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I believe I need to beat some sense into my perps. I'm getting unfair punishment for no apparent reason. Using me as a human guinea pig. It's time for an eye for an eye. I believe in fairness and what they have done to me is so cowardly and dishonorable that if I let it slide they will pick on someone else. Sometimes violence is the only solution. Teach a lesson on respect and courtesy. I wouldn't want my family and friends to go through the Hell I've been experiencing. Here to draw the line and if you cross my personal boundaries I will fight back! 

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Comment by Don Hill on July 17, 2012 at 2:38am

I have been a TI since December 2006.Same story as most,all possesions,carrear,most of all family...Gone.My daughter was assaulted in our home,she was 10.She begged them to not give her the shot.and screamed for me to help her.(Later)I used a recorder in one of our homes.It shows voices giving commentary/threats while we were there.These voices were not audible to us,only by recording.DEWs caused her to have a nervous breakdown at 11.I wont share the rest,it only gets worse.I know /discovered the identities of several of our attackers.It took a long time using surveillance.Use your immagination on what i'd like to do to them.I've found where a couple of them live,they have familys.That makes me sick!!! Just remember and not loose your cool.They want you to do something you'll regret. A message to my attackers before I go:Remember that Kenneth is the one that will snitch the rest of you out.He may have alot of mussle,but very limited intelligence.MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!! Peace to all TIs. -(TI)Don

Comment by egyptarian on July 20, 2012 at 6:39am

Don. Hello. So sorry to hear what your daughter and you having to go through this!! Sick evil nazi's! Could you please give me directions on how you successfully recording these voices?? What type of recorder did you use? What time of the day or night is the best to record? Any specially circumstances needed to do these recordings? Please let me know because I have a 5 year old girl that I suspect me and her both have been abducted before but cant prove it yet...worried that it might or could continue...thank you don :) egy

Comment by Don Hill on July 21, 2012 at 7:41am

I use a Sony Microrecorder model #ICD-BX112. (With SHQ on,Also N-Cut) An amplified listening device called "Listen Up" is your best bet.I'm currently using a Radio Shack Stereo Amplified Listener Cat #3301096.The device was made for listening,but when you connect the MicroRecorder and Listener with a double 3.5 standard connector it becomes a very high powered microphone.The N-Cut on the recorder helps with raising the voice level.The equipment is cheap,the recording studio is not.The recorder works so well that back in 2008,I recorded thru a wall all the details of how the Attackers and a Federal Agent made a TI commit suicide.(Once again, Intelligence -lol)This can get confusing,but here it is:When recording from Skull your recording the sublimminal attacks.The voices your hearing are on a different frequency.Back when I had a life,I was an optician.But life situations have made me devote my time to sound.BTW the injection we're given was designed to give to patients who wake during surgery.(It's supposed to erase memory.)Is your daughter overly anxious,seems uncomfortable around home?If you think your under surveillance in your home,I can give info to fix that situation.-(TI)Don

Comment by egyptarian on July 21, 2012 at 12:45pm

Thank you Don, very much :) I copied and pasted your directions onto my Microsoft word for future reference...which will hopefully be soon. How does this equipment pick up a different frequency? I always want to know the why of I dont mean to be a pain the butt lol....I have heard how different things get picked up on recorders or video when normally we would not hear or see these this how you picked up the voices?  My daughter used to relay many different nightmares that she had...always abduction ones of her taken from her bed....sometimes me with her and sometimes they were after just me...she would say things like the good police saved you from the bad police last night...the bad police were trying to hurt you mommy but the good police came inside and scared the bad police away.  Things like that..course I have woken up with many, many unexplained bruises, two matching red circular marks on both arms, same place, same shape, same height....thinking it might have been one of those tassers used on me...just a guess.  I have had two terrifying dreams of getting a shot by these blonde haired guys that you could tell, that they so enjoyed my fear and took pleasure in terrorizing me.  I had woke up groggy "in my dream" from this shot and they were looking down laughing at me. One of them had a syringe ready to stick it in my arm but I got up, ran and hid...thats all I remember of this dream but since "I do not remember my dreams, hardly ever", this one I still remember in clear detail and it sure seemed real to me, not like a dream.  Speculation of course...but something is going on with us during the night, that I am positive of.  I would deff love to get any information on how to further detect surveillance devices, I 'll take you up on that but no rush,  when ever you get the time. Thanks! egy :) 

