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I recommend taking cold showers. The benefits are countless. For example they strengthen the immune system and reduce stress and (brain) inflammation. They change your brain structure, make you able to think (more) normal (which is not the case when you are under constant stress and inflamed).

They also give you more energy and reduce the receptivity for 'sound torture/sound transmissions'.

Try this together with a simple breathing exercise and I promise you that you will be surprised by the result! Start slow; with a 30 second cold shower the first week (for example). Then increase gradually to 60 seconds, then 90 seconds etc. Let it take time. Interestingly the body adjusts to the cold , it's like training. After a while it doesn't feel especially cold.

Check up Wim Hof and his books, home pages and videos for more information. 

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Classified technology is being used to turn real live human beings into remote controlled human robots to the extent that their bodies can be moved against their wills and without their permission by criminals who use directed energy weapons and work from a remote location by wireless means.  This crime of non-consensual human robotization is happening throughout the world and it is being allowed to continue unabated because any  government officials who have been made aware of these…See More
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