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Gang Stalking: to all victims pt 2 and the goal of the real perps.

Gang Stalking: to all victims pt 2 and the goal of the real perps.

In light of many comments; I realize that some clarification and re-phrasing of my earlier post is warranted to clear up some of what I said. Instead of stating that Gang Stalking do not exist; I will say that it did exist in the past and does still exist in some form or other to this very day.  Also, although I stand firm in my view that the majority of the TIs that exist all over the world are not being targeted by our own governments; I am aware that our governments did in the past and strongly believe that they are still engaged in experiments and/or operations which utilize the technologies to manipulate and harass unsuspecting targets.

But I believe that the overwhelming majority of the TIs in the world are not being targeted by our governments because their current in-your face way of operating is not what a secretive human governments will do. It just do not make sense.

As for the Gang Stalking: As I restated, it does probably exist is certain forms but overwhelming majority of the people who think they are victims of GS are tricked into believing it for reasons I posted earlier. The GS victims who are really stalked by groups of people who are conscious that they are stalking someone are very unlikely. If you are such a problem to them that it warrant spending enormous amounts of resources to stalk you day and night with groups of conscious people; it will be more cost effective to kill you. I know what I am saying now will be very unpopular from those who are currently absolutely convinced that they are being Gang Stalked by people who are on government payroll…….As I told you before; I understand because I too was at one time willing to swear to God, and my father’s grave that there were people who knew that they are stalking someone was stalking me. But I was finally able to overcome that strong delusion created by a technology light years (according to my research; at least 12,000 years) ahead of what is capable with technology of today. This doesn’t mean that you are not stalked at all. Most TIs are at one point or another stalked by using other people around the victim to commit negative actions and behaviors directed towards the targets. As for the items that you are sure have disappeared or stolen is most likely you who put it or moved it somewhere but the very advance tech of the perps are capable of causing amnesia of little details…….As for those who claim that their house was really burglarized; you have to understand that there is burglars in the world who are not part of the stalking gang. But yes, it is still a type of stalking because when a burglar was in your neighborhood, the perps likely moved their feelings to choose your place. At work, all of your co-workers will seem to conspire against you to make your life miserable…..this is also due to the influence of the perps….What will make it worst is when you constantly interpret all negative things as being done by the stalkers….the perps that interface with you are a form of very advanced Artificial Intelligence. No matter how advanced it is; it operates on a program it is programmed to execute. It is programmed to harass you. But if you do not give it feed back indicating that whatever it is doing is not really harassing you by purposely not noticing any stalking or different behaviors of those the perps are influencing around you; eventually it will stop doing things because it will determine that whatever it is doing is not working. It makes this determination based on your reactions.

The best way to wake up from the delusion of GS or if you prefer; stop the GS is to purposely not notice anything and not caring about it. I used to call it the philosophy of “F it”. When you feel the strong sense that you are being stalked; Just say “F it” to yourself. If you do this enough; the stalking you are experiencing will stop. I guarantee it.

Also, If you want to get away from the never ending loop conversation with the voices; you must learn to forgive yourself, and all others who you feel that has done you wrong. If you don’t, you will be caught up in the never ending loop of blame, feeling bad, repeating in cycles. If there are certain things you did that was less than good in the past; no matter how minute and irrelevant it seems; just truthfully admit it was no good and you will try to never do bad things again…….these are some techniques that helped me to quiet the never ending chatter and manipulation of feelings……….

As for some of you who believe that all these EMCHM activity is to create a one world totalitarian government; I am certain that will never happen because that will be contrary to the environment favored not only by the real perps but because it is contrary to the environment that the super rich elites of the world wants. The real perps want to divide and cause conflicts, the super rich elite wants occasional wars to fatten their bank accounts……no matter how totalitarian the one world government will be; that environment is not conducive to cause conflict among men and nations. This is not what the real lords of this world are aiming for…..without multiple nations, the possibility of wars and conflict will be eliminated. Therefore; the One world order conspiracy is just that; its just a unrealistic conspiracy….this could only happen when the true enemy of humanity is neutralized.

The perps Goal

 I believe the key word here is “unsuspecting” targets. As I mentioned before, the whole objective of these technologies is to influence people’s behavior, thoughts, and attitudes without letting their targets become aware that something is trying to control them. When you think about this basic reasoning behind the development of such machines; the effect it is having on most of the targeted individuals who are aware that their harassment is being done by utilizing technological mind machines that are not well known by the general public just do not make any sense.

The in-your face type of harassment experienced by the TIs of the world is the very reason why the TIs become absolutely positive that they are the victims of perpetrators who are utilizing high tech mind machines. It seems to me when, 25 years ago, when I first heard the voice to skull and was utterly startled; even during a time when it was not too easy to access information due to the fact that it was a time when internet was in its infancy; somehow I almost instantly knew that whatever is being done to me was caused by some type of a technological machine. Amazingly I knew that these manipulations of the feelings, voices in my head, visual hallucinations, the feelings that all the TV programs was talking to me or talking about me etc was all being forced on me via high tech machines, I really do not know how I knew this because before I heard the first Voices; I was not interested in nor did I even hear or read about anything relating to technological mind control. When I eventually was able to obtain various information attesting to the fact that such machines are not only possible but in existence already; all it did was to confirm what I somehow already knew.

