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How do I deal with a perp who is harassing me? I've come across this question when I sit alone and think. What would I do? I feel like I would simply fight them, maybe put them in the hospital. I tried this on one occasion. I got drunk and was fed up and yelled at the neighbours wo were harassing me. Funny story, I was thrown in a drunk tank and had to walk five klicks home in minus 40 below weather the next morning. I felt proud of myself actually, yet it tought me never to do something as foolish again. I am of heavy build and perps generally leave me alone except for when they are in a group. I feel I could get my hands on one of them and do some damage, I fear it actually. All the pent up hate and agression,I sit and endure the torture as best as I can, the pain and suffering weighs down on a guy in this situation. I strive not to become angry because that is what they want. They've witnessed my self control countless times and don't bother with the childish taunting much. 

 I can fight, they know this. Generally these days they leave the harassment to familiar cars and suv's that pass me whenever I'm out for a walk. Very rarely do they confront or taunt me physically. Maybe that's all it takes? Be able to defend yourself? I have heard the theories that the perps are trained in combat, yet they seem too cowardly to confront and taunt me.

 Maybe training in martial arts would help some of you. There must be several downloadable instructional dvd's out there on TPB and other torrent sites. I suggest investing ten minutes in time to download a DVD or two. If anything it will give you the courage and confidence to walk the streets free of harassment.

 That being said, every T.I case is different. My point is, from my experience, if you have the skill, no matter how minor, they may in fact leave you alone.

 To the female T.I's reading, you probably, and I would hope, walk in populated areas. If you have some skill in which to defend yourselves martial arts would give you the confidence to face your attackers, even if all they have is words as a weapon. I suggest a weapon of your own. A kabuton can be a debilitating weapon if struck in the right manor and in the correct place, it's all about pressure points and bringing your opponent to their knees for a quick getaway. I have made a few of these myself, basically it's a sharpened stick, blunt at the tip, that is used to strike pressure points and cause tremendous pain. 

 There is a difference in defending yourself and picking a fight. I believe in peace over brawn, thought and consideration over calous action. I also believe every individual has a right to defend themselves and their families. 

 Please, empower yourselves, if you fight the weapons that make your knees shake and stand up for your own well being you will have already won.

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Comment by Cedric on August 11, 2014 at 8:31pm

I'm not sure about this. Aaron Alexis had a gun for example and the perps made him believe the stuff they usually try forcing down into people's heads. The result is the one we sadly know.

Guns and paranoia is NOT a good mix. However, my hat down to you for taking the torture the brave way you do and yes, martial arts do give you a certain confidence (while the torture aims at doing the exact opposite) which may counter a lot of the induced paranoia.

Keep on fighting and take care.

Comment by Jake Maverick on August 12, 2014 at 9:19am

it's not really paranoia though, that's the point isn't it?

& I think folk like Aaron and Raoull Moatt are a lot braver than the likes of me.....the only way to make it stop is death and they decided to try and take some of the enemy with them when they did. Enough of us did that it will end. same with the IRA, and same with what is happening in gaza again....only choice really is to let or defend yourself. always been that way.

Comment by Xuthal on August 13, 2014 at 6:07am

I meant Kabuton, if that is spelled correctly. It is basically a small stick that can fit in the palm of your hand. They sell them in shops, the ones they sell are metal rods with a sharpened point and have a key ring at the blunt end.

When I make mine they are from dowels and have a string looped in the center and tied off through two drilled holes, to wrap around your middle and ring finger for grip. Both ends are sharpened, yet blunt

enough not to pierce the flesh.

There is not alot to hitting pressure points. Download a picture through google image search about pressure points, study it and experiment on your self to test their effectivness.

Although using caution and care is suggested you all have the right to defend yourselves. Perps love helplessness, try not to make yourself an easy target.


Comment by Xuthal on August 13, 2014 at 2:01pm

Kubaton. I'm pretty sure I spelled it right this time. 

Here is a video demonstrating the use of one

Yea, you are definatly right labrat, it would be better to face an assault charge than a murder charge. 

It would be entirely possible for them to send a tortured T.I after you. This way you can do some damage and not potentially kill anyone with a knife. If you did take a life while defending your own prison might have been their intention after all. 


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