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Gangstalking Flyer for 'Victim of Torture 2' Posted 2/4/10


The perpetrators are doing much more than follow the targeted victim around. And, it’s a criminal offense. It is carried out by Community Watch Groups with American Nazi Party participation.

Gang stalking (also called "group stalking," "terrorist stalking," "vigilante stalking," "organized stalking," "cause stalking," "community-based harassment," and "mobbing" [at the workplace]) is a total-assault paradigm, a parallel "justice system." It is psychological warfare using STASI/KGB tactics to isolate and marginalize the target. The GS paradigm includes (but is not limited to):


· verbal threats.

· pets are killed.

· physical assault.

· derogatory name calling.

· law enforcement, fire fighter participation.

· stalkers are told they are doing a community service.

· residences are vandalized with no sign of forced entry.

· the stalkers commit crimes and blame them on the target.

· targets are harassed while driving, and vehicles are sabotaged.

· civic organizations recruited in sync w/citizen informant groups.

· home and car wiretapping, computer hacking, and hidden video surveillance.

· the stalkers use lies, money, and intimidation to get non group members to participate.

· a large group of stalkers each of whom does a portion of the stalking (spying) – attacks.

· black and white patrol cars, fire dept. vehicles, FedEx trucks show up everywhere the target goes.

· "noise campaign": very frequent sounds (sirens, car alarms, beeping sounds, loud engine accelerations,

loud booming sounds [from vehicles], etc) which follow the target everywhere.

· persistence: the stalkers follow the target as he/she moves to other cities or states.

· goals: Identify, Vilify, Nullify, and Destroy the target: from "Cause Stalking" by David Lawson

· many of the attacks are synchronized to happen precisely as the target does something, e.g. leaves his/her residence.

· 24 hour surveillance, every day. Among other things, the stalkers, working in shifts, sit in their vehicles parked around the target's residence.

· disinformation: stalkers will present themselves as gang-stalking victims and make bizarre claims to discredit real victims and mislead the public.

· Financial lynching by way of sabotage of private property such as electronics, clothing, constant car vandalism, bank overcharges, hidden fees, recurring charges and even expropriation of large sums of money where access is gained to target’s financial institution.

· "slander campaign": The foundation of gang stalking. The stalkers go to everyone the target interacts with (family members, coworkers, neighbors, cafés, shop keepers) and spread lies that the target is a bum, or some type of criminal who needs surveillance. This is an effective tactic because most people can't even imagine that a stranger would lie to them.

· the stalkers present themselves as members of a "civic organization" which works with law enforcement and monitors terrorists or other criminals. The stalkers may use fake badges or fake "official files" to convince people that the target is a criminal.

· the stalkers target people they see as not conforming to their world view; i.e., members of "left-wing" (e.g. peace, civil rights, environmental) organizations, whistleblowers, journalists, dissidents, former government and military employees – many of whom ticked off someone with connections to someone in a position of authority within the Government Complex that this ruthless criminal system is networked into and who have the resources to “get even.” There is a powerful, influential group of so-called power elites who want to change everything you believe in and stand for. Targets of opportunity are the disabled, elderly, young girls, single women and men. Harassing young girls and single women is sport for these criminals and as citizens you should be outraged that it is going on in your community.

A virulent form of domestic terrorism is destroying the lives of innocent citizens across America. Law enforcement agencies are involved to varying degrees with statistics showing more often than not they will see to it that the target is labeled “mentally ill” to deflect the truth of what is really going on.


RESOURCES: Terrorist Stalking in America (2001) by David Lawson; Cause Stalking (2007) by David Lawson P.I., the BEST single source of information on GS.;

Protectors of Privilege by Frank Donner;

Web Site ; My Life Changed Forever: The Years I Have Lost as a Target of Organized Stalking, by Elizabeth Sullivan, @`


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Comment by Carmen L on February 8, 2010 at 5:41am
Thanks, that is good info, It seems plausible.

I must say that I met once an organized stalking group and the "leader", a middle aged man, disguised himself as a police officer (but the clothes didn't really fit somehow, that was my first impression) and actually spoke to me telling me that I had to go out of the toilet (i had been in the toilet too long) for "my security" and made a whole show, including, involving everyone, even people at the mall.

That is one of the reasons a TI might feel that he or she is special or important. All this attention.

