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Just wonder about if this is just a coincidence or not... First my laptop crasched. Then my mobilephone. It was fully charged, I made 1 phone call, then had it beside my-turned off. When trying to switch it on, the battery is empty again...

And this is not an old battery, and when thinking about it, the harassment,it all started at the time I got my new phone and swithed to another operator. Has anybody else here experienced the same? When I insert the plug for any electronic device at home, I get the "blue sparkle" when doing it. Is this a possibility due to the radiation or what? My electronic knowledge is poor and if anybody has any news on this, I sure would appreciate it.//Annie

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Comment by Annie on December 21, 2010 at 4:08am
Goscott, there was an error with the video when I tried to watch it, but I´ll give it a try later on again.

I really do understand that your harassment is of different kind now, nevertheless even if not brainimplant, you for sure have a really hard time. I do not doubt that at all. And it´s true, if something like this has never happend to someone, then they have a hard time to believe it. But when you say "you know the difference between V2S and hearing a conversation through a wall" I wonder, have you experienced V2S? Because that´s the thing, you cannot really hear the difference, or a more correct way to put it would be, you can never be sure of if it is V2S or hearing a normal conversation through a wall. They put the conversations in yr head, and it for sure, sound like a "normal" conversation by perception, aswell. Thats the hard thing to deal with hear, you can´t be sure of which kind it is. And I also believe that that´s why some people are so sure of that it´s their neighbor and thats what the perps wants them to believe. And trust me, I have experienced all the over head talking or the through wall and all the harassments. But, yet I´m now covinced it´s not neighbor or somebody else, it´s scientist, and if one use their common sense, and consider that they are able to such sophisticated things as reading off what I see and what I hear, then one has to consider the possibility of having some kind of implant or neural prothesis in body (and as for me, they can read off what I see and what I hear among other things)Peace and take care, Annie
Comment by Annie on December 21, 2010 at 4:54am

I´m so sorry Goscott, I don´t think we understand eachother, or at least I do not understand you. 

I feel for yr long suffer although and I for sure, will never cope with it for such a long time.

Basically what I´m saying is, that if we continue in believing, or if you wish, if we continue in being fooled by the perps doing this, and have our self convinced  that it is closeby people doing this, then we will never find our way out I´m afraid. I wish you all the best for the future, take care//Annie

Comment by Soleilmavis on December 21, 2010 at 8:01am

Dear goscott,

Your "hearing" is wrong.

I 100% sure that you hear "voices" which may come from neighbours or from another building near your house, but they actually not come from there.

Torturers can mislead you. Even you hear a "voice" which is from your neighbours, actually they are not from your neighbours, they are from very far, even from a satellite.

Comment by TI CHI on December 21, 2010 at 11:28am

The blue sparkle is static electricity.  It might have another cause related to surveillance equipment radiations, but it is very common in cold weather, particularly when indoor relative humidity is lower than normal.  It often is caused by walking on carpeting or touching bedding or other fabrics then touching metal which causes the charge to spark.
Electronic devices can be quite sensitve to the sparks.  The spark has most effect if it goes thru a connection point directly into the device.  It sometimes helps to touch a metallic object before touching the device itself.
Laptops crash for many reasons.  They are more likely to fail by themselves than to be blasted by a DEW, but it is possible theoretically.
It might be worth it to remove the battery from the phone rather than just turning it off.  If the phone is hacked by a certain type of virus, it might appear to be off but still be transmitting your location and ambient sounds to the hackers which would drain the battery faster and feed them a lot of information about you.


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