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Edmund Igberaese, you are not forgotten. Come back soon.


Edmund Igberaese, you are not forgotten.

-         Pat B.

The events that marked the beginning of 2010 boded ill for many in our community. Edmund Igberaese, a young male of African descent, began his account thus:

“ My story begins in the United States. It is May of 2009 , and I wear a robe befitting a recent high school graduate. I am a 16-year-old boy of African descent so blessed with gifts that I managed to finish high school as 5th in my graduating class of over 400 students. I feel ecstasy, standing here, on sun-beaten concrete and with fellow graduates. I begin to imagine a beautiful future at D***** College, a prestigious school; and for a while, I believe that my life would be perfect henceforth. I am wrong for believing so...but I am callow so I am right. “


After high school graduation, Edmund took his first step towards a ‘perfect life’ by seeking and gaining admission into an Ivy League institution. But with every step that he took, ‘dark forces’ that he could not quite discern at the time, tripped him down to the ground, hampering his progress and standing between him and the meaningful future that he was trying to walk towards. Edward would get up and try to continue walking, but each time he got up, the ‘forces’ tripped him again with incremental brutality, so that he would fall harder than the first time. And hurt more. And fear more. But once again, with a stubborn persistence and resolve that I was priviledged to witness, Edmund would somehow  manage to get up, nurse his emotional and psychological wounds and try to do what every good, young American tries to do: to successfully acquire higher education so as to be a productive, respected and contributing American citizen in the future. Is it not what every good parent of every race, religion or creed hopes of his child to accomplish?

Every obstacle placed in Edmund’s path by the ‘forces’ inflicted immeasurable pain and fear which had a cumulative effect on the young man over time. Pain inflicted with invisible tools. By invisible men and women. And it was precisely the nature of his pain and its source, mostly unknown to most of the lay public and most members of the medical community, that threatened to put him in a perfect place for a potential diagnosis of psychosis that he did not have, every time he risked talking about it. But he would not stop talking about it either.

The ‘forces’ severely crippled his academic progress, despite his best efforts. The ‘forces’ inflicted economic hardship; destroyed his social networks that formerly were a treasured sanctuary, and tested his faith in God and humanity. The ‘forces’ had deliberately chosen to destroy the person known as Edmund Igberaese.

At first, Edmund did not quite comprehend the nature of the tragic events happening in his life and around him, all or most of which he documented in many of his writings. Some of the writings are preserved by many online who loved and supported him, but he would soon find out what the ‘forces’ were. What had destroyed their humanity, transforming them from what must have been at one time, normal human beings, to the beasts that they are today. How they acquired their psychopathic characteropathy. The nature of the characteropathy. And how today, they live solely to wake up every morning, day in and day out, to man the panels of torture neuroweapons targeted at his body, for seven years in a row. And how this is their idea of what America stands for, and willing to torture anyone who disagrees.

He would find out about the nature of the weapons used on him. But most importantly, he would also find out that he was not alone in his troubling experiences but only one among hundreds of thousands of innocent Americans currently tortured under mind control operations with the most advanced weapons systems whose operational core is guided and controlled frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum. All this information was affirmation that he was far from crazy. No, he was not crazy. And neither were the thousands around the country that suffered likewise.

Dr. J Douglas Beason, is a Senior Level executive and a Chief Scientist and Technology Adviser, Headquarters Air Force Space Command, at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado. This is how Dr. Beason spoke on a new revolution in weapons systems:

But this revolution is not built on bombs or bullets, or anything you can touch with your hands.  It's made of ordinary light – in the same spectrum of energy found in your microwave, your light bulb, or in your TV remote control.  And it’s called Directed Energy.


“Directed Energy (DE) Weapons – lasers and high power microwaves – have come of age.  Over the past five decades, Directed Energy power capable of being used for weapons has increased by 10 orders of magnitude – over ten billion times – from milliwatt to megawatt. “

 “DE weapons travel at the speed-of-light, 186,000 miles a second. In layman’s terms, as a bullet’s muzzle velocity may be as high as 6,000 feet a second, DE’s “muzzle velocity” is greater than 982,000,000 feet a second – over 16 million percent faster, allowing for today’s warriors to “reach out and touch someone” instantly, even around the globe.”


