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Global protest on March 2010 for discussion

Global protest on March 2010 for discussion

Dear all,
Another Global protest on March 2010 are under discussion.
Please share your opinions by adding a comment.
If you want to be an organizer of your local protest location, (Please apply protest permission from local authority) ,please just comment to this post.
If you want to see contacts and press release of "global protest on 14 Oct", Please go to:
Reports of Global protest on 14 Oct:
Photos of previous protests:
Press Release in 10 languages

List of protest locations:

Worldwide protest location: China
(No street protest. Only Internet Mass emails and websites promotion)
Contact Person: Soleilmavis
Online petition:

Worldwide Protest Location: Washington D.C.
Date:March 2010
Contact Person: Marc Burnell
Email: (burnellmarc(a)
Tel: 202 528 2752
Note from Debbie: In the US there is a march in Washington on March 20 to stop the war..This march will also be held in San Fran and Los Angeles..this is good event for us as targets to join and pass out info or carry our signs.
It matters not what the event is or date, it matters only that you get out and expose this crime..Other activist are far more likely to support us TIs and if you network with other like minded people who are exposing this or that, you will find more targets. I have begun to do this in my part of the world and it is staggering how many activists are targeted.. for general information and transpotation links.. prior events, training, literature, posters and ecat times, locations.

Another protest on 15 March:

We will gather in Lafayette Park (across from the White House) at 10am the morning of the parade.
For more info, message me back, or email:
Love, Peace and Victory!
Cindy Sheehan

Worldwide Protest Location: San Francisco, California
Location: Market Street March 20
Date: March 2010
Contact Person: Christine Harris
Email:,, (christinelynnharris(a), christinelynnharris(a), cococobella(a)
Tel: 415-235-6466 c

Worldwide Protest Location: Los Angeles, California
Date: March 2010
Contact Person: Keith
Email: (mgb.young(a)
Contact Person: Wanda D
Email:, lloydjameson(a), wanda(a)

Worldwide Protest Location: Philladelphia Report
Date: March 2010
Contact Person: T. Josephine
Email: (xposperps(a)

Worldwide Protest Location: Cincinnati
Date: March 2010
Contact Person: Derrick Robinson
Email: (derrickrobinson(a)
Tel: 513-344-4113

Worldwide Protest Location: New York

brooklyn new york

Date: March 2010

Contact Person: Mr. Korea


Worldwide Protest Location: Burlington, Vermont

Date: March 2010

Contact Person: Lynn Clarise Bahrenburg



Worldwide Protest Location: Nanaimo BC Canada.
Date: March 2010
Contact Person: Debbie Newhook
Email: (dbnewhook(a)
Note: in Canada there is a march to bring awareness to the over 500 missing Native women..this march will be on March 13 or 14? I think we need to have our signage/hand out material and join such groups that are protesting all over North America.

Worldwide Protest Location: Toronto, ON Canada.

We will protest in front of the Legislative Building and the Superior Court of Justice in Toronto on the 26th of March, 2010. We will start at 11 A.M.
I kindly ask you to come to the Legislative Building 10-15 minutes to 11 A.M.

Date: March 2010
Contact person: Galina Kurdina
Email: (helenkurdin(a)

Worldwide Protest Location: United Kingdom
Planning meeting 20 March, London
Activism at venue 24 - 26 March, London
Date: March 2010
Contact Person: John Allman, Paolo Fiori
(john_w_allman(a), paolo_bf(a)

Worldwide Protest Location: Poland
(Probably no street protest. Only Internet Mass emails. Maybe also websites promotion)
Date: March 2010
Contact Person: Andre Landberg
Email: (andrelandberg(a)

Worldwide Protest Location: INDIA

(No street protest. Only Internet emails)
Date: March 2010
Contact: Vijay Karthic
Email: (vijayk_dsp(a)

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Comment by Soleilmavis on March 5, 2010 at 10:02am
If you want to organize your local protest, please leave your email address or phone number here. please let us know your protest location.
Comment by {{{{BATman}}} (craig batley) on March 9, 2010 at 3:26am for general information and transpotation links.. prior events, training, literature, posters and ecat times, locations (MARCH ON WASHINGTON 20 MARCH 2010
Comment by Lynn Clarise Bahrenburg on March 27, 2010 at 3:39am
While these protests are good, they will never put to rest what we all want to happen and that is to see these weapons exposed and dismantled and the criminals brought before an international tribunal. The only way to get these horrific (emr) and neurological weapons out in the open once and for all is that ALL OF US COME TOGETHER - each and every one of us, including those who have been fighting in the trenches and all of those who say they don't have the money - no excuses and we can do it... I know that we can win in this way and get the American people -our one and only greatest ally to rise with us against this powerful enemy of the people- it is the ONLY WAY TO DEFEAT THE POWERS THAT ARE IN PLACE. We must march through a city exactly the same way that Martin Luther King did and demand that our civil and constitutional rights be reinstated.... not in Washington, D.C. where it is simply business as usual or Los Angeles or San Francisco... none of those spots. I will write more later.


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