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Guys, you can print t-shirts yourself at home if you want. (No business interest here)

Here's what you need for printing a nice logo or slogans on blank t-shirts for yourself :


- computer

- printer (inkjet, laser)

- blank t-shirts  and cotton made is best as thetransfer paper lasts longer (am sure you can get in neighbourhood store)

- iron on transfer paper (you can buy online or eBay I believe).

   Most branded printer manufacturers like HP, Cannon sells it.

- household irons + ironing board.


Please check with iron on transfer paper manufacturers first the suitable printers as some can be printed using inkjet, some laser jet etc etc.


Some need to print mirror image only, some just print as usual. Pls check with manufacturers.




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Comment by KELP on March 27, 2011 at 11:52pm

Awesome LIM. I have used that printer transfer paper before and it works pretty well. I got one package at a craft store and another brand at a fabric shop.


There was one with a clear background for use on light colored shirts and one with white background for dark shirts.


They seem to last pretty well if you turn the shirt inside out, wash in cold water and hang to dry.




Comment by LIM SC on March 28, 2011 at 1:51pm

Yes, there is one for light colored t-shirts, and another for dark-colored t-shirts.


Pls do check with dealer or manufacturer about the specifications for each iron-on-transfer-paper.


I used the Billboard picture as the logo and put some of my own slogans for the print.

I have tried one t shirt so far, check it out :


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