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Hi guys

Its been ages since lve been here. I hope youve all been good as can be in these really hard circumstances.

Oh gosh! Life has been so crazy. Gangstalking around here is soooo rampant. Without exageration ld say that 95% of people l interact with are perps....including my entire family and relatives, shop keepers, posties, neighbours....even when l ring a company to organise insurance or something....they are ALL perps. Whats going on guys?? This is awful awful stuff.

Henry Ficher used to say that everyone in Galveston U.S is involved. He believed there was a hive of perps there. At the time l wasnt heavily gs so l thought he might be experiencing mind controlled ppl. Its not that. He was right. This perp thing is on massive global scale. 

I dont know if its satanic or alien or what type of evil. On top of this they are suggesting that lm the evil one. I cant believe this! Its made me so stressed. I cant relax for a minute anymore. The stress has made me hypervigilant feeling....stress causing illness, morgellons sick worse coz of constant stress.

Does anyone know whats going on?? How can this gs thing be soooo big? Cars up and down the main road 24/7. How, why, who is doing this? What are they trying to achieve?

I always had some gs but l didnt realise it was almost everyone. Its horrible. What happened?? And its gs with mind reading so its every person l come across can read me. This is a frickin disgrace. I feel like l must be in hell. I wish l cld kill muself sometimes but l know they wld stop me and ld end up in psych instead. 

Sorry l needed to vent this. How are you guys? I hope youre hanging in there. Have you had mass gs or just some. Mines gone from 10% to like 95 - 98%. Are so many so evil? Im so scared. Please let me know what you think.


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Comment by Sue on June 1, 2017 at 4:44pm

Madminster the word "psychiatrist" means a doctor of the brain who helps people. And "schizophrenic" is someone with a mental disorder. These stalkers are NOT helpers and we dont have a disorder. Its more like they are the "psychos" targeting the sane (us).

Comment by Sue on June 1, 2017 at 4:59pm

Btw things are so bad here between my mum and me. I need to leave this house. I tried looking for a rental and every one l enquired on is unavialable. The powers are stopping me from getting a house. I rang up for rentals and the agencies perped me and didnt allow me to get a house so lm stuck here. I cant think of anything but tent and camp....they wont even let me get a caravan. This life is up to crap. I cant even find God in this world. I feel so messed up.

Comment by Angeline Klas on June 2, 2017 at 2:57am

Hi Sue I feel your pain. I know the feeling it's like God is not listening to your cry for help.

What helps me is to google my personal issues. Such as  dealing with critism, gossip, sabotage, self confidance, Don't let people claim ownership of your life.  Try to create some kind of inner peace. Just google these self help life coaches to give some valuable information. Of course these people don't  know what Ti's are going through but it will help you to become stronger and survive longer. Life is not ideal for Ti's who are heavy under attack.

Can't the psychiatrist or social workers help you with find a house you. Sometimes people with Mental disability have an advantage because of their disability. Use it to your advantage.

Bye bye for now

Comment by Angeline Klas on June 2, 2017 at 3:05am

Hi Sue,

It's your thought they use it against you to tic other people off. They are spread hate.

 Here in Almere the Netherlands it's the same with me. Be strong here's a link of what I mean.

please, please keep your head up.

Comment by Sue on June 2, 2017 at 4:41am

Madminster.....definition of a psychiatrist 

  1. a medical practitioner specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness.
    synonyms: psychoanalystpsychologistpsychopathologist, psychotherapisttherapistcounsellor; More

    The perps are not treating our "mental illness" coz we dont have one. I understand that this is what they are acting like but its not truly arent THEY the ones with the mental illness??

Comment by Sue on June 2, 2017 at 4:58am

Thanks Angeline....l pray every day and l end up in tears coz this situation and world feels so God-less. I hope God is with us. If he is He is the truth bearer of all this. 