I’d like to invite you to write comments about how long it took to figure out what was harassing you. Were you able to instantly figure out what it was or did it take some hard digging and research to figure out that the voices and various strange things that was happening to you was harassing were high tech machines?

I am asking this because there is a point I want to make. Although it took me awhile to figure this out but I finally realized that perhaps that instant “knowing” was inputted into my mind by the perps. It seemed that the perps wanted me to know that they are utilizing technology to do what they are doing to me. Also, it seemed like I was purposely led to see all the information about the fact that such high tech mind control devices are in the world.

Now one must wonder why do the perps who are utilizing such devices want to let its targets know what they are using? This seems totally counter- productive to the objectives of a secret covert government program. Let just say for the argument that maybe I was one of the earlier governments perfected Electromagnetic Mind Control/Harassment Machine (EMCHM)’s target; If I was one of the earlier targets when they were testing to develop a software (methods of operation); and I and others like me was able to figure out that they are being targeted by high tech machines, would they have continued to operate in a manner it is so easy to identify their methods as well as correctly (if it is really correct) identify that they are a secret government organization? I highly doubt that the secret government organizations will be so stupid and incompetent that they will continue to operate in a way to blow their classified equipment and cover for more than 25 years. Why would they continue to grow the number of people around the whole world whose greatest goal will be to expose the fact that such devices and organizations does exist? As far as the secret parts of the governments that are experimenting and operating these types of technologies; their biggest concern will be to keep the general public from becoming aware of their possible existence.

The very fact that there is a ever growing large number of TIs all over the world who for the most part are very certain or at the very least very suspicious of their own governments indicates that the real identity of the perps members of the known human civilization on the surface of the world. There is a very strong indication that the perps wants the TIs to believe that their attackers are the governments. They want the TIs to get angry at the governments. The perps wants to create a large number of TIs who believe their main perp to be our human governments, the real perps who are operating globally know that eventually the TIs will expose our governments dabbling in EMCHM technology. The real perps know that when our government’s involvement in this technology becomes exposed; it will almost certainly cause uprisings and lead to the collapse of our governments. The real perps will certainly help to amplify and inflame the minds and hearts of the public into taking up arms to topple the governments of the world when the majority of the people finds out that our governments was dabbling with such machines. This incredibly cunning perps know that because it is true that the government(s) of the world really does dabble in such technologies, Once this technology is confirmed by the majority of the public, it will not matter the extent of our governments use of these technologies. The only thing that matter will be the fact that the governments possess such a secret technology. As matter of fact, it will not even matter too much whether the governments only targeted a handful of people to conduct experiments; if such things become known by the public, it will start a armed revolution to over throw and destroy such technologies. This is what the perps are aiming at. They are using the very fact that such technology is in the government hands.

Right now, there is a small uproar in the world because of the various leaks that was released to the public by Snowden which seem to infringe on the public’s privacy. Just imagine the reaction of the public when what is happening to us is known by the rest of society and they too become certain that all the EMCHM attacts and influence were done by our government? That will be the last day of our civilization.         

The real perps are very confident that the world will never even consider their existence because they are comfortably hidden beyond the realm of believability. Their realm only exist in the myths, legends, and in science fictions. The perps are certain that they will never be found out because they’ve been causing mankind to self destruct for thousands of years. I just hope that this generation of humanity will be the one to finally stop the ancient serpent that has been deceiving humanity for countless generations.  

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Comment by Sally on January 20, 2014 at 6:51pm

I guess something that has puzzled me is why would the government be collecting data on our phone/email calls (Snowdens leaks) when they can read our very minds???

Comment by Michael Graham on January 21, 2014 at 2:43am

I agree, the technology used by our secret gov are much much inferior and like I said, its done on a much smaller scale then what is being done globally by the real perps.

Comment by Janine on January 21, 2014 at 2:51am

But whats the sense of reading our minds? It doesnt matters what you think, the only important thing is what you do. And whats the real sense of doing MindControl shit, like they do with us. They arent in the need to test this shit anymore, they know exactly how it works. So whats the sense of developing an billion dollar expensive Technology if its used like crap? Are they stupid or whats happened?

And the funny thing is, this guys are getting a lot of money to use this billion dollar technology like crap... rolling eyes.

Comment by Janine on January 21, 2014 at 2:52am

Instead of preventing real crime and terrorism.

Comment by Tim Andersen on January 21, 2014 at 3:26am

I think that we will see a change in the near future and whit the knowledge we and a lot of others have around the world about mind-control torture ETC... and that a lot of people are aware of it..high and low...and the Perps...are aware that a lot around the world nows how they inflect. and what the use too do it.. will bring this torture/harassment ETC.. too an end...i think thats the way the world will move..for a better world...  please comment on this if you think im "wrong"...

Peace on EARTH.

Comment by Sally on January 21, 2014 at 5:06am

Snowdens leaks were news to me. It probably is a psyop but I dont believe the public knew about it already.


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