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hopelessness for the continued violation of human


Sociology is the social science that studies the phenomena produced by collective social activity of human beings within the historical and cultural context in which they are immersed. we have accepted as a marginal group, although there're crazy. we are creating a reference in the opinion of the people and conduct, either positive or negative. we consist exist but not in any official site, we continue to abuse victims sufirndo as social as homosexuals, until we accept.


martes, 5 de febrero de 2013

hopelessness for the continued violation of human

You see these two women in painting? Son of Lucian Freud ............................................. "">Interestingly! was Freud's grandson.
"">Lucian Freud painting continued in this way to unravel the truth about man, powerfully illuminating his fellows, so that not a single fold of their bodies a single cache of their souls remain hidden to the viewer.

Seeing this picture of two women, in the bones, which offer their nakedness, and without a single feeling in her face. They remind me of me when I am under attack with bioresonance quantified ... that there is no clear. "">You stay still, without hope, are you listening to kids scream and play in the park, your family speaks, but you're like an animal dying despised, while abusing your mind and your body.
">People who are close with bioresonance apparatus quantified with a job hiding the reality, what civil eel unknown, and to combat boredom have fun with you.

And I think about women in the concentration camps, which would lead to the bunks so, to abuse your body. "">Serian as human cattle, scorned by society, qeu not interested in their lives and feelings."">As people of high society, at that time the gadgets of psychotronic women would delight denatured, who behaved like males with other women, using radio frequencies to humiliate als clear.These women of high society would be invited by high-ranking leaders of the Gestapo, to play with their prisoners, the simulation sessions teatro.Todo world knows the perversity of high society, that rotten money and status ">welfare takes its time to have fun with the new limit.
I imagine the same thing I do for me, but more dramatic, worse, horribly inhumane, women and men playing chess quantum, with avatars malnourished, starving and frightened, high society is full of people that now provincial "">to be what it is because they are made of gold with human trade.A session could be primed for teleportation quantified with the mind of an elected body, and I guess I do not know this, but I think you can graduate to being parasitized zombify, by degrees, to force him to do immoral things to another human being in their condition. These emotions seek the provincials, "inflame bipeds" of our time, too. Wonderfully educated people with titles, which are very well regarded socially, or computer working in this field, who have families and are excellent parents from their children, but before the temptation of doing something forbidden accept, even if they are abusing their "">avatar."">Women are horrific beings, if they have attitude, hereby attempt to be more than men, to show they are powerful."">They are bitches that want to have their man and dress like ladies, but their behavior is spiritual provincial.Denatured These women are everywhere, we are surrounded by monsters but do not know because we do not want to take responsibility for what happens. ">If our life is going well, I happened to listen to a victim of mind control, which is warning us of what science, and ordinary people are making on our community of loved ones
This picture is how I stay when I changed the face with technology for fun while women laugh and consent, the woman is to blame for this is happening. "">Before sexism would have thought it, but when you go through this trauma, we understand the whole life.The woman did not want to be ersponsable of psychological development, and only want to deal with your piece of cave, Plato would have named the "precious featherless .

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JasonMxxxx commented on Stephen O' Neill's status
"I promise you Stephen I'm a very flawed human but I appreciate your kind remarks. Thank you. Don't let them get you down if God brought you to it, he will bring you through it. Cling to Jesus. You were destined for this and you are…"
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"Wake up!!! Hear honking!!! Its for a reason. Listen for repeated v2k info. Its codes!!"
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"Kokoontuminen lauantaina.   Suomen Joukkovainotut ry:n tapaaminen Ravintola Teerenpelissä ,Helsingin Kampissa, lauantaina ELOKUUN 8 PÄIVÄNÄ kello 16.. Kaikki tervetuloa."
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"Thank you so much Jason, you are a true friend. Maybe that is why you are targeted, what I mean is TI's tend to be very nice and friendly people , salt of the Earth types. I am sure I will be fine as a dead guinea pig is no good, and if they…"
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Stephen O' Neill commented on CLS's status
"Yes I used to get harassed by strange honking car horns 24/7, but not so much now since the mind control and induced forced violent urges started. What do you mean by I am getting codes?"
5 hours ago
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"Minä pidän sometaukoa. En enää keksi, mistä olisi asiallemme hyötyä, YK:n ihmisoikeuskomissaarin virallisen sivun ylänurkan kautta   pääsee linkkeihin, mutta suomi24:ssä niitä ei…"
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They are evil or not?

UN UN Human Rights UN Human Rights Council Amnesty International International Bar Association International Criminal Court Canadian GovernmentThey are evil or not? Google Canada is filtering this, cause and effect, karma. Human Rights: Human Rights can not be compromised.Fight  for my life being  threatened ; fight against ongoing (psychological ) torture, terror and attempted murder by every possible means,  I am not alone and I…See More
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