When they ended this show, I simply told them: "It was the worst show ever" and the disguised police officer saluted me also the last time I saw him at the train station where he played police officer, dressed in a police officer suit, meaning I won't see them again. I simply did under the whole show, that included looking at me in certain ways, sad face if I said something terrible, happy face when I dispiesed them, interrogating me, where I was going and stuff, follow me with their cars making strange gestions, etc.

The group constituted of:
1. The disguissed police officer
2. A young taxi driver
3. Four black people, two men, one lady and a new born child.
4. Two or three older men.
5. A few young people, both male and female but this was , I think recruted "on the side", not actually part of the "team" itself, or I dont know, because they didn't participate in the same way.
6. One older woman...
7. A younger man who's role was simply to sleep on a bench and who exchange a few words with me.

This was the only organized team I clearly knew was a gang stalking team. Besides I recognized their faces from the day before, seing them over and over again in town, especially the younger person's faces.

This happened in Reus, Spain, where I only stayed like two days, before I went to Barcelona.

The strangest thing about them is that they think they are smart, you can't believe how proud they were. Sick!!! I could not believe my eyes!
Comment by Lynn Clarise Bahrenburg on February 9, 2010 at 12:17am
Yes, okay, I believe you are 100% right about what you say and thank you very much for bringing it to my attention so that I can quickly correct it -this is not about any political party. I come from a long line of republicans and most of the people I know are right wing as was I before this happened to me. Actually, I had a good deal of trouble putting 'right wing extremist groups' down on paper and should have followed my instincts as I typically do -instead of listening to some others who I intuitively sensed were not too much on the ball anyhow. Thanks.
Comment by Carmen L on February 9, 2010 at 4:40pm
I believe that it is the police and the military, Who has the power to tell a doctor a lawyer to ignore charges but also to ignore them? The police and/or the secret police and/or the military. These weapons are used in the military and developed in the military, and they accompany group stalking just to make ppl believe that the reaction of the reaction is the result of the stalking, that can not be proved, and not the effect of their weapons. It is also possible that ppl think that group stalking is legal but they have no idea about these weapons.
Comment by Lynn Clarise Bahrenburg on February 12, 2010 at 7:30am
i think only very few people know about the weapons and that includes the police, fbi and city hall... what's even more discouraging is that when I try to tell family members it's always "why you" and i don't even think people are interested in knowing quite frankly. I'm sure sick of writing letters and getting no response whatsoever - it's downright discouraging. i'm glad you corrected that error on my flyer - your feedback made perfect sense - sometimes i can tell that i'm not thinking clearly - i'll write something and then go back the following day and look it over, and i can't believe i actually wrote something that made no sense the even to me. I can't blame EVERYTHING on the technology but certainly the lack of sleep and constant barrage of subliminal messaging is having an impact... they don't ease up, and i'm so very tired - it's good that you give yourself a break from thinking about all this - up until very recently when they upped the silent sound i was in pretty good shape... they seem to be going in for a kill so i need to go to the gym again and also pay attention to my thoughts and incorporating prayer and a closer attachment to God which i have never done before.... and, i need to counter their isolation campaign, intercepting emails and the like.
Comment by Carmen L on February 12, 2010 at 12:28pm
Yeah - happens to me as well. You can feel how they - erase - what you want to write in the next step, and its like they even try to replace it with something else.
Comment by Lynn Clarise Bahrenburg on February 13, 2010 at 12:01am
I'm special - so special - I'm gonna tell all the world about it... a stupid song with a melody is playing in my head after reading Alexandra's and Yeah Right's comments - I'm wondering if the two of you have more information than you did before your targeting - like say use what I just said as an example - a tune i never would have paid attention to you suddenly i know the words to it. this has happened several times. usually it pertains to more important things, and I'll have answers to things I shouldn't necessarily know.
They behavioral modification on me when found out i had a fear of heights, it was corrected. They also used some of John Norseen's biofusion on me.
Comment by Carmen L on February 13, 2010 at 12:57am
Yeah - synthetic telepathy. Once when I was in school, the teacher would ask (sociology class) - where the power is in society (he was a lot into Michele Foucault) and pressed us really. "Does a single person have it? Where is power?" First, I said "According to me, yes!". He looked a little perplexed as I was targeted but I didn't know exactly how, I just sensed something was wrong. He asked again, dissapointed that nobody knew or could figure it out. And suddenly it was evident to me that power lied in the "rules" or "the system of rules" and told him so, but it didn't make sense to me so I looked like "ok, i will tell you what you want to hear, but i don't believe it". Some month later I found out that I was correct, it showed up to be a part of our litterature but later. I often laughed and asked myself: How could I know and be so sure of it????

