Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

They are protected enjoyingwar against womenHitler made cleaning...mentally handicapped...people who are sick...homeless alcoholics.

People who is speaking directly to the head

protects psychopaths, sociopaths and sick women

Women need to tell me what offends them

women need to play with the apparatus Radionics

and prove that I have offended


appliances blocking me and making me appear a picture

to mental image I make the association without them telling me anything ..
typically female fucking ...

blocking my facebook accounts

and making see pictures of things I've done wrong

for me to reflect

Hitler did that must have known what

Hitler he met this

he was a man and can not stand

spoiled girls with Hebrew "accent"

I must stay until the eggs of women

Hitler solve it Dramatically

Like resolve radical Islamists

radical groups mercenaries raping women "group form" and strategic


not to do more damage with radionics

hatred for women in Eastern countries must go back to an era like ours ...

they discovered the cake

They studied the situation

began the misogynistic education


they boast of sexual freedom

boast very women before the microphone

while blocking your life with disease and hate

Women use the unfeigned emotion...

hysterically....playing to be sexy and seductoras

while you are treated like shit

hitler and rapists of women.......hated groups of electronic mind control

while these women have fun

---these women are doomed to be humiliated and killed in the Soul

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