guilty souls when they do.

In each of the occasions listed above the targets were purportedly ‘made’ at the end of it, told what had been happening to them, given a large sum of cash and given a job for life at xxxxxxx xxxx (Those who accepted).

One guy was reported to have taken a bag of money home, after being ‘made’, and him and his wife were throwing it over their bed with excitement.

Supposedly one guy bought himself a petrol station with the money he received, another guy bought himself a car like james bond!

Some of the people at xxxxxxx xxxx who it’s been suggested have been 'made' by being put through this harassment strategy:

Andy K
Grant R
Archie Gladstone
James C
David A
David H
Raymond A
Craig L
Keith S
Keith R
Chris S

It would also appear that the people who get tricked into supporting the mind rape strategy are also told a pack of lies as a stratagem to hide the real methods behind it. The people involved get told stories of their being ‘Gypsies’ and ‘Mind Readers’ when in fact it’s covert hypnosis and the dark arts. To note, Covert Hypnosis is the process of hypnotising people covertly, without them knowing, i.e. when they are sleeping. They also get told that people go around with ear pieces in when in fact they are using Remote Neural Monitoring.

From what I’ve heard from people who work for xxxxxxx xxxx, ‘making someone’ appears to be a process that involves the use of ‘Gang Stalking’, ‘Covert Hypnosis’, Electronic Harassment, ‘Directed Energy Weapons’ and generally what is known as ‘The Dark Arts’ to rape the minds of the people targeted, in an attempt to manipulate/control them into what they believe they should be.

During my research on what I’ve heard the people of xxxxxxx xxxx say is happening in Edinburgh, I’ve found that the information I reviewed on resonates the most with what I’ve heard happening in Edinburgh, although, as the guy mentioned above said, "it's a bit different in Edinburgh.

Conclusion - England is 'The 51st State'. Edinburgh is 'Little England'. The big problem they have is that it's a cowardly system that relies on having cowards to join the group and participate in the harassment of the next target. Unfortunately for them, not everyone they pick to go through it is a coward, and not everyone wants to join the group.

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