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Sunday, 25 October 2009
protect yourself from Freemasonic targeting
Freemasonry targeting takes many forms and results from many different causes such as:

- Your business is competing against that of a "Brother" (Freemasons like to refer to each other as brothers; I prefer to call them stooges)

- A crime may have been committed against you by a Freemason or someone with connections.

- You may have upset someone who is a Freemason or a twisted individual may just want to destroy you.

Each lodge will recruit Police officers at all levels, judges and magistrates, lawyers, bank managers, shop keepers, taxi firms, criminals. They will ensure that the network is such that they can control everything if the need arises to aid a Brother.

Their main tactics are:
- gather information about you from EVERYWHERE.
- Slander you to your friends, work colleagues, family
- People who you have never met talk to others about you or your affairs within your hearing range. (This will often be one of the first signs)

- Follow you every where. This is done using the large network of (I call them stooges) members who have all taken an oath to come to the aid of "Brothers" before anything else. You can identify this by driving at say 50MPH for while. Note all of the vehicles behind you and then slow down to a constant speed of 40MPH and see who slows down, do this gradually so they don't suspect you are trying to identify them.

- Be aware of all vehicles around you; a group of between 5 and 10 cars may be used. They will often be high end prestige vehicles, ALL very clean. When you become aware of this and begin to tell people, they will switch to smaller cars or hire vehicles.

- It is much easier to identify a tail on quieter roads. To catch them you can get a good friend to wait at a location only you and this person are aware of, drive there and get your friend to photograph or video them when you turn up.

- Indicate a turn at a junction, slow down enough for the tailing vehicle behind you to be right behind you and then cancel at the last minute and go straight on. (Be aware of road safety and only do this if it is safe to do so. Remember, they cannot hurt you by following you, don't cause an accident.)

- The level of Freemasonry corruption cannot be understated along with the resource available. These people are capable of targeting you 24 hours a day, seven days a week indefinitely. They will not get fed up.- People who you should be able to trust may very well be involved. Your doctor, lawyer, police, taxi drivers, your next door neighbour. Your family may not be directly recruited but will be given the impression that you are ill because you have told them that you are being followed.

-In the event that your business is affecting that of a Freemason (Many of them are business people of one kind or another) you will start to get poor advice from your accountant, your lawyer and your bank manager. You may very well have your credit facilities withdrawn in an attempt to shut your business down. Change accountant, change bank and change lawyer. Do not disclose your business matters to ANYONE.

-Some researchers have suggested that psychiatric training includes labeling people as paranoid if they claim they are being followed to aid freemasonry (lately an Organisation called common purpose has become closely linked to Freemasonry and can be considered as part of the same group).

- Depending on how twisted the individuals are who instigated the targeting (often it will be the result of someone (a Freemason or someone with a connection to a Freemason) who knows you) the next stage on the agenda will be to have you institutionalised for being mentally ill, have you incarcerated for crimes they have committed and set you up for of or simply kill you in a road accident, staged burglary gone wrong, mistaken identity shooting or something similar. These people will not normally use direct violence in public and will always seek to be able to justify their activity as something else if you attempt to expose them.

- These examples are the most extreme examples of Freemasonry targeting and you will more than likely be subject to a campaign to disrupt your life, lose you your job and make you destitute.

- As i said, as soon as you become aware of being targeted, do not assume that it will pass with time or that it will become less intense. Often the targeting will escalate. The very first thing you should do is to be able to verify what you are being subject to through another person, get someone who you can really trust to see what is happening.

- make copies of your log of what is happening (you need dates, names, places, venues, pictures or video) and distribute to everyone you can trust.

- In many countries there are groups who are aware of what is going on. it is very important that you try and contact these groups. They will understand what you are going through and be very pleased to help expose what is going on.

- the important thing is to expose what is going on to as many people as possible. There are allot of people out there who have been victims of Freemasonry/Common Purpose. Most of these people want to do something and are pulling in different directions. The best way to combat this type of targeting is to build a support network.

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Comment by Ron. Price on October 27, 2009 at 9:27am
you are correct in a lot of ways,


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