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I lost my Cross and 5 beads from my rosary today in the Cross Mountain

Then I went to the Cross Mountain. I did not see the group who supposed be going at 2pm as I arrived at 2.10pm. Then I went up. It was sunny but windy. At the entrance, I started climbing I saw a couple showed up from the right side which is not from the main road. The man asked me if I speak English. I said „Yeah.“ Then he asked me where I came from. I said I came from Switzerland to make fun of the perps. Then he asked me if I speak German. I said „Ja.“ then we talked in German a bit. He said he is from Regensburg in Germany. He said he had a 3-years old daughter but she was lost in Leukemia. He lost job and now he has problem to pay for the rent and electricity here. He had a paper with the finances and I saw one of the part about the rent was 150,000BM. He seemed to be living here instead of a normal visitor. He asked me for help but I said I am also unemployed now. Then I left. He had a nuke sign like tatoo on his right hand between his thumb and the index finger. The climbing was not that hard and on top I found the group of people who seemed to come as the group and were praying rosary at the Cross. After that they left and also I left there. On my way down, I needed to brow my nose and between the 6th and 5th of the station of the cross, I found my Altötting rosary missing the Cross to the 5 beads toward the medal. It seemed I lost it while I was walking down. I was wearing the gloves and I could not feel the rosary well. So, it is possible that the chain might be stacked with my bag's string or something and got loose. But it was funny to happen as I was holding it quite close in my right hand. It was almost 4.30 and I had to get to the church for the rosary prayer and the mass. The V2K perps were telling me that they wanted to keep me in the mountain to search for the missing part instead of me going to the church, so they can claim me as if I went to Moster for their Muslim claim. In the church, I tried to use my Mexico made rosary with Our Lady of Guadalupe. Somehow, the chain was hooked to the rosary case in a strange way that usually not happen. So, I had hard time making it loose. Then the rosary chain got loose during the prayer. I filmed it for the evidence. In the mass during the communion, the two Croatian speaking women to the right and the Italian woman to the left did not move from the bench. The Croatian speakers stood up and took the communion when the priest came nearby, so they could take it but they tried to sit down till that time. I don't know why the people near me just sit down like that way.
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