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Do other TI's experience this?? Everyone I mean EVERYONE in my town and people I come across (including the church priests) are involved in my harassment. Car number plates have all been tailored to give me messages, every time I go anywhere perps just appear out of nowhere. This is HUGE.

And on top of it they all seem to have mental telepathy - its such a large network of people who can read into my mind and are harassing me accordingly. How can so many people be able to read my thought?

I feel like they are robots or aliens or demons, I cant get away from it anywhere.

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Comment by hassanmcv on July 9, 2011 at 7:24am
I do, Sue.

They (perps) can manipulate any voice and even any sound aroud us, I think.

So, they make me hear like those near to me, family, friends, people at work,or  programs onTV too, films, are talking about something relating with me, something I ve recently done, or even more,perps make me hear like people arounnd me are repeating my thoughts at real time, so I might think that everyone around me can read my mind, and the same about my family.

But I don't, I know my family is not involved, for me the perps manipulate voices around me, so for example if my mother is talking in the 'salon" at home with some friends of her and me I'm in my room reading something or listening music or whatever, I can sometimes hear my mum talking and laughing with her friends, can I? Of course, yes. So, what I think the perps do, is when I hear my mum talking with her friends, the perps make me hear like my mum is talking about me on some things only me can know, or MORE: PERPS CAN MAKE ME HEAR MY MUM REPEATING MY THOUGHTS AT TIME like my mum is reading my mind, also her friends, but she doesn't and her friends either. For me, it s just the perps messing me with my hearings, playing with my hearings.That s what I think.

So I have to deal with all the people aroud me, family and friends,... at home, in the streets, at work (when I was working), in bus , at shops, administrations....EVERYWHERE....all the people around me repeating my THOUGHTS, like everybody has access to my mind. But I dont think so... my perps want me to think that, but I dont and I wont. They want me to loose my mind but I ll fight for not loosing my mind... til the end.

I think they can manipulate any voice, any sound and any picture too(particulary on TV).

I know my mother, family is not involved, I m sure of that, I ve see it many times in my mum's eyes.

Some complices in the streets may be involved, that s why sometimes I see weird things in the streets but not all the people are complices. And that street theatre is created to make us feel a sensory disorientation and to increase paranoia, anxiety, despair, distress.

Keep strong, Sue



Comment by Annie on July 9, 2011 at 7:31am
Suzy, I know its all very scary but you need to educate yourself, even if you find its too much technology facts, its important that we educate ourselves, knowledge is power. Also, if you can understand what they are capable of doing, you will understand things that are happening to you better. Its probably not other people reading your mind, they are manipulating our brains, they (perps) most likely also can induce activity in general peoples mind aswell. Also they can morph voices, so when you hear people say something, it might be, that this is something you actually just hear in your own head, or about the carplates-it could be they make you see things that are not really there. Its insane-I know, and I am absolutely not an expert, but if you take part of the technology info that is given here, you will have knowledge and it will take off some of the "stigma" about some of the harassment. They want us to be frighten, they want us to act "crazy" and believe all the unbelieveable things that are happening to us, so thet we will look and act crazy. Take care/Annie 
Comment by hassanmcv on July 9, 2011 at 7:57am

And if only they (the perps) could satisfy themselves with their experiences on "synthetic telepathy", it is yet horrific to live! But they don't...Controlled dreams, electronic dissolution of memory (especially short memories), motor control(control of limbs), control of organs too, rape while sleeping (and even after as I wake up because of the rape) with sexual arousals and control of the body(especially the control of hands), and more(so much things they do to torture me and break me down, I can't write them all in one post as they are so numerous and it would take me big time to remember and talk about it as I m tired and feeling pains in my body...All this on a sleep deprivation, big headhaches and big fatigue background they create too and 24/7/365!!!!....So evils they are!!! But they will pay, they ll suffer eternally in Hell pains they couldn't ever and ever bear.


Comment by Sarroub on July 9, 2011 at 8:00am


I experienced this - everyone seems involved .

Do you know something about S-QUAD or (SSSS) ?

  • US Patent #5,159,703 "Silent Subliminal Presentation System".