The neuroweapons class of directed energy weapons - weapons that target the human brain, spinal cord and nerves – Edmund had found out, were the tools used to torture him and untold thousands of innocent Americans around the country. The ‘dark forces’ were the anonymous operators of those weapons systems manning the control panels of the machines shooting guided directed energy at his brain.

Over the years, although severely tortured, Edmund managed to work while attending college. He called me every weekend to offer support in my own nightmare of horrific torture with nanofibers and a myriad of other nanodevices and technologies, and with ADS, which broiled my head and upper body, 24/7, for nearly a year.

I would reciprocate whenever I could, but he was always a better friend that I was to him. When the pain was just too much to bear, sapping out every last joule of energy I had left in me, I at times felt too tired to even call Edmund. But no matter how agonizing HIS days were, he never forgot to extend an uplifting hand to me. He was more like a son to me. And because he still lives and will live on, he still IS like a son to me.

Finally, in 2016, when the pain of his torture became unbearable, he told me that he was planning to leave the United States. But the ‘dark forces’ could not bear a moment without a favourite torture target that his planned departure would mean for them. They revved up the torture …

In the same year, he called in panic to tell me that someone had tried to break into his apartment while he slept a night. He was in severe pain and was paralyzed with fear. In late 2016, he wrote that they made him walk into a busy road in the middle of the night. Naked. He said that they made him walk towards a running fan. His mind, he added, had become ‘very foggy lately’, with only brief moments of clarity. There was an urgency of desperation in his voice. And incredible fear.

Soon thereafter, all communication with Edmund stopped. All attempts to reach him via email, phone, text messages were in vain. Voice mail messages that I left for him remained unresponded to. I searched for his mother’s phone number who, perhaps afraid for her own life, had chosen to withhold all support for her suffering son, as Edmund had painfully recounted to me earlier. But she must be going through some pain, I reasoned, even if she withheld support to her son at a time when he needed her the most. Sheer pain brought on by the agony of a mother for a suffering child that surely must be somewhere inside of her. I wanted to appeal to this pain, and hoped to turn it into something positive for both mother and son. But none of the phones on the internet listed under her name were working.

I took to the internet to search for Edmund. Edmund had been arrested, Google search results indifferently said. I knew the cause of his arrest could not have been theft. He worked for every penny he owned and prided himself on planning his financial future despite the odds that he was facing. I knew the cause of his arrest could not have been violence either. Although I had never met Edmund in person, over the years that I had known him he had never exhibited an inclination for violence nor ever appeared to see violence as a resolution to his torture. So what happened? I appealed to Google again for help.

An online report of his arrest listed him among other persons taken in on that fateful day in Colorado: January 18, 2017. While all other arrestees taken in along with Edmund that day had charges listed next to their names, there were no charges listed next to Edmund. Then I found this:




Name: IGBERAESE, EDMUND EDEDE    DOB: 01/20/1993   Sex: M


Date of Booking: 1/18/2017  12:48:38AM  Booking No. : 20100000842


Docket No. : J214281


Holding for Agency: AURORA PD


Bond Amount: $0.00



Next Court Date:

Sentence Release Date: 06/21/2017

Still, I could find no charges. Could the state of altered cognition been the direct, and desired, consequence of the chronic torture of Edmund’s brain with neuroweapons? Could that altered state have manifested in behavior that was less than normal, resulting in his arrest perhaps? How much of his brain had they deliberately destroyed? Was the damage reversible?

Apart from Edmund’s situation, there were many other targeted individuals that I know who had either gone missing from the internet. They no longer actively documenting their torture online. They had their websites or/and documentation removed; or had died. One such individual, a well-respected journalist, had been tortured to the point of developing seizures. She no longer drives. She told me just two weeks ago that the only thing that stood between her and suicide recently, had been the thought of her only daughter.

Please pray for Edmund.










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