Comment by Don Hill on July 23, 2012 at 2:49am

The morning after the attack I woke up in my daughters bed ( 1 bedroom appartment,I slept on the couch) My first thought was "Why am I in Kaylas bed ?" My next thought was "Wow,was that just a really bad dream?" When I got out of bed I realized it was for real.They sevearly sprained my left foot while forcing their way in.I heared(my neighbors) Nicole tell Kenneth(her brother a DOC prison guard)"They got to him last night,it was awful."(Apartmnts,very thin walls-lol) I've realized most TIs have no clue of anyone involved.Having their identities makes it that much harder.I have to have extreme patients to not take care of this situation myself.  Nicole made a comment to Kenneth "What if he retalliates?" Kenneth replied he's gonna have me murdered. Last summer a couple of guys in a black Lexus SUV told me i'm as good as dead.(I made a police report) Well if they do,i'll be leaving their identities along with everything i've recorded.This is why I stress so hard to all TIs GET RECORDED PROOF! Ok, for the surveillance advice.If you dont want to move,you'll need to buy a good quallity Bug Finder/Camera Detector theirs some on (Dont buy the cheap one)If you are willing to move(or not),buy a Home Surveillance System with an iPhone app.(It will send you the intruders picture immediately)Another inexpensive way is to hang a cute birdhouse outside facing your home,inside it hide a Game Camera.This will also take a picture of your intruders.These cameras are sold anywhere hunting supplies is sold.If you really want to get even has a device to electrify your front door,Wal-Mart has a motion activated sprinkler called "The Scarecrow."...(lol)Wow,that was morbid.I'm seriously just joking.....even though it would work....I'll have to go into the frequency stuff later...gotta go.Stay strong.-(TI)Don

Comment by egyptarian on July 23, 2012 at 4:41am

 LOL...actually, I am the type of person that will actually buy the scare crow and the electrifier! and just might do that lol lol....I do own a bug says on the bottom front "RF signal detector"...I paid, around 150.00 for it.  It's got the sensitivity tuner on the right and the choice between A OR D....which I forgot what the A and D mean but I usually keep it on A for detecting.  Dont know if thats right or not.  I also bought an expensive microwave detects a wide range of different signals besides the microwaves but I find that the bug sweeper picks up the signals better that that device. Now I just got to work on this device you gave me instructions for...I cant wait to see what I may possibly hear! :)  Oh yes, I have had soooo many death threats to me that I have lost count....before I found out I was a victim, I had wondered why so many people wanted to kill was scary...geez...death threats via the phone and in person from strangers....when it first all started...I had made many police reports on the death threats and then the state police knocked on my door and said they had a warrant to "tap my phone" because they said...that they had been investigating this "group" for over 15 years! I was shocked! This was back in 1992.  So they came in with this machine that hooked up to my phone..a relay type of machine that went directly to their police station. So anyways, heres the real kicker....ready?  One state cop let a few pieces of information slip out of his mouth and they should have told me the "whole ordeal" since I was the one being one cop says to me...."We have been investigating this child kidnapping/sex slave ring for over 15 years now"!  They asked me to go undercover to help capture them and I agreed with it.  So we met at a restaurant and "they wired me"... under my shirt.  There was me and 5 plain clothes undercover cops positioned different places in the "mall" where the kidnappers were to meet me "to talk things over".....the kidnappers called me via the "information booth phone in the mall" ....a lady comes up to me and says are you so and so?? So I take the phone call and the guy on the end says, "Did you call the cops?"  I said no and they guy says, "we will see you again"...anyways ...a month later I decide to take a walk around the block on the street I lived was "dusk", not dark yet....they had been waiting, watching or listening as to when I would leave my home by myself because I did not get even a quarter of a block walking when this jeep comes barreling at me like it was going to come up on the side walk and run me over and the jeep did jump up on the curb and stopped short of hitting me..the 2 guys in the jeep started yelling at me, saying they were going to kill me (Never seen these guys in my life, ever)....they were screaming pure hatred, screaming things like "were going to take our knife and slit your xxxxxx" cut you open like a pig, was terrifying...I started to run to the nearest house that had lights on...and one of the guys jumps out of the jeep and starts running at me.....but i had a head start and made it to the house before he got me...I pounded on the ladies front door, while they guys moved and positioned their jeep right in front of her house....when she opened the door, she let me in and was on the phone already with the police....all the while these guys did not care if the lady heard them "still screaming at me" or the other neighbors or even the cops on the phone....all of which heard these guys "still ranting away at me from their jeep!!"  They stayed right there until 2 cop cars showed up!!  I watched is shock, a police chase take place...the 2 guys jumped their jeep right over a 10 foot high meridian that separated 2 roads and the cops followed them right over it!....I could hear the sirens and screeching for almost a half hour while other cops took down my i was just totally shocked with my jaw dropped the entire time! wondering just what the h__ had just gone down...when the reporting cops took me back home and i told my then husband who is now my ex because he got bought out against me in this deal....when the cop walked me into my living room....i told my husband then, what had happened and what these guys said and he, his name is Jon Sauve, he said "Good!! I wish they would have cut your xxxx up one way and the next and diced you up!" ex husband was "supposedly" laying down in the room sleeping at 8pm on a weekend night and "had not seen or heard the cop that was standing in the living room" which the cop heard all of what my ex said and then turned to me and asked me...mam, are you sure you are safe here?? I dont think you are safe here you want me to take you somewhere else right now? So, all of this and what my ex had said is in police this is just "some" of my slew of stories over the years...its like ive been forced into an action packed movie! Thanks for the info Don....God Bless! egy :)

