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Establishing a website for victims that want to fight perps

I remember a victim had written they wanted to make a web site for us victims so we can fight the perps. These are my ideas:

1. We need to use the Israelis Mossad tactics and establish a data base that has all information about the perps that violate human rights .

Perps active and living biographical information and photos. Addreses where they are living and where they are working and where the money is coming and going.

We need to keep track of perps when they have died and who there successors are . For example Dr. Jose M.R. Delgado may be dead but sons and grandsons are following his footsteps.

Those perps retired and in prison need to be watched because they may be aiding and abetting our enemies.

Corporations and C.E.O.s need to be listed and C.E.O.s photographed.

All documents that can help identify and stop perp action.

We could send in photos and maybe identify perps involved.

We can send in clues like Joe Moody of Brunswick, Georgia who stole my passport from Fed Ex in Baltimore, Maryland and is believed to be related to the perps that were from the federal law enforcement center in Brunswick, Georgia. This is cumulative data and we must collect the clues if we are going to do battle and win.

Don't trust Israel because I went there and was harassed by the perps. A girl connected with Israeli security stated the Israeli liked the money that had been spent by the perps there. Shame on them for not helping us V2K victims or energy weapon victims yet they expect us to forget their current policy of turning their back on us and to remember and feel sorry for the holocaust victims. They need to remember our perps are worse than yesterday's Nazis and thre are more Dr. Mengalis like Dlgado that need to be killed because without the surgeons the former federal agents that use spy tactics would be out of a job. We must kill the doctors first!

Lock and load and when you find them empty yuopur clip of ammo in their brain.

Mark, Iannicelli

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Comment by David ofTomorrow on September 9, 2013 at 5:52am

I think you tread on think ice. You dont have any proof that the people you are targeting are perps. By using the strong arm tactics you make yourself the stalker. DO you realize this? You are talking about stalking people that you have no proof of as being involved. Please, dont involve other TIs in your actions, they are overly aggressive and verging on illegal. I know I got a message from you that stated you were confronting 'perps' and had mace and handcuffs. If you really had any evidence that they are perps, why dont you go the law? The people on this site spend a lot of time going to the law, trying to do it right. I think it is disrespectful to them for you to come one here and try to get others to do the same.

To all TIs who read this post; There was a IT in Seattle who fostered this reverse stalking and she shot her boss, who she suspected of being a perp. Now she will do 17 years with a bunch of criminals, or by herslef because one thing is for sure, jail is hell when the eprs are in control of it all. She will not likely get out a sane woman after all that time. But, she made a choice to stalk those who stalked her, now she will pay.

SO dont get caught up in this kind of action. After all, when dealing with v2k, the perps can make you think anyone out ther is against you. HOw do you really know you are right about who is and isnt a perp?

Comment by Ms. Kris Durschmidt on January 20, 2014 at 12:40pm

Hi Mark, That was me, I'm making the web site for a data base of Victim's, there syptoms and more.  There is some very good YouTube of Gang to see them.  When I get time and your direct email, I will forward you the good info., keep in touch, later!!! 


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