Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

<p>I have become non-consensually wirelessly linked to a computerized control system which is shortly meant for most people throughout the world.    I have been informed by wireless means via this system that I must tow the line.   I understand that the phrase "tow the line" means keep to the letter of the law.   I responded to said wirelessly generated voice as follows "I tow the line and I always have done as far as constitutional law is concerned.  You are attempting to enforce satanic law which is being enforced via advanced technology and which is being generated by unelected individuals who work out of the privately owned United Nations in New York City which in turn is governed by individuals who work inside three small independent sovereign states acting as one unit and they are called The Vatican State, The London Financial District and Washington DC.   They are owned and run by a small group of private individuals who have usurped constitutional laws throughout the world with the aim of eventual total technological enslavement of the rest of the human race."</p>

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"I have put lots of info online publicly. My book talks about my personal life and what happened and who."
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"Read my book. I have lots of details on this crime."
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See who they're hacking. Understand everything?

12Experts say  some people are "bridging" my home internet and hacking everything I am using, including my home security cameras.UNUN Human RightsUN Human Rights CouncilInternational Bar AssociationInternational Criminal CourtCanadian…See More
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WHO IS PROGRAMMING THE ELECTRONIC MIND CONTROL APPARATUS AND WHERE ARE THEY LOCATED WHEN EVER THEY ARE PROGRAMMING IT? AS WELL AS INFORMATION ABOUT VOICE TO SKULL TECHNIQUES.Most of the militaries as well as some of the police forces of the world now use voice to skull technology on a continual day to day basis in their everyday work. Voice to skull is sometimes known as microwave hearing or synthetic telepathy and it is a method of communicating voices inside the heads of members of the…See More
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