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Here is a copy of an email, message, sent in September 2013


Sent Sep 17, 2013

Other news, the agents I am dealing with are being dangerous with this technology, so I am sharing that with you, as the more people that know, the better.

I am preparing an agency Info packet for German agencies as these agents are American, and have killed German citizens with this technology. To try and scare me away from doing my books, and more recently in March 2012 as a way of discrediting me with German agencies. German agencies simply want to believe that the agent in charge, Dagmar Horvat, is a "normal agent" doing Stalking, they do not get that she is a psychopath and that she is misusing this technology, in the ways that she is. They have been ignorant for years, I tried approaching agencies in mid-2011, I was affected heavily, German agencies lied to about it by Horvat.

So I am trying again, it has taken me two years, to get done (and I am still not finished), and should only have taken two weeks at the most...But I am getting closer to finished. My issues are not about Stalking at this point in time, we 3 deal with far worse, and I know that German agencies will arrest these agents when they know the truth.

My agency Info is nearing completion, these agents are worried and dangerous.

I have one of the most provable cases of any TI.

I know why I was put in Stalking, the agency involved, and I know of the agency I deal with here in Germany. It is CIA, working with Germany's BKA. I know the address, name, license plate, and agency of the agent in charge here in Germany. Furthermore last time I looked, it is illegal for the CIA to be making problems for an American on foreign soil.

I know that these CIA agents are in trouble- they do as well obviously, German agencies will be glad once they find out the truth, this Stalking will end, my family and I will have a normal life.

So of course based on the Technology Situations (high levels of technology anger- very scary as it is like being on "instant hard drugs and angry"- it is not normal anger is the point) they have been creating with my family and me, these last days, of course I am worried.

Thankyou for listening.

-Best regards,

Dante Kali Das

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Comment by Dante Kali Das on September 6, 2015 at 4:48am

Dont know how to do private chat. Yeah I get the computer programs, is all A.I. and  preprogrammed nonsense and games. 


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