Comment by Don Hill on July 26, 2012 at 3:09am

It's more like a Sci-fi/Horror movie.  I'm not sure working with the police is such a good idea.The Fusion Center is located in the State Police headquarters,so they would'nt have far to go to find the ones their looking for.I knew a guy named Alan that worked with them to stop the electronic harassment.I'll never co-operate.Heres the strangest part of my situation.Anthony Farmer was one of my attackers.He is from my ex-wifes neighborhood(in California).I'm from Arkansas.Anthony is also a TI,being manipulated to do their bidding.Their paid quite well when called upon.Tim Wadley was paid well for his part too.Gary Kennedy is continuing his part.While Kenneth and Nicole Wright continue their lives as normal.I'm not suppose to know any of this.This is how to use your own surveillance in your favor...Remember that they know if your setting out traps for them.Plus you have to keep your daughters safety in mind...Theirs this cool idea I had of modifying a mouse trap with a shotgun shell though.(lol) Our situation can easily cause us to have searalistic fantasies.By not knowing any of your attackers they want to turn you into someone like James Holmes..I don't condone sinceless acts of violence...Knowing where to apply vengence dos'nt make it any easier to do the right thing...Good luck on the device.Try to find the amplified listner "Listen Up" You'll be amazed with the outcome.-(TI)Don

Comment by Don Hill on July 26, 2012 at 4:16am

Just wanted to add,your completly right about the attacks at night.When your in the process of REM,this is when the psycological attacks are the greatest.By sleeping on the microphone you can record what they are saying to you while you sleep.If you ever say to yourself "Why am I thinking of this?"or"Why did I do/or want to do that."They manipulated you into it..They want to see how well they can controll you.This morning around 2:30 am(I work late)I was shopping.While picking out sandwich meat I recorded(but did'nt hear)"Get the chicken."..Remember i'm on camera with nobody around..I'd like to add,I bought the Ham,way less fat content...Sound can be layered,subliminal messaging is inserted and only heared in the mind.I know we are assaulted on four different levels.Audibly/Subliminaly/and low whisper,that is also on the subliminal level.We are also assaulted subliminaly with Direct Energy.It could be used audibly,but those attacks are normally subliminal.Anyone can be attacked,but those of us that are microchipped are far more affected.The CIA has done subliminal direct energy attacks on entire towns to see how far they can manipulate people.They also use this technology we have, but in the form of skull to skull...I have to ask a favor of the attackers..Hey,Attackers can I be linked to egyptarians frequency,so I dont have to type so much...Oh well, I guess their not listening...Egyptarian,if you decide to do recording in public,don't worry about looking nuts.Everyone assumes your on the phone.They pay no attention to the cord going into your pocket...Talk to ya later. -(TI)Don

Comment by Annie on July 26, 2012 at 8:21am

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Either we are under different kind of harassment or they have manage to make you believe this, but what they do to me is for sure not recordable in any way, what they do can ony be heard by us (victims) and is done to our brains. What we hear can only be heard in our heads and to record that you have to record whats going on inside our brains. The "voices" are presented as subliminal and "audioable" but they arent auodiable (its percepted and produced as to appear as audioabe by the victim, but its not an audiable "voice") and is, like I said not audiable for anyone else than the the targeted individual. I think its important to mention this, so that anyone exposed to this will not  be mislead. I also want to mention that the classical set up is to make the victim believe its some local, neighbor, friend, family or someone in town, its not. This is done by our own countries government,  by artificial intelligence, a programme that runs 24/7, collecting datas, a human being isnt even necessary for the procedure/Annie

Comment by egyptarian on July 26, 2012 at 1:27pm may be possible to "pick up" on voice to skull via recording...because there has been many documented instances to where different things have been picked up on voice recordings as well as video recordings that did not show up during the actual taping. This happens quite often with researchers who investigate "hauntings", as when they go to review their video or audio tapes they discover there are sightings of spirits and or ghostly voices on the tapes that they did not see while filming.  I do believe this is what Don was referring to....I am planing on trying it and I will let my results be known...:)


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