Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

For those who can not open my link Re. my letter to UN CAT ( part 1)



Dear UN Committee Against Torture:                                                           Page:1/3

CC: Amnesty International

CC: Human Rights Watch                                                                 


Key words: Torture, Non Lethal Weapons (Less-than-Lethal Weapons, Conducted Energy Weapons), A Pubic Inquiry, UN Committee Against Torture, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Canada


I, as a Canadian victim of torture with Non Lethal Weapons note that both UN Committee Against Torture and Amnesty International are working on this agenda as follows:

“List of issues to be considered in connection with the consideration of the sixth periodic report of Canada (CAT/C/CAN/6)” by UN Committee Against Torture

 “Briefing to UN Committee Against Torture, Canada”  by Amnesty International

I also note that Human Rights Watch delivered one open letter to Federal Party Leaders on Human Rights Priorities, dated May 9, 2011. It stated: “We would welcome the opportunity to provide you and members of Parliament with additional information on our work, and to engage in discussion about how we might work together in the future to protect and promote fundamental human rights, both within Canada and abroad.”


 According to the promises by the Government of Canada and international norms, by every possible means, I and other Canadian victims have asked some parliament members in charge and The House of Commons of Canada to help stop these atrocious acts of torture through a public inquiry. However, not only did they refuse my request and our tabled petition regardless of facts (the evidence we provided and previous torture cases), but their acts of torture have become more serious. The reason why they commit such crimes without considering any consequences and without restraint is that they believe that no one in the world can do something about them.

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"There are some bright parts. You are really very intelligent. Despite the torture 24/7 since 2004, you're still very intelligent. You are a tiger. You really are very strong despite this situation. It's not easy to survive after years of…"
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This is typical TI treatment......

I believe I had seizure Monday. Went to neurologist yesterday, he put 2 big needles in back of my head with lidocaine to stop the pressure. I was also bleeding from the ears and falling down right in front of him. My fogginess also showed and I took a friend who explained how my memory is slipping and I can't remember when I let the dog out, when I've eaten or where I'm at.. I used to have a steel trap memory one year ago and my neurologist knows that... The only thing he gave as reasoning for…See More
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