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Homeless Victim Matthew Domin, 52 in Salem Oregon needs help

Matthew Domin, 52, a TI who has newly-arrived in the Salem, Oregon area from Missouri with the prospect of a home there, however, the leads that he had did not materialize and he is on the streets.  

He is a Christian and in possession of many marketable skills such as accounting, was an instructor at a college, and many more.  He is a whistleblower and the system has been turned on him.   

Whatever help anyone can provide for him in terms of housing assistance and/or cash would be greatly appreciated.

Here is his contact information:  

Matthew Domin

Cell:  417-299-2653



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Comment by targetedindividualsoultrapping on November 6, 2020 at 4:05pm

   Been following the peacepink after my own research for my own issue.where i had also sent Soliel a messaeg about my very evil story and the loss of years of life and a miracle escape torture isolated and terrorized non stop by a covert source. 24 years of life and persons silence and scapegoated me almost to madness. i got the it life and a roll model for artistic original integral and scapegoat also. i did not die in game of life art and recover of an amazing soul. For my rewards in life i got abuse. jelousy is motive of my abuses. I made it 24 years young in life and a rising person. And knew murder would happen to me for my life. i was a targeted vulnerable adult and i had aa voice now and talent and a happy life. Four and half years ago that life became part of  set up by persons who failed to take me down . and the hell i ha escape and got to live a free happy healthy life was induce on me by likes of perons who hit me and bump me into a death punch and then persons t urned deaf and blind to have persons take my new life second chances and one in one billion miracle to speak and thrive , away from me while persons turn deaf dumb blind. Murder. idid write thsi woman who i asked for help. The peacepink and was kind of coldly said to write my own story. she cant help. i would need someone tow rite in regard of my torture before it met where i am now by persons and the reversing of my life .the devil works in mysterious ways. the evil going on now is a mind contorl terrorist exploit torture game by persons who got to me. i was left brain damage mute and homless by lack of medical care and being rob rape and my mind being turn inside out and backward by persons while a family turn blind and deaf and others. so now im a disabled not from a can do person and lost cause.. im now back to 24 years and a hostage and without any way back. my miracle was consumed and n one said a word . before i reached this place. asked fro help here. to write about my journey and current terror. I was not given to much concern. so i wonder who hte homeless person in oragon is. TI. Here in nyc. i did not ask for money but help. Be human. be bold and never say no. to peoplewho are support you.

Comment by targetedindividualsoultrapping on November 6, 2020 at 4:08pm

A mathew domin is registered sex offender alaska.... 

Comment by Matt on January 10, 2021 at 5:50am
This is Matt the one you're posting about. Can you please at least temporarily disable this post I could be going through a background check for a possible job and would rather not have my number posted either. And to the other gentleman no I've never lived or been in Alaska but am aware of the guy with my name and wondering if that's been stopping me from getting may call me to verify its me. Thanks...


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