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Evidence submitted to the IPT in Philip Kerr v MI5 organised stalking claim

The evidence in the T1 human rights claim in the Investigatory Powers Tribunal that is the current stage of the litigation that began as Philip Kerr -v- MI5 in the High Court, was filed electronically as this workbook (and the files to which it links), a week ago today.

The photo shows the hard copy that was posted to the IPT yesterday.

The court documents of public interest in this case that are now in the public domain are therefore:

Before asking me any question, please bear in mind that I may be unable to answer certain questions, for reasons of client confidentiality.

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Comment by Ms. K. on February 8, 2018 at 11:49am

Hi John Allman!!  My name is Ms. Kris Durschmidt, I have a Youtube Channel, please subscribe and view my evidence and story, if you wish, please!!  Can you list, up front, where you live and county??  I am in USA, I have all the evidence and who the perpertrator's are.  Still the Judges are criminal and Dismiss my case many times up to the USA Supreme Court!!  I an still filing charges on them, on these hynis acts of torture and murder beyond, comprehension by most normal humans.  I show all on my latest Youtube videos, see to the end, as they were attacking me, and the video stopped a few times, but wait till the end to see all.  I am doing another video soon anyway for clearer views of my Dr.s and PI (Private Investigator) reports!!!

  If you need to contact me, go to my Facebook under my name or call me, Central Standard USA time or Free Skype call, add me to your contacts!  Looks like your doing a good job!!    507-823-4373..home after 8pm, usually, my time...blessings, stay strong!!!


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