Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Global protest on Dec 10 (Human Rights Day) for discussion

Dear all,
Global protest on Dec 10 (Human Rights Day) (some locations are possible on 12 Dec, Saturday) are under discussion.
Please share your opinions by adding a comment.
If you want to be an organizer of your local protest location, (Please apply protest permition from local authorities), please just comment to this post.

If you want to see contacts and press release of "global protest on 14 Oct", Please go to:
Reports of Global protest on 14 Oct:
Photos of previous protests:

Press Release in 10 languages:

List of protest locations:

Worldwide protest location: China
(No street protest. Only Internet emails and websites promotion)
Contact Person: Soleilmavis
Online petition:
Congress Alert:
Press release in many languages

Worldwide Protest Location: Washington D.C.

in front of the White House
Date: 10 Dec 2009
Contact Person: Marc Burnell
Email: (burnellmarc(a)
Tel: 202 528 2752

Worldwide Protest Location: San Francisco, California
on the Steps of City Hall on Polk Street Between Grove and McAllister Streets
Date: 10 Dec 2009
Contact Person: Christine Harris;
Email: (mesha), (SF2010mm(a),,
(christinelynnharris(a), christinelynnharris(a), cococobella(a)
Tel: 415-235-6466 c; 415-595-8251 (Trilingual Spanish/French/English)

Worldwide Protest Location: Los Angeles, California
Date: 10 Dec 2009
Contact Person: Keith
Email: (mgb.young(a)
Contact Person: Wanda D
lloydjameson(a), wanda(a)

Worldwide Protest Location: Philladelphia Report
Date: 10 Dec 2009
Contact Person: T. Josephine
Email: (xposperps(a)

Worldwide Protest Location: Houston Texas
150 campbell, pasaden texas, 77502
Date: 12 Dec 2009
Contact Person: Ron Price
Email: (ibenscamed2(a)
Tel: 713-473-0233 832-289-6378

Worldwide Protest Location: Cincinnati, Ohio USA
meeting only
Location: Main Library, 800 Vine Street
Time: 10:30 am
Contact: Derrick Robinson -
Tel: 513-344-4113

Worldwide Protest Location: Nanaimo BC Canada
city of BC (British Columbia).
Date: 10 Dec 2009
Contact Person:
Debbie Newhook at: (dbnewhook(a)
Stop Organized Stalking, Nanaimo

Worldwide Protest Location: Toronto, ON Canada.
In front of the Legislative Building
Date: 10 Dec 2009
Contact person: Galina Kurdina
Email: (helenkurdin(a)

Worldwide Protest Location: United Kingdom

Trafalgar Square, or in front of No.10 Downing Street, London
Date: 10 Dec 2009
Contact Person: Winston Smith (Darrim Daoud, passed away on 17 Nov 2009)
Paolo Fiori Email: (paolo_bf(a)
More story about Darrim Daoud

Worldwide Protest Location: Poland
(Probably no street protest. Only Internet emails. Maybe also websites promotion)
Date: 10 Dec 2009
Contact Person: Andre Landberg
Email: (andrelandberg(a)

Worldwide Protest Location: GERMANY
(Probably no street protest. Only Internet emails. Maybe also websites promotion)
Date: 10 Dec 2009
Contact Person: Swetlana Schunins
Email: (s-schunin(a)
Association Against the Abuse of Psychophysical Weapons

Worldwide Protest Location: INDIA
(No street protest. Only Internet emails)
Date: 10 Dec 2009
Contact: Vijay Karthic
Email: (vijayk_dsp(a)

