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I have somewhat stopped unknown neuro scientists from bio-digitally codeing by brain to respond to their wireless commands by placing a roll of repelling neodymium magnets on my crown chakra or thereabouts each night and keeping it there for the course of the whole night. A roll or repelling disc shaped neodymium magnets can be anchored in place by securing them together with a wooden skewer placed through the holes which are in the middle of the neodymium magnets as well as using some duct tape to keep them in place.
I have placed the aforementioned roll of repelling neodymium magnets into a pocket which I have sewn into the middle of a woolen cap and I secure the cap in place each night by tying a ribbon from the base of the cap around my chin. I find that it is comfortable enough to wear throughout the night.
Others have claimed that they have successfully stopped hearing the voices of the unknown neuro scientists which they were being forced to hear coming from inside their own heads by wearing much lighter rolls of repelling magnets which they place on their forehead, possibly by means of a head band. The repelling magnets which are placed on the forehead must remain there constantly for thirty six hours at the very least in order to stop what is commonly known as voice to skull or microwave hearing.
It is also possible for a targeted individual to make their entire identity go dark so that they can not be wirelessly detected by the criminal neuro scientists who are attempting to bio-digitally code the brain of a human being to a point where said human being loses all free will and could in fact be totally externally wirelessly controlled from a remote location by said neuro scientists. You must place all of your digital devices and your wireless modem and your wirelessly enabled car keys inside faraday bags each and every time that you are finished using them. These faraday bags and also faraday boxes are widely available to purchase online. Do not own a smart phone because they have been weaponized to bio-digitally program the user automatically to cause blockages in their ability to think as clearly as they otherwise would. Wear a roll of repelling neodymium magnets over your crown chakra on top of your head each night while you are sleeping.

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Deeper insights on how to create a total mk ultra mincontrol slave(Trigger warning)

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