Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Genocide - The Poppy Wars for The American Drug Culture created these Evils

I saw this from another and felt it was my Christ like duty and global citzen to share. I have no idea how these children are to be of a functional human body.

To be born in a world so EVIL.. How the hell can Men be so fvcking EVIL. I have learned to NOT be compassionate to EVIL-- I fight them and reserve my gifts for those who need my prays and prays are not enough-

It takes action-- Faith without works serves no purpose... It is like the fat lady that drinks diet soda and eats candy.. get the point GOOD

I do not have a weak stomach so for those that due be careful-- These are babies brutally mangled by war crimes
One point in my life I was a surgical assistant.

Peace and love
Ms Jenny

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