Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

We currently have 20 people who have joined the suit and need 300 before we can move forward with it

if you are reading this blog, please join our suit

comment at the bottom of this blog if you'll join or leave a comment on my page

info on the suit(S) is below, from my earlier blog post at peacepink

please join in the suit

there are two lawsuits i am wanting to do.


i am looking for others to join me


send me an email or post a comment at the bottom of this blog if you are interested.



the first suit-


Have the suit be against the fbi and fcc for not investigating reports from victims of electronic weapons. They obviously dont investigate these matters, so we wont loose the trial.


Seek in the trial outcome for the fbi and fcc to co investigate these matters from here on. I feel that seeking a dollar amount makes it more likely for the case to be thrown out, as does mentioning targeting and the effects of it. All we would do in this case is say they dont investigate, that this is illegal and that we are seeking for them to investigate.


Then, have everyone in the suit file separate identical cases against the same defendant in the same courthouse, with the hopes of filing so many that the attorney for the defendants wont want to fight them all and will settle out of court. And in addition, file this mass filing in about three different courthouses, to increase the chances of getting an attorney to settle.


Another thing i thought would be a good idea was to have everyone chip in to pay an attorney to prepare the filing that we would all use, so that it was in proper format, demonstrated standing, and stated the laws that were being broken and the federal statutes that we are using for our suit. this way our suits wouldnt be dismissed and each would go to trial. I was thinking along the lines of having 300 people or so file, no attorney is going to fight 300 identical court cases. and the thing is, we arent planning on these going to trial, but if they do, we seek jury trials and rep ourselves by phone, and out of 300 cases, one will win.

To help our situations, we can even get each of the people filing the suit to send a photocopied letter to the fbi by certified "signature confirmation" mail, so that with each filing we enclose the letters sent off to the fbi and the receipts showing they received them.

i think it would win without question


i mean, 300 cases in one court, no attorney will fight that many, they'll settle and we'd win


the second case-

a class action, where we are represented by an attorney on a contingency fee aggreement. no money from us.


we need alot of evidence for this to happen

there are doctors i know of that will write doctors reports fpr us, stating that this is being done to us and then the doctors would have to testify in court


we would also get roger from bug sweeps to write up his professonal reports that state this is being done to us and then he would have to testify in court.


there is also a machine i built that allows you to see the frequency/signal going to you, you see the actual waveform/wavelength, we would each have to show the signal going to us by turning on this machine and get an engineer to write his opinion that states what the machine shows, and then the engineer would have to testify in court.


we could also get a radio direction finder that allows to to fin dout where the signal is coming from.


for a defendant i had in mind the usa, and of course we would be seeking to have the stuff turned off





we cant loose with either of these two cases


want to join?


 leave a comment below or leave a comment on my page if so

or you can send me an email to

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Comment by governmentalienrobotgod on January 23, 2012 at 5:03am

we're up to 26 people, join guys

more info on the suit is at the site  under the page titled  lawsuit-mass filing

Comment by Donna (Joy) Plattner on January 25, 2012 at 3:13pm

Hi I am from Omaha Nebraska USA  and I am a victim to Electronic Harassment for several years now. I don't have the money for a attorney but I will sign anything that needs to be signed. I can only hope and pray that this suit becomes a law and people will start looking for the chip. For we have been victimized for too long.  Donna Joy Ploattner



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