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Electronic Torture and Conspiracy Theories (or not? )

In the course of my torture, I have willingly exposed myself to information available on the subject of targeting, remote torture with advanced electromagnetic and scalar weapons systems, and gang stalking. The information consists of input and contributions by fellow remotely tortured, targeted and gang stalked individuals found on this website and other websites addressing the same issues. The information consists of official documents about some of the electromagnetic weapons systems, their application (military and civilian) from military websites. The information consists of professional and academic papers on neuroscience (e.g. Dr. Persinger's papers, etc) and professional and academic papers on nanotechnologies. The information consists of books (e.g. Dr. Doug Beason, Ph.D; Dr. Duncan; Dr. Begich; etc...). The information consists of a historical record on non-consentual human experimentation in the United States, including files of congressional hearings. And so on and so forth...

From all these, I have benefited much from the experience of others and have learned a lot. But the learning process has required that I apply some guiding principles in how I process the information. Learn what to discard, and what to retain. What to further explore. And this is the summary of JUST ONE of the things I have learned:

 Some (so called conspiracy theorists) argue that the government is behind these abuses. Some refute this.
My position:

I listen to what everyone has to say but do not force or compel others to see things my way. They probably have reasons for arriving at their conclusions, and while reasons may be flawed, they are never invalid. I happen to believe that the government/military or some agencies are wholely responsible for my torture. The reasons are that:

a) In the post 911 era, the prospect of multiple aircraft (including helicopters) surveilling my every single movement, 24/7, for almost 5 yrs now WITHOUT the government granting flying licenses to the aircraft, and knowing about the reasons the aircraft need to surveil, are ZERO. BTW, the aircraft can be seen by others as well so this is not a figment of my imagination.

b) The chances that my blood would develop an ability to have light-emitting objects when viewed under a microscope, when the head of the NIH advised a group of medical leaders to "ignore" any "UBOs" (unidentified bright objects) if they happen to find them inside a patient, (See ICAART DVD), suggests that there exists technologies whose capabilities to infuse/implant photonic/optic microdevices into unwitting victims' bodies, are both RECOGNIZED and EXPECTED to show up in such affected individuals.

c) An international organization that performs preliminary scans on targets found numerous frequency emissions from my head and body on June 30, 2012. The frequency emissions just happened to be in the range alloted to the military. No one else has application access to these frequencies except the parties that they are alloted to by the assigning agency. Any unauthorized access would constitute an act of war against the United States.

d)The relentless DESTRUCTION OF, AND OUTRIGHT THEFT, of microdevices my body is doused with, which include photonic crystals of all shape and form; nanofibers of various classes; official papers from military websites on the wireless, electromagnetic technologies; academic and professional papers on deleterious effects of some of these technologies on the human body; documentation of my barbaric torture with nanodevices and more... Non-governmental involvement would be happy to LEAVE THE MILITARY DOCUMENTS ALONE in order to shift the blame to someone else but this is not the case.

e) Constant character assassination and smears on FFFCHS' 'Comments' page (Pls go read this to see how far they will go to damage victims who are EFFECTIVELY EXPOSING these crimes). These tactics are consistent with some of the documents released in the Greenwald/Poitras/Scahill website on tactics used to discredit targets. Apart from Dennis Robinson, who it is alleged by the criminals is under my pay ( ! ), and whom they implore to kick me out of his website, no other target there receives this much attention. The degree of bigotry of these criminals is of such an extent that they refuse to believe that I am African and claim that I am a caucasian with blue eyes who HAS SOMEONE ELSE WRITING MY POSTS ! Never mind that many TIs in Oregon who have seen me in person, and who voted to have me write a letter to Senator Ron Wyden know the truth...

f) My body turns on street walking signals on "smart" street lights when my I am within activating range of some circuitry on the street light that interacts with illegal implants in my body. One of the companies making these is Intellistreet. Older street lights do not react to my body in this way; they remain silent as with many other non-implanted persons. The body can also turn these lights off, on, dim them or intensify the light. One of Intellistreet's contracts is with Homeland Security, according to documents.

g) This list could go on until it is a thick as the thickest book known...And this is just ON ONE AREA. But I must stop here. Library time where I write this is limited.

Who I believe to be behind my torture has a sound basis in fact. Who someone else believes is behind THEIR torture has their own reasons that may or may not coincide with mine. But IT IS NOT MY PLACE to dismiss their belief or to try to command them to see things my way. Nor IS IT THEIR PLACE to dismiss my belief or try to command me to see things their way. I have to listen to them, not judge, nor recommend to them that they see otherwise. Else one comes across as having something VESTED in swaying others one way or the other.

Best to you.

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Comment by Sally on April 8, 2014 at 3:53am

Absolutely true Pat,  everyone has a right to their own opinions and beliefs without being attacked for them....lest we become like our perps who want to dictate our very thoughts.

Comment by Pat_B on April 11, 2014 at 7:03am

Thank you Sue. I wrote this article after being troubled by people who seemed to dismiss offhand other TI's accounts or aspects of their accounts of remote targeting. None of the conversations pertained to my targeting and no one has disputed my personal account. But Ifelt bad for the persons that found themselves on the defensive for something that is not their fault to begin with, and as if the critics were the authority on the matter...None of us are, myself included.  Best to you.

Comment by Sally on April 11, 2014 at 2:14pm

Thats ok Pat, nothing you have mentioned is hard to believe. I know we are targeted in all manner of ways and often very differently. Keep up your fighting spirit Pat!


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