Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Email sent to various organizations and institutions to expose my case and ask for help

Dear Madam / Sir,


My name is Lylda Rachel TETY, I am Ivorian, living in Ivory Coast.

I am a victim of torture, exploitation and economic crime, situation in which the energy-directed weapons and advanced technology classified top secret is used so difficult to prove.

This assault remains unofficial while the device deployed involves major investments: satellite and GPS monitoring, constant overflights of aircraft, military cargo ships, helicopters ... for a climate manipulation activity, renewable energy production? Or may be nuclear energy?  By means of my torture.

I am tracked by neighbors, by strangers, by my interlocutors in the streets, administrations, at church, everywhere I go, I am traced and located in order for my torturers to activate their phone for an overflight for the purpose of being paid, they are recorded and paid for overflights (all these information I give you comes from my observations, surprise conversations, verbal harassments because all refuse to give me any information about what happening as they win to humiliate me because they are aware that I am listened, monitoring by satellite and GPS so these people know that they are listened as well and win to behave according to the protocol of their game). This situation provokes and feeds a context of widespread corruption, nobody wants to be sincere, all avoid me and contact me by phone only to win according to the protocol of their game and at specific times, hours of overflights. One of the consequences of this situation, I think, is that it happened in Ivory Coast on October 14th and December 14th, 2017, two accidents of a cargo plane with 4 dead of which drivers of Moldavian nationality and French wounded, then a private flight and a Helicopter with wounded including the pilot and commercial premises damaged. There have been others. The last date of July 11, 2018 last with the death of a French soldier.

You will find attached a file on the evolution of clouds in a given period, overflights of aircraft above my house, the presence of satellite.

I have several other videos and photos, that's all I have as proof. All my complaints are rejected, no lawyer wants to help me, I am even ruined and I live with less than a euro / day very often or nothing sometimes.

So the organizers of this business are private, the state  or the government, the church, my family ... but it is not official, any person or organization that I intend to address or I meet me is immediately contacted and corrupted by overflights of planes, by various advantages.

Here is the letter that I sent last year to the ANAC the National Civil Aviation Agency, at the weather office, I also reported it to the control tower who told me that it only reported to the state and no investigation was conducted but the situation goes from bad to worse, it is even MI24 that are used very often now in addition to the usual overflights. This scenario is repeated from move to move I am like the sheep of a sacrifice allowing all the actors to enrich themselves, it is a mafia finally national and even international using methods similar to a ritual where the target that I am used as a beast of burden, and is kept in a state of slavery in favor of their dishonest gain. My torture is physical, electromagnetic, moral, environmental, spiritual.... I live in total destitution, humiliation, sabotage, false rumors, violation of my private life (they make my life a reality TV that everyone can follow via the Internet or  WhatsApp network? My most basic rights are raped, my family is involved at a high level ....


I am used as a machine to manipulate the climate and instrumentalized to generate clouds of different types according to the use that the sponsors want to make: the planes fly over 24/7 sometimes more than 25 per day some times without counting the nights to treat the clouds in sight I think of the manufacture of renewable energies? Nuclear? For the handling of the weather, and many other things I do not know. I realize that this is certainly the compensation of carbon credits or the compensation of CO2 contained in the clouds generated and used for the production of renewable energies in order to create resources: water and electricity ... (Ref Paris Agreements, climate finance, carbon credit ...)

Euros Bunds are even solicited to finance this activity is what told me my stalkers.

I am used since then in Ivory Coast and in the world I would say as a raw material. Nobody officially say it, however, an aerial, satellite, and GPS activity takes place around my person, a machine to manipulate the climate, a business for the state, my family, neighbors, mobile phone companies, churches ..., a puppet used for national games and beyond our borders, games in which all win to torture me, humiliate me, isolate me by rumors, trivialize, sabotage and block my life in order to better exploit myself.

I talk about it on a Facebook page: Lylda Rachel TETY Lutter contre le harcèlement en réseau.


This is an economic crime, a crime against humanity, a violation of my rights, my private life and I demand that it stop and that they give me back my freedom, that justice be done to me, that the State of Côte d'Ivoire and all the actors involved make this activity official and report to me as a responsible and free individual, I also ask for compensation for all the damages caused.


This mafia is so powerful. I need your legal, media, security assistance ... to get out of this hell.




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Comment by jane on October 1, 2018 at 3:33am

sorry not got time to read it, I wouldn't bother, they are all in on it, ie making a living at our expense, vampires, no other word for it


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