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Comment by SheriGrutz on October 25, 2009 at 11:50pm
This would be fabulous to have another Global Protest and I would like to drive to the closest location to me. Thank you for spreading the word.
Comment by George L Gagner` III on November 7, 2009 at 11:52pm
is nice to know that alot of people still do care about liberty and are doing something about it,
Keep up the good work.
Comment by Soleilmavis on November 9, 2009 at 7:08am
Thanks Andy
Comment by SheriGrutz on November 18, 2009 at 5:33am
can we get the list of email contacts to send out on this global protest day...I'm so severely attacked, I'm afraid to drive anywhere, and might be able to leave my house; anyone, please post a legitimate list of contacts I can email on this day, and maybe even a standard letter like they use for the petitions. thanks.
Comment by Soleilmavis on November 18, 2009 at 8:19am
Here are some email addresses and address for Mass Petitions
Comment by Soleilmavis on November 21, 2009 at 6:43am
Mr. Ron Price is looking for victims in Houston Texas, USA to organize the protest, please leave a comment.
Comment by Mindcon on November 29, 2009 at 8:28pm
Dear Sir, Madam,
Cheryl Welsh, Mind Justice: The Militarization of Neuroscience, By Hugh Gusterson, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (Online), 10 April 2007
Cheryl Welsh, New cable TV program on the mind control issue, U.S. secrecy methods for mind control weapons have fooled almost everyone,, August 11, 2009,
That's Impossible, Episode: Mind Control,,
Christians Against Mental Slavery:
SATELLITE BIO-Electronic/Psychotronic BRAINMind/Body Control/ANNIHILATION Weapons:
Resources / Other Sites :
Eleanor White, Credibility Reviews: Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment,, November 21, 2008,
International Movement for the Ban of Manipulation of Human Nervous System by Technical Means
Judy Malloy, ‘Systems of Surveillance’,
Timeline: Electromagnetic Weapons
by Judy Wall, Editor, Resonance Newsletter
Yours sincerely.
Comment by Soleilmavis on December 5, 2009 at 2:51pm
Redstone Building, Suite #209
2940 16th Street, (corner of Capp St).,
SF CA 94103
half a block from 16th St. BART Station
* Wheelchair Accessible *

SF TIs &Allies Forum &Inquiries:

email: (office) (personal inquiries)

Bilingual Spanish Hotline
(415) 595-8251

SF, 12-3-09

Dear California Tis & Allies (42)
(emailed in blind copy to protect your safety & Confidentiality)

Please excuse eventual duplicates.

On International Humnan Rights Day, global Rallies and Candlelight Vigils honoring the lives of Loved TIs and mourning their death will happen around the globe, on DECEMBER 10, 2009.

If you come to our San Francisco event, please let us know
by calling 415-595-8251 or email
Our office is small, but if you come the night before and cannot afford lodging, and do not mind sleeping on a rug, you are welcome! There is a microwave, a fridge, a sink, a computer with DSL, an electr5ic heater, a DVD Player, bathroom on same floor.
You would have to be in before 7 pm, the building is securely closed at night, and opens at 8 am !

Our Peaceful TIs & Allies Rally will happen at 11 am until 2 pm,
in front of San Francisco City Hall, on Polk Street
between Grove and McAllister Street,
please bring signs and pictures if you have them already.
SF City Hall is one block away from Civic Center Bart Station.
If you drive to SF and have a disabled plaque, do not forget to bring it for free parking !
During the Rally, a clipboard will be circulating to give an opportunity for TIs and Allies in California to remain in touch with each other for added support and resources.
We do not share these contacts with any other organizations.

at 2:30 pm, we move to SF T.E.C. office
(address on top of this message)
one BART station away, 16th Street BART Station,
for free lunch and refreshment,
followed by our Victory Over Violence/Healing Circle Support group,
then an ad hoc meeting to prepare for our next San Francisco event in January 2010, Stalking Awareness month.
Anyone too tired or feeling ill is not required to participate, and can just use this time as a resting period.

Finally, at 5:30 pm, we gather in front of 16th Street BART Station and hold our Fallen Angels TIS Candlelight Vigil. Please bring pictures and/or names of Loved Ones.
until 7 PM.
Comment by Soleilmavis on December 7, 2009 at 6:54pm
Dear Soleil Mavis

Please correct the info for the San Francisco Rally and protest

11 am to 2 pm:
Peaceful Rally on the Steps of City Hall on Polk Street Between Grove and McAllister Streets;

2:30 pm to 5:pm
Free lunch and refreshments, Victory Over Violence Support Group, and ad hoc meeting preparing for our next Action in SF in Jan 2010, Stalking Awareness Month;
at SF T.E.C. (TIs Empowering Collective Office), Redstone Building Suite #209, 2940 16th Street, corner of Capp St, wheelchair accessible, half a block from 16th St. BART Station;

5:30 to 7 PM
By 16th St. BART Station, TIs Fallen Angels Candlelight Vigil, honoring the lives and mourniing the death of TIs Loved Ones.

Thanks !
In Unity &Respect,
mesha Monge-Irizarry, organizer
415-595-8251 Trilingual Spanish/French/English (mesha), (Christine)
Comment by Abdul Saboor on September 20, 2012 at 4:44pm

this is really a privilage to have such venues for protest, but for me I dont think i would be able to participate,


I was a kind of thinking of some take the initiative to bring together all the victims on thier own cost but with support of the rest of the victims would be really helpful.


what if the victims make somekind of union and support every individual who are the victim of such atrocities. bringing almost everyone in one plateform will have an outstanding impact, this would certainly take the attention of the indepedant media sector worldwide! and will give opportunity for people like me to supported from countries like Afghanistan.


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