They can send a 'subliminal message' to everybody you meet on your road. This kind of technology  are used by Perps to harrass 'victims' . They want you to think that people you meet, or your family are involved in your tortur.

It takes me time, believe me, to understand this but I'm sur about it. Now they don't use this particular tricks on me
Take care .

Comment by Sarroub on July 9, 2011 at 8:20am


I think it should help to learn a little about 'mind control technology'... Please read a link bellow ...
take care.

Comment by hassanmcv on July 9, 2011 at 8:33am

I agree Annie with all what you said except what you said: "that this is something you actually just hear in your own head", I mean perps are really abble to make us hear with our ears people repeating our thoughts thats why we may think that everybody can read our mind(for the victims who experience the same) and that s why I said it s horrific! But as you said Annie I think also it s a trick to make us go crazy.

Of course, perps can also make us hear their sayings in our heads, especially when they talk to us 24/7/365 in the head.

But I ve just thinking about something I forget to ask to Suzy, please Suzy can you tell me how you know that "a large network of people who can read into my mind", what is the clue which permit you to think that? I ask you that because you didnt describe how they read your mind and I ve just realize this, I mean what happened to make you believe that?

Dont mislead me, I experience the same and I gave some examples of that, its just I would like you, if you dont mind, to give more example of what make you think that everybody can read your mind (you give the examples of 'church priest" but you didn' t describe, and number plates is in relation with street theater I think) so if you dont mind, could give just a little bit more details.Thank you.

Keep hanging on with God and continue to go to the church in despite of the priests, just IGNORE them as much possible as you can.

Comment by franko on July 9, 2011 at 9:13am

Sue that crap out of them I dont know what you people are waiting for, are you waiting for the ethics commission to save you, keep waiting.  FFCHS sent out a email advising all T.I's to get into a mass pro se lawsuits or class action lawsuits. To try to get something done. If you dont know how to file a lawsuit the join a class action suit like Steves Ahmanns or Talk to Derrick Robonsin from FFCHS he will tell you what to do, he will know people in your area and they can add you to their lawsuits.


Comment by franko on July 9, 2011 at 9:14am
Who ever doesnt want to join the lawsuit is nuts what are you waiting for.
Comment by hassanmcv on July 9, 2011 at 9:39am

Is this a way to spread the word?

I ve already e-sign steve's law suit and I m not the only one who support Steve here.

About FFCHS and the mass pro se lawsuit of FFCHS I couldn't find a letter or an article in their site about it, could you give a link to browse that mass pro se, Franko? I ll be glad to e-sign it and bring my support even I m not in USA.

Comment by Annie on July 9, 2011 at 8:59pm

Hassan, I agree that it can be misinformation to say "that this is something you actually just hear in your own head",but as I said, they can morp voices into your head with messages that arent really said by the person you meet on the street, aswell as they can influence what people say. A good example on that would be when you said yourself that you could hear your mother talk about your own thoughts in another room. Do you by that mean that you actually think she says what she says, or do you think they(perps) manipulate your brain to hear what they want you to hear and that your mother actually said something else? (hope you understand what i mean?) In my opinion, I think the perps can do both. As said I am not an expert and the reason I post a reply on this, is that this is really a serious subject, if we are gonna educate ourselves and move forward towards a better life, its imortant that we share and discuss those subjects, so that people will know what they are up against and what is real and what is the perps virtual induced perception into our brains.


Sarroub,thanks for a very good post.

Nolimore, when you say  

"I have had the number plate experience too. I remember the first three alphanumeric characters 'MI6', This is the british intelligence office department that deals in overseas intelligence and not domestic. Showing off their dominance."

Do you mean that you really saw those numbers on the carplates or do you mean you where percepted to believe it said those numbers on the plate (that they made you see numbers virtually)?

There is a risk of misunderstanding when we write: I saw that instead of I was induced to see that, do you know what I mean? The misunderstandings between us all, when sharing examples are of benefit for the perps, as it will be a mixed message to the victims that aren´t yet aware of what is going on with them, they will continue in believe what they see and hear is for real and not just manipulations and induced impressions./Annie  


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