Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

it has been sometimes that i could not visit peace pink, since the place i work blocked the site, since then i have been posting alot of stuff on the facebook, just recently saw that my facebook account is also blocked, there are alot of things going on in afghanistan with this stuff, mass killing, robbery, torture, and so on, i wrote down before, people dont have access to the internet and they dont know what happens to them.

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Comment by Chanath on February 23, 2013 at 4:21pm

Do you know if there are a lot of victims of electronic harassment in Afghanitan?

Comment by Abdul Saboor on February 24, 2013 at 2:00pm

wow, knowing comes when you see an array or pattern of something continueously and repeatedly bearing onlyone sign!

you are lucky to have the known you are targeted, what if someone who doesnt know but being targeted repeatedly and suffer from the same circumstances you do? how do you know? and how do you proof something is the shit of this d**k sucking tech shiting in your brain?

it is like a mafia ring, where the victims are not only the victims but the medium or excuses to reach to the goals and objectives of a political bitch or bastard who voilates human being rights and takes you back to the erra where the powerful would take the weak and innocent as slaves and used them. it is just like that


if you don't know what principles are the human rights and what actions and elements voilates them you can simply undrestand the exploitation and horror that comes with it.

there are uncountable number, the rule of law is weak and there is a general lack of undrestanding about the advancement of the tech in the world that are used for political, ideological and racial purposes and there are actors behind it, afghanistan is now like a football playground for involved countries Secrete intellemge agencies and there are so many people who feel strong, becuase they hear someone, but don't undrestand that they are the victimes and being used! never know, because tey would not let to learn, unjdrestand and defend themselves. how would you know if you didnt know that you were a victim?


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"Yeah thats the thing....evidence is near impossible to get and even if you do, they can control the authorities you give it to. "
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