Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

On this day 4/30/18. As I sit with no privacy crying, anguish heartaches deep pain that you all can understand. They say we are all meant to depart this earth. Is it true? is it  there GODs why telling us that who we was no longer exist! We were design as (robotic slavery) for human experimenting, allowing others also children to recruit terrorize and we all became there targets .Survival they all say!! When people have so much hatred in there hearts, the unthinkable happens .(become invisible) . Having a hard time writing this. I use to enjoy writing. history and language arts are my favorite (smile).I have two children that I wonder everyday why? we must go.why,i have to depart from my children that I nurtured. I lost so much time from them that they are subject to this torturing. A mother always fight for there first loves!  Who have the right to tell anyone that, What man says goes!! Who have the right to make you into any artificial characters to have a good laugh. The Jokers are never to be trusted. The children I gave birth to is being torn away from me every second, every minute, every hour for 5 1/2 years By these sick mindless cults. I gave light to them ! I will never give up on them! The Jokers come a thousand folds to assassin us just because of who we really are! Do we have to play there sick games to keep them away ,so no other civilian what be imprison by them all? I have a question for all targets ,are you numb what they are doing to U are your family? Did your family come against you with lies ,raped you repeatly with others for money and control? They took everything from us, my soul is died!!! I have burnt feets,my children and mother systoms are several .Don't know what the next day bring but hopeful!!!!

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Comment by pathfinder on May 1, 2018 at 5:27pm

I understand your soulpain, im sorry, in my case i am now alone they have killed all my family, my sister and brother in in circumstances that the doctors give no response, naturally is what they say.


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