Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

There is nothing more important that you can do to lessen "some" of your torture than to keep your mouth SHUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Do NOT give feedback one way or another, no matter how much what they are doing hurts.  And, DON'T TALK TO YOUR PERPS for any reason!!!!!!!! 

When you interact in any way, or respond to a particularly painful tactic or device, you are giving your perps feedback.  This feedback is a perp's positive signal that the tactic/device being used is successfully causing you pain.  Since perps' main desire is to see you dead, WHY would you help them torture you to death by communicating with them?  You can not reason with them.  You can not convince them of the error of their ways.  You can not hope to significantly reach them on a human to human level.  They will not suddenly see your side, and come to understand that you are an innocent victim. 

For a perp to intentionally inflict pain and suffering on another human being (in many cases someone he does not even know), that perp is an evil entity.  There are good people, and there are bad/evil people who do not think, feel, or speak the same language as a good person.  A perp is just as likely to comprehend and revere the goodness of mankind as is a rock likely to sprout legs and walk away.  A perp is a BULLY, and they are incapable of compassion - otherwise, they wouldn't be a gang stalker.  A perp is egocentric, and has no soul.

All communication with your perps is shared, and dissected for useful information and any weakness which can be turned around and used against you.  If you have to cry, take a shower and cry your heart out.  But, do not let them hear you suffer, EVER!  Develop coping skills which mask your responses to the torture being inflicted upon you.

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Comment by Sandy Lomax on October 9, 2016 at 6:14pm

Bethany, I must agree with cat cat, what she says is sadly true.

The perps can see us at all times, and they can see through our eyes, and see people and the surroundings. So it`s not possible to hide or have any privacy. As cat cat points out, they also know what our emotional state is anyway, it`s on their computer. Having said that, I`m not sure what level of accuracy they have on emotions because I once heard one say "I don`t think she`s crying", when I had my hands covering my face - I wasn`t crying - so maybe it just shows high vs low emotional state? It would be great if anyone could comment on this point.

Again as cat cat says, they are not trying to kill us. In fact, Dr Robert Duncan said they are under strict instructions not to kill us. It`s an experiment in controlling our brains and bodies. Nobody seems to know why it`s gone on this long, one person suggested it`s to find out the long-term effects of the tech. It`s also obviously to test a range of ages/personalities/gender etc. I recall reading a blog where the blogger said they had not expected the level of resilience of the TI`s. Maybe they thought they would have crushed everyone by now, so they don`t know what to do?

Again. I don`t think keeping silent makes any difference, anyway it`s too difficult for me, sometimes I just yell. As cat cat says, they know anyway. When I have the presence of mind, I quote from Scripture, that`s what Jesus did when the devil tempted him.

Comment by Sandy Lomax on October 10, 2016 at 3:47am

cat cat, thanks for your answer.  

You said you were "told thru telemetry" - I don`t really know what that means, unless you mean telepathy -Synthetic Telepathy?- where you communicate by thought? I don`t get v2k either, I just hear their sounds or voices sometimes, one has a very deep voice that carries. Sorry that they said that about "special case" - do you think maybe that was just to try and scare you? Even if you feel they are pushing the limits, that could be scare tactics as well. I have had a number of scary things like racing heart, also people pushing me nearly into the road, or tech making me lose my balance to fall nearly under traffic.

I doubt they know much about health, if they`re like the ones here, their own health is a mystery to them! They just drink and are pretty much out of control.

"resilience" - we are lucky to have lots of strong, resourceful, educated TIs and other supporters around us - I have been amazed by some people including docs who have believed me, just believing what we say makes a huge difference.

Yes I agree about the internet as well, they never thought that would happen. The New World Order and transhumanism won`t work. I don`t think their plan is working, politics has gone crazy everywhere, people can see thru it, they can`t control everyone.


Comment by God's Grace on October 10, 2016 at 4:48pm

I think most perps are addicts of one type or another, or more than one at a time, hence the reason they seem to be out of control.

Comment by Sandy Lomax on October 10, 2016 at 5:54pm

cat cat, what happens a lot is that the targeting is less during the day and gets worse and worse as the evening goes on, more and more ridiculous, that`s why they seem drunk - just clicking everything wildly, my face, ears, eyes, nose, my phone making it beep, the fridge making a noise, the taps suddenly dripping. Then it goes on to burning my skin, for hours. What normal human being goes on like that?

Comment by Sandy Lomax on October 10, 2016 at 6:06pm

God`s Grace, yes, I would guess many of them are supporting their addictions.

By the way, off topic, but after I recommended Joseph Prince to you, I found that Sky TV had mixed up the titles of the Religion channels, and when I selected "Joseph Prince", it was some older man asking for donations!! It was awful. If you decide to watch Pastor Joseph, maybe try his website,

Comment by Bethany on October 13, 2016 at 5:54am

.....Reading what other TIs have to say helps to keep me going on the right track as I try to figure out the various aspects of my particular stalking.  For example, when my perps have a device/tactic, they use it over and over.  It’s almost like they only have one thing at a time to use.  Further, I have to believe that if they had access to devices or tactics which would cause more pain and suffering, they would happily use them - in fact, this is one of the reasons behind my initial blog entry re saying that it’s important not to give any feedback to them.  MY PERPS would NOT stop if I cried out - they would do the opposite.

.....I am not subject to some of the P&S devices and tactics that other TIs are.  I have some thoughts on that which might, OR MIGHT NOT, help other TIs.   They are something to keep in mind and try if deemed worthy or applicable in your situation.

.....Many DEW & other torture devices require a source of power.  This could be from covertly tapping into your house power, or other source of power outside your house, or from perps living in houses/apartments within 20 feet away from you on all sides.  

.....I live in rough terrain - I can not see any other houses.  My closest neighbor is roughly 1/4 mile away, and the next closest one is ~ 1/2 mile away.  I suspect this sparse setting makes it difficult to power and aim the weaponry - especially since I hunted down where perps had attached themselves to my accessible power sources, and disconnected them.  My P&S immediately decreased by more than 50%.  I still get attacked, but perps have to appear in person carrying hand held battery operated devices, and less juice means less pain.  They can no longer sit a safe distance away and remotely operate torture devices - they have to physically show up and take some risks.  This is not AI, this is feet on the ground perps.

.....If I move in the future, I will be sure to live somewhere remote.  I would heartily recommend that a group of TIs get together and buy ~100 acres and plant themselves smack dab in the center so they could control the electric power, and thereby the intensity of some of the torture/torment.

.....Although there are multiple other things I’ve done to protect myself to a degree, I would have to say that shutting down the perp’s access to power and living with other TIs or supportive people has prevented my situation from devolving into total imprisoned torture as most TIs experience.  

.....SOMEBODY has to stay home and be on guard at all times or you will never have a place to go where you will feel safe and free from planted electronic devices.  Consider joining together in small trusted groups and live in a rural setting away from easy to access power for perps to use to power their weaponry.

.....Right now, I’m working on ways to cause my internally planted chip(s) to malfunction.  I’ve degauss with limited success.  Anyone have anything to contribute re frying them w/controlled tesla coil/static discharge?


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