Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

For those who can not open my link Re. my letter to UN CAT ( part 1)



Dear UN Committee Against Torture:                                                           Page:1/3

CC: Amnesty International

CC: Human Rights Watch                                                                 


Key words: Torture, Non Lethal Weapons (Less-than-Lethal Weapons, Conducted Energy Weapons), A Pubic Inquiry, UN Committee Against Torture, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Canada


I, as a Canadian victim of torture with Non Lethal Weapons note that both UN Committee Against Torture and Amnesty International are working on this agenda as follows:

“List of issues to be considered in connection with the consideration of the sixth periodic report of Canada (CAT/C/CAN/6)” by UN Committee Against Torture

 “Briefing to UN Committee Against Torture, Canada”  by Amnesty International

I also note that Human Rights Watch delivered one open letter to Federal Party Leaders on Human Rights Priorities, dated May 9, 2011. It stated: “We would welcome the opportunity to provide you and members of Parliament with additional information on our work, and to engage in discussion about how we might work together in the future to protect and promote fundamental human rights, both within Canada and abroad.”


 According to the promises by the Government of Canada and international norms, by every possible means, I and other Canadian victims have asked some parliament members in charge and The House of Commons of Canada to help stop these atrocious acts of torture through a public inquiry. However, not only did they refuse my request and our tabled petition regardless of facts (the evidence we provided and previous torture cases), but their acts of torture have become more serious. The reason why they commit such crimes without considering any consequences and without restraint is that they believe that no one in the world can do something about them.

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国安部江派警察用电子武器杀人2014年12月10日下午,上海高级法院副院长邹碧华突发心脏病去世,年仅四十七岁。  最近看到一个新闻,某法院副院长心肌梗塞猝死,我上网搜索了一下,一看吓了一大跳,一大片都是各地法院的脑溢血心肌梗塞猝死,我知道这些人都是被电子武器做掉的。  法官手中的法锤象征公平正义,在外国法官是正义的象征,是体面的职业。江泽民后的中国,法官、法院院长集体嫖宿,最高法院副院长黄松有对未成年少女有偏好,上海初中生少女幼女团体卖淫案,服务对象:法官。内蒙古法官与公安联手将报案人呼格吉勒图定罪成杀人犯判死刑处死。在中国说起法官就让人联想到腐败,吃了原告吃被告,“官府衙门八字开,有理无钱莫进来”,法官成为最黑心的一批人。  国安部的电子武器,是一种可以远距离瞬间将人高温燃烧蒸发,杀人不留痕迹的武器,上海国安部负责监视的江派警察几乎个个都杀过人,只是杀人多少的区别,他们杀老百姓,是因为江派警察拥有电子武器却没有人监督,而且没有人敢监督他们,十几年前他们每个监视小组几乎每个月杀一个人,全国30万个小组一个月就是30万老百姓被杀,那时经常有人脑溢血心肌梗塞死亡被称作猝死,我受到上海江派秘…See More
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'Amen' For All Seasons

There's a clear parallel between the 1914 words of the Lady of Fatima (of 'fate') and the one conveyed on behalf of two extra-terrestrials who telepathically transmitted to sixty South African school children an image of the end of the world (fire inhibits breathing) and the point that (in 2004) "it's not too late":  exactly what Mary's message closed with.*As the solstice approaches, and religions around the world celebrate various festivities, a rather similar similarity presents itself.  The…See More
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