Another time, the same teacher, gave us books and to quickly decide by looking through the book if the book was of any worth. I had a difficult time to concentrate. But the title was something like: "Sovjet spying" or "Spying on the Sovjet union". They asked us what we thought and I was scared: I thought I would make a fool of myself. I was first to answer and he asked about the book and I said: "Maybe this spying stuff is somehow interesting and fascinating but this book actually is about - myth creations with the help of this spies" The teacher started to smile and I guess that he thought that I had realized something - that I was targeted. (They knew about it, one of the teachers started the "stalking" actually just one week before it started for real. I was out with a friend and she showed up suddenly - they want you to know that they support it for some reason). So I was right about the content of the book - that also involved Michele Foucault's thinking - that reality is created throgh discourses.

And, from time to time, I would think about something and someone else will say exactly the same thing (especially here in this group) and some times, I would hear what i've just talked about on TV, sometimes with the exact same words.

So yeah! It happens!

Another time
Comment by Carmen L on February 14, 2010 at 4:30am
Today i bought shoes, nike... so I have something to walk confortable in. I always wear a recorder with me, because it makes my life a little easier. As soon as it is not on, they will start their stupid show - street theater. I am also trying to save all receats because it has happened that things just brake or something. The vendor was nice, and I asked first for size 41, it was too big, he came back with one shoe I tried it on, and it fitted. I bought them, and I thought, oh ok, I now have good shoes. I tried them on later when I was still out and I realized only 2 hours later that the shoes were too big - I can't exchange them now again, because they are already dirty!!!!b So the ---- what should i call him -- just use your imagination - sold me the bigger size anyway!!!!!!!
That is a lesson - Never buy shoes that you haven't tried them on directly from the box that you have in front of you!!!
Comment by Lynn Clarise Bahrenburg on February 16, 2010 at 2:05am
Hi Alexandra, I've been rather in my own world and not reading other people's comments which I can see is rather a mistake, especially in your case - When they are targeting me with weapons and subliminal messaging which they like to do to try to cause me to feel bad about myself which is not my style at all and that is likely why they use this ploy against me... when it is happening it is hard to climb out from under the barrage of negativity that they try to surround us with. Today I feel like a new woman or rather more like myself. They've taken a temporary break but am sure are just around the corner. It's always nice to hear from you. Do you think I should post my Blogs only on Facebook? I've just been introduced to Peace Pink and from a quick peak at a few other peoples comment, I'm not sure if my documentation of what is going on is appropriate here... I think rather perhaps not?
Comment by Lynn Clarise Bahrenburg on February 16, 2010 at 3:00am
Every time I buy something they destroy it - they want to keep me poor & looking like a vagrant. Bought a pair of clogs (they're not cheap) and immediately they used a laser to melt a circular area on both of them as if marking them the way an animal would. When I wear them each time I leave my apt. they will scrape or scratch different areas to cause them to be a mess. I have two pairs of clogs now with the EXACT SAME 'identifying' marks on them and when I get in court it may not sound like much but two pairs of clogs do not get damaged exactly the same way. I have a brand new beautiful black leather carrying case for papers & documentation that I take everywhere I go and they have not only targeted it with streaks of a white paint-like substance every single day and also use a laser weapon on it to cause the leather to curl in places and look ragged... the markings all over this case are not usual and are identical to a second on that i can no longer use but am saving as well for evidence. But, I need to work at getting more concrete evidence. YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT THEY DID LAST FRIDAY - I went to a 2nd hand store that I love rummaging through... it's like being in somebody's attic or basement and I ALWAYS find great stuff. Well, I came across an old saucepan w/lid in mint condition and put it aside to purchase when I left. I put it down w/my small pile of things and came back to find (2) small dents on the lid. As I was holding it in my hands in front of my eyes at the same time they were using a laser(?) to form another dent right on the top and this time a large dent... I shouldn't say that I cannot believe it because they do the exact thing to me all the time - I document IT ALL to show a pattern of behavior and I have a long memory. I hope other people are keeping a running diary because we are going to need it along with evidence that we are able to collect.


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