The thing is lve been perped by many "christians" too. A young christian couple once perped me at a retreat. A while later l saw them at a church and they followed me out after the mass watching me with their malicious thoughts. Then l saw them on a church brochure as "perfect young"  poster-couple for christianity.

Im pretty sure the last time l checked Jesus was not ok with gs.

But these perps try to make me feel like l deserve this treatment. If we committed a crime what happened to trial before punishment?? I just heard them say its a cultural thing. You think they mean the culture of a race we know nothing about?? So why wld they hide behind society norms and do these things in hiding if they believe theyre justified in treating us this way.

Sorry just venting. Days are long and hard these days. Thanks

Comment by Angeline Klas on June 2, 2017 at 4:21pm

Hi Sue,

It's true Christians are becoming evil every single day.

That's why I had to leave The Jehovah Witnesses.

You are not a coward, you have just been hurt too many times over and over again.

Be brave. Your wounds have to heal. Let Wisdom into your heart and mind. It will guide you into more strenght to survive this wicked world. learn about the caracter of people in general, Just google it. It will open your eyes. You will learn how to detect what kind of people you are dealing with easily. It will give satisfaction. We all make mistakes every single day. Karma, Pay back, What goes around comes around. They suffer every single day for what they do to us. Sometimes it takes longer some times they fall the same day. These people have temperaly pleasure in hurting you it won't last. Their lives is full of pain and misery. They will get what's coming to them.

Well Bye Bye for now,

Angeline Klas

Comment by CLS on June 2, 2017 at 11:31pm

Hello Sue,

You are right. They can see through your eyes. I proved it on my website. See the following article which shows how they can see through a cats eyes with a brain transmitter. I'm not sure if they also need a lens in the eye of humans but they can with a brain transmitter.  The technology on humans is far more advance than what they used on the cat. The humans technology is military while the cats is public science.

Comment by CLS on June 3, 2017 at 2:18pm
It is the military. They are using public tax payers money to assault their own people. Cia, nsa is basically part of the military. In my case its a sub contractor that is totally corupt. He is using publically funded goverment weapons to personally assault me. He is using publically funded tax payers weapons to help is own family. His idiot son is handicapped and is neuro (eeg cloned) to me and living a life with the help of my brainwaves
Comment by Bill Perry on June 4, 2017 at 8:13am

Oh Sue, I am so very sorry you are going through this all alone. 
     Fall back on what you know about GS, NOT how you are feeling - emotions will do you in every time and make matters worse.  You are the CENTER of their game.  Without you and your attention, and your responses, they can not have a game. 
     There are a lot of smoke and mirrors being used to convince you that everyone is against you.  That IS NOT TRUE.  Most normal people are not even aware GS is going on in the world, much less have any feelings about us bcz they aren't aware of us or what's happening to us. 
     Suck into yourself.  Stop talking or interacting with other people.  Go down to an animal shelter and volunteer your services for a couple of hours w/o warning your perps that’s what you’re going to do.  If you believe your mind is being read, force yourself to listen to music - no lyrics, just music - perhaps two different recordings at the same time to help you keep them out. 
     Find that place inside you and employ every tactic you know of to shut/block the world out so you can reestablish mental equilibrium.  No matter how much what they are doing hurts you mentally or physically, DO NOT let them know how you feel.  Do not give emotional responses.  They need you to feel so they can get control over you and beat you down. 
     Stop being consumed and controlled by your emotions and consider doing something creative like trying a paper mache project - it’s made with newspaper, water and flour and will cost you nothing.  Fill your mind with the image of a duck and then put all your effort into learning how to create a duck out of paper mache.  They do not have control over your hands.  Use your mind and senses in ways they will have trouble finding a foothold to attack you from.  If they say to you the duck looks stupid, LAUGH and agree with them.  Oh yes, take up whistling.  It drives them crazy bcz it means you aren't even thinking of them.
     BTW, you are wrong.  Every TI feels what you feel at one time or another.  We are all family.  We care about you, and what happens to you.


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