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I recommend a brain entrainment program called Neuro-Programmer 3

I can recommend a brain entrainment program called Neuro-Programmer 3. It has helped me - at least temporarely - handle many symtoms.

You can for example use it for sleep induction, to help train the brain to produce more rhytms that are important to sleep (SMR-waves), to migraine relief, to stress relief, to help focus.

You can also use it to correct a hemispheric inbalance common in persistent depression, to increase energy and motivation and to improve cognition. You can also listen to specific sessions such as schumann, alpha, theta and delta.

I use it everyday (and night). I specielly like the sessions which tries to correct a hemispheric imbalance and the sessions for sleeping better.

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Comment by Sue on October 12, 2016 at 5:36pm

Thanks oscar....sounds exactly what l need..the depression, lack of energy, motivation, vitality. I feel like my body and brain are dying a gradual death. The only thing that worries me with these neuro programms is that the perps can manipulate the audio you hear and turn it into negative influence on yr mind. I dont even trust music with lyrics anymore as they gear them to me personally. But l will try the 2 week trial. Whats the price of the next level if you can tell me?? Ps....yr avatar is just like my baby cat Charlie :)....poor darling gets tortured too.

Comment by Oskar on October 13, 2016 at 1:34am

You're welcome...I bought the Ultimate version which costs 89.99 dollar (the Regular edition costs 59.99). Cats are amazing... ;)


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